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Old friends

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Shitty school day leads to an interesting encounter once the four go home.

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Gerard's Point of view

School was hell. All the kids swarmed around us, asking about Jessica. Even the preppy kids seemed interested in her.

One of the people in our second hour took pity on us and told us about the news crew that came while we'd been rushed to the hospital. She told us about how all the kids fought to get on camera and acted like they were Jessica's friends.

My stomach turned with anger. Using a girl who got hit by a car to gain fame? That's disgusting. Frankie's face turned green.

We went to lunch, being crushed in at our table. Kids tried to shove themselves on the benches, even tried to push Ems and Mikes completely off. The ones closest to us looked uneasy, like they were sitting next to wild animals.

In a way, I found it very funny. They would fidget and their eyes would flick to us every few seconds. And none of them ate.

Mikey noticed, too. Frankie and Emily seemed to be oblivious. Maybe they knew and ignored it on purpose. Whatever the reason, they picked at their food and talked to us like nothing was different.

After a weeks had passes, people started to fade away from our table as Jessica started to come back to school. She sat with us and, by being the victim, brought her own flock of people to our table.

A few more weeks past and after she got the cast off her leg, the other people just ignored us as usual. She showed us the scar the surgery had left. It was a long, clean line going up her leg from the evil looking original tear her bone had caused.

April Fool's day was a week from today. Emily sidetracked me and asked what I was doing to Mikey. “How do you know I'm doing something to Mikey?” I asked, my voice hushed.

She smiled and shook her head. “All the sidelong glances at lunch and dinner. You and Frankie locking yourselves up in your room-” “Because that's how we spend our alone time when we have a bed in the same room” I interrupted her. “Didn't need that mental image. But I know your planning something for my Mikey next week. Just don't go too far, okay? For me, Gee, please.”

I sighed and let my shoulders sag a little. “Fine. I'll tell Frankie to take apart the blade trap we set up in his room.” I mumbled. She laughed. “Good one Gee!” she nearly bent over laughing.

“What?” What was she laughing about? It took us a long time setting that thing up while the two of them had one of their, uh “showers”. She stopped laughing and looked at me.

“You didn't – you couldn't have – could you?” she stuttered. I just smiled and stuck my hands in my pockets. “Gee!” she punched me in the air.

I walked away, a huge smirk playing on my lips. She called after me. “You better take that down! Gee!! Are you listening to me?!” “Whatever!” I called and waved a hand at her.

Well, now I have to think of something else to do to Mikey. I smiled wider. Frankie will have a few ideas. Now I just have to get to him before Emily does.

Frank's Point of view

Gee practically tackled me under the tree in the grave yard. “Whoa!!” I balanced us out so we didn't tumble to the ground. “Frankie!” he sang and picked me up.

“Gee!” I shouted, shocked. He laughed but didn't sit me back down, so I wrapped my legs around his waist. Completely ignoring the fact that it looked like he was butt-raping me, he started bouncing up and down.

He was such a tease! I saw that smile he was wearing as I tried to not moan like a girl as my crotch rubbed against his. So, I bit his neck and pulled softly at his hair until he moaned quietly.

The next thing I knew, I was on my back with him on top of me. I laughed as he pressed his lips against my collarbone. “Gee, we're on campus. Let's wait till we got home, okay love?”

He sighed against my neck, making me shiver slightly. I put my arms around his waist and we lay there for a few moments in silence. “Why did you tackle me anyway, Gee?” I asked, looking down at him, only seeing his hair blow in the soft breeze.

I felt him laugh on top of me. “Oh yeah! I got a bit distracted...” he trailed of , making me laugh quietly and run my hands through his hair. “Ems found out about the blade trap we set up for next week and wants us to take it down.”

“What?! We worked so hard on that!” I was really upset about that. We'd had to rush the hour we'd been given to set that up and add a trigger that we would activate so it didn't go off before next week. Well, then what are we going to do now? My mind raced through so many possibilities that it started to spin.

“So have any ideas of what we should do? Ems asked me to keep it non-lethal, which I think is absolutely no fun at all.” I could practically hear him pouting. I laughed, making him bounce. “I can think of so many things to do that it's not funny, right now love.”

I think he expected me to think of something for him. Not that I minded, but I was still a little miffed that was the reason he'd sought me out. “Gee did you find me just to as me that?” I looked down at him again.

He raised up on his elbows on my chest so he could meet my eyes. “It's part of the reason. I wanted to find you before Emily did. That's why I accidentally tackled you. But other than that I was gonna find you sooner or later.” he shook his hair out of his eyes.

“Oh so you were gonna tackle me anyway?” I asked teasingly. He grinned and shrugged. “Probably.” he said and rolled to the grass next to me. We looked up at the tree and he took my hand, playing with my fingers. He liked doing that when there was nothing to say to break the perfect silence that could generate between us.

I looked at him, rolling my head to the side. He was staring at my hand like he was holding the secret to life in his hands. It was so cute that I almost laughed, but I clamped my lips shut as he moved my fingers around, bending them and curling them up.

