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Frankie and Gee get caught up in a little family fight

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Frank's Point of view

I woke up to somebody sobbing. Letting one eye crack open, I saw that I had my head in Gee's lap and we had both been sleeping on a floor. I sat up, leaning against the wall.

The sobbing was coming from a woman, leaning over a bed. Oh I remember now. Jessica was laying broken in the bed and we were at the hospital in her room. These people must be her parents.

Gee was still asleep against the wall. His head was tilted down and his hair was falling across his eyes. He looked so peaceful that I didn't want to wake him up. I did anyway, shaking his shoulder slightly.

He gasped and his eyes snapped open. His body lurched forward and he blinked, looking around the room. Then he slumped back and looked at me.

I nodded to Jessica's parents then to the door. The gesture said, 'Do you think we should give them some privacy?' He shook his head and started mouthing words to me.

'If they wanted privacy, they'd have woken us up and told us to leave. And I this point, I don't think they care' he brought his hands into the conversation, waving at the door and the bed. I just shrugged and stood up.

I took his hand and pulled him to his feet. We stood there, still as shadows, in the corner. Jessica's father, a tallish man with tan, wrinkled skin and piercing green eyes, noticed us.

He patted his wife and leaned over her. “Look, they're awake.” he pointed at us. Jessica's mother looked at us, her mascara running down her splotchy cheeks.

She stared at us for a moment then ran at us. I thought she was going to hit us, so I tensed my muscles. But she didn't.

Her arms closed around both our necks and she pulled us both into a choking hug. Amidst her sobbing, I think she said “Thank you,” but I couldn't be sure.

She wailed and sobbed and held us until her husband unlocked her arm from around my neck then Gee's. We fell back, our collars soaked. My ear was ringing and Gee was holding his.

We looked at the father. He was holding his wife again, staring over her head at us. “Thank you.” I felt my head tilt to the side and Gee gave a quiet “Huh?”

He gave us a pained smile and looked at Jessica. I looked to. She was asleep, her face relaxed if not a little bruised. “The doctor told us everything that happened. He brought us to the room and pointed at you two. You were asleep already. He said, 'If they hadn't been there, she wouldn't be here. That one'” he pointed at Gee, still quoting the doctor “' knew what to do. If he hadn't told her to breath carefully, one of her broken ribs would have punctured her lung and she would have drowned in her own blood.'” he jerked and dropped his finger.

I looked at my Gee, who was blushing slightly. He looked back at me and I saw tears building in his hazel eyes. “Oh, Gee.” I said and took him in my arms.

We stood there, rocking back and forth a little. Doctors swarmed around us every few minutes, checking machines and tubes. They always left though.

After about an hour of standing there, Jessica started to wake up. Her eyelashes fluttered and her eyes opened. They closed again and her mom touched her forehead.

Her eyes opened again and she blinked. She looked at her mom for a moment then her eyes moved to me and Gee standing on the other side.

She smiled, pulling at her torn lip. “You stayed with me.” she breathed. Her mom looked at us and back at Jessica. Her dad just stared at us.

“Of course. You asked us to.” Gee said, startling me. I shot a look at him. He was smiling down at Jessica and he took her hand.

Her mom moved away as Gee lifted her hand, shaking it back and forth. “Besides,” Gee said, trying to pep Jessica up, “we artists have to stick together. If we don't we'll all get beat up.” he smiled up at me.

Jessica looked scared. She threw a glance at her parents, who were both staring at Gee. Then she looked at me, pleading with her eyes.

It was to late. Her father had gasped now. “What?!” he boomed, shocking Gee. Her mom slipped to the side and behind her husband. “What does he mean 'you artists'?!” he moved toward the bed, clutching the rail.

Jessica had tears forming in her eyes. Gee was the one to answer him. “She's in our art class. And she's good. Really good. Especially with clay projects.” he looked at Jessica's dad as he spoke. Her dad glared at Gee.

