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Reading/Leeds 2011,Atticus Finch And Gay Sex.

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Wow,there's a title I thought I'd never say.

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Hey lads,just my weekly l'il news update feature:

1.First off,My Chemical Romance are headlining the Reading and Leeds Festival this year,which is awesome!They're doing it along with The Strokes,Muse and Elbow.That's pretty stellar,and NME did a pretty good cover on it in their latest magazine.

2.Today,while in career guidancing-I'm 17,and while be off to university this autumn-I got told that I should give up all hope of being a musician and even going to college.I got told I should-
"find a nice lad,Lauren,and marry him.Then he can do all the work and you can stay at home!"
"so....a housewife?"
"no,no,not a housewife.....just....looking after the children and the house."
"you mean a housewife?"
that's what Catholic school does to ya.

3.New chapter of Full Of Holes will be up tomorrow!Which brings me to this:
Since it's a Frerard(smile when you say it!)story,the first chapter of gay sex-or "lemon" to true fangirls-will be in three chapters time.Just to be safe-and 'cause my maths is on the dodgy side-the name of the chapter will be "Rules Of Engagement.All I'm gonna say is:it's gonna be a good 'un.

4.My freaky friend and I today had what we like to call an "Atticus Finch-Off" basically where we name off random Atticus Finch-from To Kill A Mockingbird-quotes.Yes,it's nerdy,but it's how we study.It goes kinda like this:
"Best way to clear the air is have it all out in the open!"
"Oh yeah?!The one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule-"
"AHA!Hot damn!A+ here I come!"

5.All you guys should really check Kill_the_mainstream's poem,The Loaded Gun.It's awesome and really makes sense,unlike a lot of stuff you read on the almighty internetz.Props to you,Maria,that was unreal.She's a regular reviewer of mah stories,a fellow member of the sXe squad and generally a good egg.Go to the MCR section of FicWad and it'll be hoverin around there.

shoot all the bluejays you want-
"-if you can hit 'em!"
xo lauren.

PS:you guys probably don't know this,but I really like Florence And The Machine.I went to see her last year with two of my friends and she was mind-blowing.This song is soooooooooooooooo good: peace.lauren.
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