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Sex in a hospital? Not very moral.....or sterile

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Frerard in a hospital? Interesting at least...........

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Gerard's Point of view

I woke up, Frankie still on my lap. His phone was vibrating in his pocket against my leg. It went off again.

Groaning, I pulled it out of his pocket and looked at the caller ID. The little picture of Emily and a phone shaking were on the screen, so I pushed the answer icon. “What?” I sighed.

She laughed on the other end. “Somebody's not a midnight person. Tell Frankie that me and Mikey are in the lobby. And that we have the stuff.” I rummaged around in my head. What stuff?

She laughed again and sighed. “Just come do to the lobby. My arms falling off.” she hung up. I shook Frankie's shoulder and he almost fell right off me.

He gasped and threw his arms around my neck. Once his balance had been regained, he looked at me with dazed eyes. “What? Did something happen?” he looked over his shoulder at Jessica in the bed.

“No. Ems just called and said to go to the lobby and that she had the stuff.” I shook my head, still confused. He huffed and climbed from my lap.

He went to the door and looked at me. “Coming?” he raised his eyebrow and I heaved myself from the chair. We went down the hall and around the corner. Emily and Mikes were leaning against the wall, each with a bag in their hands.

Frankie grinned and made his way over to them. When they saw us coming, they smiled and lifted the bags into our hands.

The one I had shoved at me wasn't heavy, but it wasn't exactly light. “Thanks.” Frankie beamed and turned back to the hall. I went with him, the others behind us.

We passed the bitch nurse from before and she sneered at me. I just grinned back and kept walking.

I opened the door to Jessica's room and we all went in. Emily gasped and Mikey gave a little breath of exasperation. They stood on either side of the bed and looked at Jessica.

Ems took her hand and touched her cheek. Mikey just looked down at her. I opened the bag I held and looked in.

There were clothes folded up and my charger. I looked at Ems, who was still at the bed. Frankie sat his bag in the chair and went to stand by Emily.

“I-is she okay?” Mikey whispered. Frankie looked from him to Emily to me. I stood next to my younger brother and patted his shoulder, making him hump.

“She's gonna be fine, Mikes. Just relax.” I said softly, my hand on his shoulder. I met Frankie's eyes and they were wet.

“Okay! That's enough visiting. See you guys whenever we come home.” I shoved Mikey out the door and Frankie pushed Emily out by her shoulders.

“Aren't-” Ems started to say, but was cut off by Frankie shutting the door. He turned to me and pressed his face into my chest.

“She's not doing good, Gee.” he whispered against my shirt. I kept my arms around him as my shirt started to feel wet.

“Well, want to get into some clean clothes? How about you, love?” I asked once he was done. He nodded and pulled away. His face was white with red tracks going down him face.

I smiled and wiped a hand under his eyes. He laughed and hiccuped. We went to our bags and opened them.

He pulled out a pair of green skinny jeans and a misfits t-shirt. I pulled out a pair of white skinnys and a plain black t-shirt.

I stood in front of the door while he stripped the clothes he'd been wearing for two days. And I got a nice glance at his butt before he pulled his jeans up. He turned and smirked playfully at me.

“We are in a hospital, love.” he teased as he pulled the shirt over his head. Once his head was buried in the fabric, I moved over and waited to scare him.

He pulled his head through the neck hole and jumped about a foot in the air. Laughing, I pulled him to me and kissed his neck.

“What a good story it would be to tell though.” I chuckled as he moaned. Before he could say anything, I pulled away and picked up my clothes.

He sighed and moved to the door. As he passed me, I was pretty sure he muttered “tease” under his breath.

Frank's Point of view

My husband knew just the exact things to do to torture me. I stood by the door, one hand on the knob, holding it shut.

I watched as he pulled his shirt on, making his hair stand up in odd places. A small smile spread on my face as he ignored it. He pulled on his skinnys and shoved his feet back in his shoes.

He was so cute. Even here in this annoyingly white hospital room with our friend drugged up in the bed. He looked at me and smiled.

I let go of the knob and went to fix his hair. With a sigh, I gave up and he turned to his bag. He dug through it and came out with his brush.

“Emily.” he shrugged and ran it through his hair. Huh.

I went through mine and found my gel, eyeliner and charger. There was a note at the bottom of the bag with my name printed on it.

My hand found it and I pulled it out. Gee came over to see what I had and I opened it.


We want you to come home tonight. Emily told us the promise you made to Jessica, but you can't miss school. We understand and you can miss school today. But tomorrow you're going, even if we have to drag you from the hospital by your ears.

Hugs and kisses,

Mom and Mom

I looked at Gee, who sighed. “They're right. We shouldn't be missing school our senior year. Not if we want to graduate.” he took the note and folded it back up.

“Well, that ruined my mood.” I sighed and closed my bag up. He laughed and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“I'm sorry, Mr. Iero-Way.” he murmured, putting his face against my neck. I put my arms around his and chuckled. “And I'm guessing you're planning on changing that?” I asked quietly, turning my head to look at him.

“ tell me” he said and pressed his mouth against my neck again. I bit my lip against a moan as he sucked on my skin. There was going to be a hicky there later, but I didn't care.

I turned my head to him and he kissed me softly. Turning my whole body, I put my arms tightly around him. He picked me up, making me feel very dwarfish.

Putting my legs around his waist, though, I cared about as much as I did about the hicky. There was a little cough behind us.

We broke apart and he sat me on my feet. I looked around him at the bed. Jessica was grinning at us from her perch of pillows. “I always got the gay vibe from you two. I'm just happy that I was right!” she teased us.

I don't know about Gee, but I was blushing like crazy. He took my hand and laughed. “Yeah. We're actually married.” he held up my hand and his own.

Jessica gaped at us and I looked at the ground. “Wow,” she muttered. Gee laughed again and I looked up to see her blushing.

“Are you okay?” I asked her quietly. She nodded and played with her hair.

“Sorry about your parents. I didn't know...” Gee started. I squeezed his hand and Jessica smiled at him. “It's okay, Gerard. They were going to figure it out soon enough.” she shrugged and flinched into her pillows.

Well I guess I should tell her. “Uh, Jessica, our moms are making us go to school later today.” I said, breaking the peaceful silence in the room.

“Huh?” she asked, trying to find a clock. “What time is it?” she asked us. I pulled out my phone and looked at the time.

“12:48 a.m.” I sighed and she looked at me, her head tilting to the side. “What day is it?” she asked, even more confused.

I tilted my head to the side, thinking. Good question. I had no idea.

Gee answered. “It Thursday, Jess.” he said softly. She sighed and shook her head. I looked at Gee.

He shrugged and I smiled. Know-it-all. I put my arm around his waist and hugged myself to him.

At least he was my know-it-all.

RAWR!!!!!!!!! I think I'm gonna end the series with this one. IDK but I think this is the end. Still not sure about how to end it though. The best I have is killing off Mikey and Ems, sending Gee and Frankie to jail and driving their moms into a crazy-house. Hmmmmmmmm............. I'll keep thinking.
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