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Tempus Fugit

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The band say goodbye....for a little while.

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“Alright,”I hear Maria say form the front of the bus,”I think that’s all of it.”
There is an uneasy shuffling as everyone slips themselves from their bunks.
“In a minute,Maria,”I reply.Her and the rest of the band have already hopped off the tour bus.
I stand,my hands deep in my pockets,surveying our bus.Just yesterday it was full of all our random shit;my drawings,Shannon’s jelly,Ray’s hair products.This is the scene of so many happenings.Confessing my love for Frank,Frank proposing to Sarah,playing strip poker with Jimmy Urine.This was our first big-scale tour and this was our first big-scale tour bus.His name was Tony.I’ll miss Tony.
I stumble off the steps and into the dark.It’s four a.m.Our flights are at six,and we’re walking to the airport,dragging our suitcases,which are as heavy as fucking corpses.
“Hey,watch it!”I hear Bob grumble,as I accidentally fall on him.
“C’mon,let’s get a move on,”Maria cuts in sharply,”if we miss this flight,you’ll all wish-“
“-we were born women.”we chorus.
“Exactly,”she says,”now let’s move.
We start walking into the unknown.After a few minutes of early-morning silence my eyes adjust to the darkness.I spot Frank skulking at the back of the group.I edge my way over,fully aware Mikey is within seeing distance.
“Hey,”I nudge his side.
“Hi,”he breathes back,his voice shaking slightly.
“You al-alright?”Christ,it’s been five minutes of walking and already I’m panting like a dog.Where’s Weight-Watchers when you need ‘em?
“Cold,”he mutters,”so fucking cold.”
I wrap an arm around his waist,and smile vindictively as his breath hitches.
“Better?”I ask,pressing my lips against his forehead.
“Mmm,a lot better,”he whispers,”thanks,Gee.”
We continue on for a little while,the odd car passing.The passengers of the vehicles must be wondering what in God’s name five Goths and a woman who is obviously an army general are doing at four in the morning.
“This is nice.”
“I know,”I reply,”we could just slip away into a bush somewhere and....”
He looks up at me and I raise my eyebrows suggestively.
“Gerard Arthur Way,you sick man!”
I cackle.”You sure?I mean-“
“Yes,I’m sure!Why would anyone have sex in a bush?!”
I shrug casually.”I’ve heard intercourse amongst common roadside shrubbery is all the rage right now.”
“And you’re the voice of experience,are you?”
“Of course.”
“Well,thanks for the offer,Gerard,but no.”
“I must warn you,my dear Frankie,”I purr seductively into his ear,”hell hath no fury like an angry Gerard.....”
I’m about two inches away from Frank’s lips when I hear Ray calling me.I realize he’s next to me.Somehow my male,heterosexual bandmate watching me flirt with my boyfriend scares me,and I’ve known Ray for years.
This is embarrassing.
“Uh.”I move away from Frank,and unwind my arm from around him.I see that Frank has gone bright pink,as have I.”Yes,Ray?”
“Can I talk to you for a minute?”
I sigh and fall back with Ray.
“What’s this about,man?”I light a cigarette.
“Gerard,please end it.”
What?”Ray,I’ve smoked for years,no way you can-“
“Fucking hell,Gerard,not that.You and Frank.”
Oh My God.How long are they going to pursue this?!
“Did Mikey put you up to this?”I growl.
“No,he didn’t.It’s just...”he sucks in a breath of cold air,”you can clearly see Mikey’s uncomfortable with it.”
I sigh.”Well I’m sorry my sexual preference upsets him.”
“Gerard,don’t be a bitch about this.”
