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the title says it all

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okay,so I'm writing this at six o clock in the morning just 'cause I'm bored and have nothing to do.I'm going back to school today-yay!-and I haven't done any of my homework........
Working on both Full Of Holes and Jazz Hands atm.....ugh god I cannot go back there.I swear to God most of our teachers are either deaf,fat or just plain crazy.I haaaaaaaaaaaaaate school so freaking much.
Looking back over it,this story is simply inspiring.
Oh shut up mind.Like you could do much better.
As you all can see,I am definitely a morning person.
So,yes,I've just been on FicWad for ages-not sad at all-just reading over my shit...reading other people's shit,etc,etc.
I'm so tired.I couldn't get to sleep til half one and now I have to stay in that herpes-infested,shit-for-brains chav-hole until half three.Oh,the day just gets better.
Oh yeah,and I'm performing Othello today.Random,but whatever.
Gonna go now,have to get changed into my sexy school uniform-
-black jumper
-black ankle-length skirt-Catholic,y'see
-white shirt
-black tie
-black shoes.
Not depressing at all,that.
Alright,see you guys later-if I survive today..........
xo lauren.

I think I have a hangover....and I don't even drink.
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