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14 Shock

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The fight begins.

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Fun Ghoul

That what I felt bloom inside me as Violet said that there might be a seventh one of us. I closed my eyes and shook my head, not even thinking Violet made the group six people. How dare she think that!

I cracked. My face twisted with anger and I staked over to a sheepish-looking Violet. "Who is it then? Who's the dad?" I asked angrily, glaring up at Violet, who had replaced the sheepishness with confusion and slight anger.

"What the hell does that mean?" she asked, clenching her fists.

"Oh you know perfectly fucking well what the hell that means," I snarled as Party began to hold me back and take me away from Violet. "Get the hell off me!" I shook him off and continued glaring at Violet. "Who'd you screw for this to happen?!"

Violet paled at my question. "You seriously think I would fuck somebody at all?! I've already fucking told you and the rest of the guys: I've been raped so many fucking times I don't even like sex!" Violet was yelling now, screaming at me with her hands. "I don't wanna fuck anybody, Ghoul! Do you think I was as excited as you when I made the inference?! I might not even be pregnant! Didn't you hear the 'might'?! You always fucking assume everything, Ghoul! What if I told you I might be pregnant because of Tim raping me last night?!"

I narrowed my eyes at her. "That wouldn't change one fucking thing, attention whore."

SLAP! Violet had slapped me so hard that my cheek felt hot. "FUCK YOU!" she yelled at me. Now she was the one being held back by Gerard and Bob, Mikey in front of her, trying to calm her down, Ray nowhere to be seen. Of course they cared for her more than me. I scoffed and turned towards the desert, walking towards Battery City.

The sun beat down on my head, making my black hair hot to the touch. I had my sunglasses on, but the sun was still excruciatingly bright. I angled my head down towards the ground, casting a shadow on my face as I watched my feet shuffle along the desert sand as I trudged. An old movie quote came to my head as I watched my feet move: "To trudge: the slow, weary, depressing yet determined walk of a man who has nothing left in life except the impulse to simply soldier on." I had lost everything else, though, even the impulse to soldier on. I frowned at the ground, thinking of the life I was about to begin in Battery City. It would be boring and monotonous, but I wouldn’t realize it, because I would be on the pill. I wondered what my job would be, and where I would live in Battery City, and how I wouldn’t feel anything… Korse recognizing me came to my mind and I stopped walking. What if he does see me and recognize me? I couldn’t just waltz into Battery City expecting open arms and a batch of pills ready for me. No, I would get death by Korse, or worse. I shook my head and continued walking, pondering ways to disguise myself without getting a sex change.

I heard the roar of an engine behind me pop up. Instantly I sub-consciously pulled my mask over my face and pulled my ray gun out of its holster. I scanned the horizon, looking for the car, and to my left there was a black and white smudge on the horizon. I lowered my gun just a little bit, thinking it was a fellow Killjoy but not sure if it was. I squinted my eyes at the smudge, and it materialized before my eyes.

I smiled. It was my good friend Shockwave Current, driving her motorcycle, which was an old Drac bike before she somehow managed to get it from Battery City to the Zones. Her blue hair was the only blast of color on that bike, because all else was covered up by her black oversized hoodie. She looked like a blue haired angel coming from heaven to help me. I pulled off my mask and put my gun back in its holster. I could trust Shockwave.

“Hey, Fun! Whatcha doin’ all the way out here in Zone 5?” Shockwave called as she pulled to a stop beside me. “Where’s the rest of the gang?”

I smiled. That was Shockwave for you. “I’ll answer those, just… Can you drive me somewhere?”

Violet Rage
God, I fucking hate Fun Ghoul. Doesn’t that ass hole remember what I said earlier today? I shut my eyes, blocking out the blue sky and the sun from my view. My lids went red from the sun, though, and I put my sunglasses on over my eyes and lifted my scarf so it covered the top half of my head. I just wanted to disappear into the ground, to live in the shadows and not have to worry about petty things, like making sure I’m eating enough or sleeping enough. Pregnancy came to my mind, and I shook my head to the sky, not wanting to think about that at all. I might not even be pregnant and yet there Ghoul was, thinking I had slept with somebody for attention. I honestly wish I was five again, running through the cotton fields by my grandmother’s house in Georgia. It was so simple then, baking cookies and reading in my spot of the cotton fields, nothing to bother me. Now I’m all fucked up, literally.

“Violet,” I heard a voice say, and I winced. The voice grabbed my head with both hands and I opened my eyes wide, not wanting it to be who I thought it was. Please dear God, not Tim… The hands didn’t let go around my head, but a pair of upsidedown lips met mine, and I calmed. It was just Party.

I pulled my scarf from over my eyes but left the sunglasses on, looking into Party wearing his yellow with polka dots mask. I tilted my head on the ground that I was laying on. Party never wears his mask… I frowned. “What’s that for?” I asked, messing with his mask.

Party’s eyes widened behind the mask. “You don’t remember?” he asked, and I shook my head. “Well at least you remember some stuff…” he said quietly, and sat next to me on the ground. “We’re attacking a BLI convention tomorrow, but we needed to leave tonight for the Black to gather everybody and get weapons. Every Killjoy is supposed to be there.”