He was so focused on moving my hand and I was so focused on watching him move my hand that neither of us saw Jessica, Mikey and Emily walk up to us. So, of course when Emily and Jessica laughed, we jumped so high that we cleared the ground all together.

“Well Emily I guess we can stop looking for them. Saved us a trip all the way to the art room.” Mikey said, punching Ems playfully on the arm. Emily touched Jess's shoulder with her fist. “Nice one Jess. I love how you know our brothers better than we do. What kind of people does that make us?” she teased.

“Oh the usual couple, not noticing much out side of the bedroom. Or, in your case, the shower.” Gee murmured, standing up. He wiped of his jeans and held his hand out to me. I took it and he pulled me up, not stopping when I was off the ground, making me fly about a feet into the air.

I landed softly, his hands on either side of my waist. We looked at the three others that made up our group. Jessica was blushing and looking at the ground. Mikey and Ems were staring at Gee, mouths gaping.

Shaking my head, I leaned forward and put one hand under both their chins. “You'll catch flies like that.” I said, closing their mouths. Gee was just smiling. Thankfully, I knew what was going to happen the second I saw Mikey and Ems share a look.

Well, he did deserve this for saying that in public. So I went to stand by Jess about two seconds before Mikes and Ems flew at Gee, taking him to the ground. They struggled for a moment until they had Gee pinned.

“Don't hurt him, guys.” I murmured. They nodded, not looking away from my Gee, who stared at me in shock. “Frankie!” he nearly wailed. I just grinned and went to kneel by his head.

“Let them get their revenge and they'll leave you alone. If you get up now, you know they're just gonna do something worse later.” I whispered and kissed his nose.

He groaned and looked back and forth between Mikey and Emily. “Go ahead and do it.” he said, clenching his teeth and closing his eyes.

The two of them shared a grin and took turns slapping his chest. He flinched all ten times and they let him go. I took his hand, meaning to help his sit up.

He pulled me down on top of him, shocking me. “That stung.” he whispered into my ear as he wrapped his arms around my back. “Sorry dear. Would you rather sting now or bleed later?” I asked, turning my face into his.

“True.” he said and kissed me softly. I put my cold hands against his chest, making him gasp softly.

The bell rang, making us all groan. I stood up and pulled Gee to his feet. He took my hand and picked up his bag where he'd thrown it as he tackled me.

We all trudged to class, not wanting lunch break to end yet. At least school was nearly over and we could go home. Not to mention the fact that Gee and I were going to stay in our room all night after we take down our awesome blade trap.

Sadly, class seemed to move slower and slower until the final bell rang. Jess waved goodbye to us as she saw her brother's car. He nodded to us and drove off.

When we got home, there was lots of chatter from the kitchen. Gee and I went to Mikes and Ems' room to take down our trap while the two of them went to see who was in the kitchen.

We were half way up the stairs when Ems shrieked. I tripped and Gee froze. Together we flew back down and into the kitchen. “What?” we both shouted, breathless.

And there at the table, sitting next to Donna, was a girl with crazy red hair settled down her back. She was looking at the door where Emily had stopped not a foot in.

Even though we hadn't seen her in weeks, she looked the same. Gee gasped next to me and laughed.

“Well, I thought we'd never see you again after........well you know.” he laughed. Sammy smiled at him and stood up.

Slowly, she made her way across the room and hugged Gee. He hugged her back carefully, trying ot not scare her. Then she hugged me. Then Mikey and Emily.

Once we'd all been hugged, she sat next to Donna. They carried on their conversation like we'd been there the whole time.

I looked at Gee, who was staring at Sammy. Ems nudged me with her shoulder and I looked at her. “Go take it down.” she hissed, much too low for Sammy to hear. I nodded and pulled Gee towards the stair case.

We made our way to their room and started taking the blades out of the door frame of the closet. After we pulled the first few out, I sighed. “You know, it'd be much faster if we just set it off and cleaned it up.” I huffed, putting my hands on my waist.

He laughed and kissed my cheek. “Your so cute when your lazy. I'll go get the trigger.” he left the room quickly. When he came back, he had the little remote we'd programed for the trap and an empty paint bucket.

We moved to the far corner of the room and put the bucket in front of us. Kneeling low to the ground, I looked at him and saw him grinning sadly before I hit the 'eject' button on the remote.

Just like it'd been set to do, the blades flew from the sides of the door frame and wove the cord from one side to the other. The blades stuck into the wall on either side of the frame, making a fishing cord web that would have held Mikey tight until someone cut him free.

With a sigh, I stood up and helped Gee to his feet. Out of the bucket, he pulled a little switch blade out and sliced through the fishing lines.

We pulled the blades out of the walls and tossed them, cord and all, into the bucket. Once we were done, we went to our room and put the bucket in the back of the closet. From the top of the stairs, we heard Mikey shout “Keep whatever your going to do down!”

I narrowed my eyes at the door and moaned loudly. Gee joined in and we heard disturbed yells and laughs from the kitchen and the hall. We shared a smile and kept it up.

LOL thats something I would do just to make people uncomfortable! R+R PLEASE!!!!!!!
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