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Desperate Times Call For Daggers, Music, Ray Guns, And An Awful Lot Of Tears

by MCRmygirl 3 reviews

Nate hates Maddy's guts, and she'll do anything to make their friendship right.

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0TrainWreck why wont u leave me alone? quit stalking me you creeper im not stalking you, why dont u believe that? it waz a stupid rumor, its not true! your such a liar, maddy. i no that u went thru my familys docs. and u should go 2 jail 4 it, so leave me alone! nate, pleez dont do this... is offline

I sighed, slamming my laptop shut and laying back on the bed, tears threatening to fall down my cheeks. This is how it had been for about a year now, with Nathan hating me, insitant on the fact that I was a 'stalker' and that I had to leave him alone. The fact is, I couldn;t leave him alone. I loved him too much, and he had been my best friend.

That had changed earlier this year, when I had got up the courage to ask him about the multitude of scars that littered his arms and legs. I would call him day after day, too afraid to actually speak to him, hanging up the phone before anyone picked up. I wanted to make sure he was okay, but I was too chicken to confront him. I loved him so much, more than anyone else, and I couldn't bear to lose him as a friend. Then, right when I finally got up the nerve to finally talk to him, the rumors started. Rumors that I had rifled through his family documents to find information on his family, all taken from a small truth that I knew his phone number.

Now, I was desperate to make things right between us. And I would do anything to fix things.

This story will get somehwere later. it's 5:45 in the moorning, so I'll write more tomorrow. Night.

And for the My Chem rating thing, it will have a lot of lyrics and mentionings, but if I rate it as original, it doesn't get read, you know?

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