I laugh bitterly.”He acts like every time I even look at Frank I’m committing some assault mission.”
“Assault mission?”
“Yeah.Looking at Frank,talking to Frank,other specified acts of aggression.”
It’s Ray’s turn to sigh.
“Ray,do you have a problem with Frank and I?”
His afro shakes from side to side.
“Of course not.I think it’s great you two love each other.I’m just saying Mikey isn’t as open-minded as I am.”
“I might not think him and Shannon are good together,”I sulk childishly.
“Do you?!”
“Ray,Shannon’s like a sister to me.I love that l’il ball of hyperness.”I blow out a puff of smoke.”Mikey’s just gonna have to get used to this.”
“Nearly there,fellas,”Maria shouts from the front.
Thank FUCK.
“Alright,Gerard,I’m sorry.Maybe....lay off the PDA,hmm?”
I scoff.
“Y’know,you saying that makes me want to fuck him in the middle of the road right now,”I sigh.
“Oh,Gerard,why did you-“
“We’re here,”shouts Maria,”we’re going home,guys.”
“Well,”Maria smiles,”I guess this is goodbye.”
She starts crying.Maria.Crying.Two words I thought I’d never combine.
“Oh,Marie,”Frank hugs her,”it’s only a few months.”
“I know,”she sniffs,”but I sure will miss you freaks.”
“Passenger son flight 39J to Beijing,”the tannoy announces,”gate four is now open.That’s flight 39J to Beijing,gate four please.”
“Flight 39J,”she says tearfully,dabbing at her eyes,”that’s me.”
“Bye,Maria,”Frank says,throwing his arms around her neck,”tell all the commies we say hi.”
“Frank,you sweet capitalist,you.”
Ray and Bob go next.
“Oh,Ray,”she sniffs,”I’m going to miss this hair.And Lea’s hairdressing skills.”
“Now,Maria,”Ray drawls in an Alabama accent,”no harm ‘s gonna come to y’all less’n you leave Uncle Raymond’s arms,y’hear?”
Mikey kisses her cheek and pulls her into a tight hug.
I’m last.When I embrace her she laughs quietly and mummers in my ear,”I better be Maid of Honour at the wedding.”
“You what?”
But she’s pulled away from me.
“Bye guys!”She yells,and runs off.
“Flight 52G to Newark is now boarding,”the tannoy yelps again.
“Shit!That’s us!”Ray exclaims.
By “us”,he means himself,Mikey and Bob.Frankie and I are heading straight to NYC,where Frank is moving in with me.
“So...”Ray begins.”We’ll tell the girls you say hey-“
“Passengers Way,Toro and.....uh,Brien,please go to gate five,as your flight is ready to leave.”
“It’s Bryar,dammit,Bryar,”he mutters.
I quickly hug Ray and Bob,who then speed off into the distance.
Mikey is left with us.
“Mikey,”I start,”I-“
I’m stopped by Mikey,who has launched himself at me,full force.He grips me with all his vice-like might.
“I’m so sorry,Gee,”he whispers in my ear.”I’m some stupid selfish prick who just acts like such a bastard,”I feel something hot and wet against my cheek.A tear.”Please forgive me.I love you and don’t wanna fight anymore...”
And suddenly Mikey is sobbing on my shoulder in the middle of Gatwick airport,his mouth pulled into a frown and tears streaking his visage.It’s like he’s seven and I’m ten,instead of being twenty-five and twenty-eight.
“Aww,Mikes,I love you too,”I rock him gently.
“Guess what?”
“I’m gonna ask Shannon to marry me!”
“Aww,dude,that’s fan-“
“Fuck!”he yells,and hugs Frank.He waves at us frantically and rounds a corner,out of sight.
He’s gone.
“D’you think he’ll make it?”Frank ponders.
“Nah.Mikey is sport-tically retarded.”

‘ello ‘ello ‘ello!aah lovely little moment there,I got tired of constantly making Mikey “the douche” of the story.used your Chinese connections,Maria,hope you don’t mind the communist reference,t’was just a joke!XDWARNING:NEXT CHAPTER WILL CONTAIN SEX.Or,to us Frerard gals,good ol’ fashioned smut.xoxo,l.
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