I nodded, memories coming back to me still. I remembered the picture Party drew of me, and smiled. “I remember… What happened to the portrait?” I asked Party, looking up at his masked face.

“If I remember correct, it’s still in the tree that we need to pack up,” Party said, standing up and offering me his hand.

I took it graciously, getting up slowly from laying still for an hour, thinking sporatically. “You wanna help me pack it up in my truck? With one person, it’s easy to unfold, but impossible to fold,” I added, making sure Party knew that before trying to stop me from doing it and doing it himself.

“I’d love to help you, Vi,” Party said, and gave me a quick kiss, me giggling like a giddy schoolgirl.

“Get a room!” I heard Moonstruck say, and I spotted him trying to unhitch my love from my truck.

I gave him the finger. “Fuck you Moonstruck. Party and I can do whatever we want, wherever we want, whenever we want,” and with this I pulled Party into a deep kiss, shocking him but feeling him instantly loosen up, our tongues battling for dominance over each other’s mouths. I moaned slightly and Party pulled me in closer, making Moonstruck gag behind us.

“Guys, we’re not running a porno!” he said, walking off into my tree, disgusted.

I pulled away from Party, breathing in air without his scent and smiling. “I’m more of a spontaneous girl,” I said, licking my lips and smirking at Party.

“I can handle that,” Party said, grinning a huge grin, and pulled me in closer to his body by his side. I smiled at we walked to my tree. “Okay, guys, everyone out!” Party said, releasing me as I went to go place what few things remained in my tree in crates for my truck. “We gotta pack this baby up and haul ass to the Black within an hour!”

“Man, you sound like Mom,” Kobra said, earning bit lips from everybody and a glare from Party. “Hey, hey, just saying.” Kobra raised his hands in defeat.

“At least I’m Mom and not Four-Eyes,” Party smirked, and Kobra slowly turned to face Party.

“At least I know the plural form of moose is moosi,” Kobra retorted, getting groans from the guys.

“Seriously, Kobra, you had to bring that up?” Jet asked, looking at the ceiling of my tree. “Now you and Gerard are going to be fighting Dracs, passing each other and saying ‘moosi’ or ‘meese’. Besides, we all know it’s moose.”

“Well duh, Jet, that’s the singular form of moose. It just so happens to be meese for plural,” Party stated in a as-a-matter-of-fact way, puffing out his chest and smirking.

I laughed with the rest of the guys at Party’s reaction. “Fuck off, it’s mise,” I said, giggling.

“Whatever the fuck it is, a moose is still a fucking animal. People think they’re all adorably and shit, but they will kill,” Moonstruck interjected, shutting us all up by making us bite our lips, trying not to laugh. “Now can we finish up packing?”

We worked in perfect harmony, gathering up the last crates and shoving them in my truck, silence being the only thing wrong with this moment. I’d rather have a beer in hand, laughing with the guys, but hey, I gotsta pack.

After fifteen minutes, everything was packed and the guys all had their masks on and guns charged, ready for the fight. I had my gun full of juice, but no mask. I frowned as I looked at the guys’ masks: an oddly-painted biker helmet for Kobra; an old-fashioned space helmet for Jet, hiding his black fro; Party’s yellow mask with the multicolored dots; and Moonstruck’s hatless head and purple and black traditional Mexican mask. My face felt self conscious and naked around the guys.

“Guys, I ain’t got a mask,” I said, looking at the ground, still frowning. My combat boots look awesome, but they could so use some new laces.

“Don’t worry, Violet, we’ll manage,” Jet said, and I looked up at him smiling. “We’ll have to find one at the Black. But right now, we need to go.” The guys nodded and retreated to the cars.

I hopped in the driver’s seat of my truck, and Party came around to the same side, sitting on me and starting up the car. “Get the fuck off me Party,” I warned, mostly jokingly but some seriousness creeping into my tone. Party caught that and stood up in the truck, me scooting over to the passenger’s side of the truck. “Better,” I said, reaching below my seat and pulling out a bottle of liquid with no label. Ahh… I love this stuff.

Party glanced at me examining the bottle. “No drinking, Vi, we need to be sharper than the Dracs tomorrow, and hangovers won’t work,” he said, taking the bottle from my hands and putting it on the other side of him, by the driver’s window.

I raised an eyebrow, and Party smirked at me, making it a challenge to get the bottle. I lunged, face first, for the bottle, but missing entirely and landing face-first in Party’s crotch. I opened my eyes wide after a second, pushing myself up and backing to the passenger’s side of the car. I had doe all this before Party had any time to react. I was trying to breathe calming breaths to stop my heart from speeding up and my fear crawl back down, but something wasn’t working because I started to wheeze.

“Fuck. It’s right by your feet, Vi,” Party said, trying to get my inhaler as I began to cough. I snatched it from his hands and took a greedy inhale, taking in the medicine and breathing easily immedientally.

“Gracias, Party. I love you,” I said, bringing the car to silence.
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