“She told us she was taking extra writing classes.” he hissed at us. I looked from him to Jessica. Gee was just staring. Jessica's mom gave a little squeak and started to say something. “I think you boys should-” Gee cut her off.

“No, Ma'am we aren't leaving her. We promised we'd stay and we're staying.” he took my hand and Jessica's again. Her dad started booming again. “Jessica you're throwing away your future! Do you know how much money writers make? Do you know how much money artists make? Compare the two and what do you get? A famous writer living in a New York town house and a hobo living in a New York gutter! And if you want to be a hobo, go right on ahead! Don't count on us being there when you need somewhere to live after you're eighteen!”

And with that, he grabbed his wife and stormed out. I looked at Jessica, who now had tears running down her face.

Gerard's Point of view

I was still staring at the door after it had been slammed shut. All I could think was Wow what a asshole.

Jessica was crying in the bed now, her breathing getting scratchy. “Jessica! Calm down!” I turned to her. Her face was bright red and her chest was heaving. I noticed that the beeping from the machine that kept track of her heart rate had gotten faster.

It was really fast now, like she'd been running. I looked at the screen and then back to her. This isn't good.

I took her face in my hands. “Jessica calm down. Breath. In and out in and out.” I made her look at me as I whispered that to her. She kept her face still, but her eyes were wide and they wheeled around.

Crap! “Nurse!” I screamed at the door. Frankie moved from my side and ran to the door. He threw it open and yelled down the hall. “We need a nurse in here!”

He ran back to my side and five nurses ran in. They pushed us against the wall and tried to calm Jessica. I saw that one of them had a needle and a small bottle

She took the clear liquid from the bottle through the needle and walked over to Jessica. It took three of the five to hold her still while one cleaned her arm and the other gave her a shot of something.

The nurses who were holding her seemed to relax a bit once the needle was out of her arm and they all let go. Jessica started to relax. The beeping slowed down and she fell against the pillows.

I looked at the one who still held the needle. “What happened?” I said, pushing away from the wall.

She didn't even look at me. “She had a panic attack. She's going to be fine, don't worry boys. I think it's best if you go home now.” she threw the needle and bottle away and started to leave.

“No.” my shaky voice stopped her at the door. She turned and looked at me with cold eyes. “Excuse me?” she said, her voice a bit acidic.

“We aren't leaving her until she tells us to go. We promised her we would stay.” I said through me teeth. The nurse looked at me and shook out her hair, seeming annoyed.
She turned and left. The other four followed, looking back at the door. Two smiled at us and waved.

Frank's Point of view

I pulled out my phone and called Emily. She answered on the first ring. “Frankie, where are you?” she answered. I sighed and went into a detailed explanation. She gasped and asked if Jessica was okay.

“I don't know. A bitch nurse said she'll be fine, but I'm not one hundred percent about it.” I looked at Jessica on he bed and then at Gee. I stepped into the hall and started whispering to Emily in Italian, in case anyone over heard.

“Is everything okay at home? Any attacks?” I asked quietly. She answered in Italian. “No attacks and of course our moms are going crazy with worry. I think they're getting ready to come up there. Let me- yep their getting coats on. Want me to stop them?”

“Yes. But tomorrow, can you bring us a change of clothes? I think we're staying the night here. Oh and our chargers. Be sure and double check that their in the bag.” I teased her. She snorted on the other end.

“Oh haha I forget once and you turn into a skeptic. Fine. Let me stop these two and I'll pack some stuff for you two.” she sighed and hung up.

I snapped my phone shut and went back into the room. Gee was sitting in the little arm chair. It looked like he moved our jackets to the floor in the corner.

He gave me a little grin and patted his lap. I sat on his legs and he put his arms around me. “Well, tonight may be a little uncomfortable, but we're not leaving. And I know that you know that those nurses were checking us out.” He giggled quietly under me and kissed my nose.

“To bad were married.” he laughed and I bit his neck. He moaned softly and I laughed quietly. We settled in for the night in the chair.

Parents are always a pain in the ass, huh? Am I right or what? Lol R+R PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
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