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Stay Like This Forever

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Frank's birthday...

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I wrote this whole chapter at school, and am now typing up because I am out of college, ill.

*Frank's POV*

I sat on my old battered couch, head resting on Gerard's chest,his arms around me.

We were on our third horror movie,popcorn littered the small the small wooden coffee table infront of us. Gerard sat fiddling with a piece of my hair.

After I'd gotten back from Ray's and found him on my bottom step, I'd had a shower while Gerard seachered my room looking for something for me to wear.

He knew me too well,choosing my favourite pair of black skinnies, they had massive rips in the knees and my Misfits top.
"What you thinking?"Gerard muttered in my ear.

"How this is the best birthday I've had." I replied, looking up at him, he leaned down and kissed me.

"I'm glad you're happy,my mom said I should cook dinner for you, but I don't think food poisoning would be fun on your birthday."He chuckled lightly to himself.

"Do you want to go out tonight, we can dress up and shit, and get a tonne of sweets." He asked, I remembered it was Halloween today, when I was little I'd go out with my friends in stupid costumes and go trick-or-treating.

"I think I'd like to just stay in, invite Ray and the others around maybe?"

"It's your birthday, what ever you want."

"But no stupid scream pranks this time." I laughed remembered what happened the last time.

He leaned down again and kissed my nose.

"Your wish is my command." he grinned,I love his smile, it was beautiful and warm.

We spent the rest of the afternoon like this.


This morning felt so far away,all those those thoughts that had been running through my head, were long gone.


I had spent all day with Frank, sitting on his couch, watching old horror flicks. I'd asked him if he wanted to go out,but he still seemed down about his mom not being there.I'd be happy with what ever he chose to do, as long as I was with him.

Frank pressed his cheek into my chest, hiding a little from the screen.

We were only in the first 20 minutes of our film, and I'd promised him no more pranks this time.

The door bell rang, and we both sat up.

"Little kids?"Frank asked,we paused the film and listened, the voices were too deep to be little kids.

Earlier we'd filled buckets with water and flour, we had eggs ready too.

Silently, we went up to the bathroom, the window was directly aove the frontdoor, I reached up and unlocked the winddow.

I kneeled on the closed toilet seat,peaking out. They were the jocks from school, the ones that bullied me on my first day of school, were stood at the door, I didn't think this would be their'scene'.

"Should we do it?" Frank said quietly, he was answered by the door bell and a call of...

"We know you are in there Iero!"

"Corse you should!"I said pickingup a bucket of floury muck.

Slowly I tipped it out of the window and it landed on our victims with a satisfying splat.

From up here we could hear their surprised yelps and annoyed voices.

Frank grabbed a handful of eggs and sent them flying down the street after them.

A mother and herchild -who was under a white sheet- were across the road, she gave us a dissaproving look as the children watched in fasination, "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" Frank yelled out of the window.

We looked at each other, we fell over laughing.

Frank's laugh was amazing, it was halarious, infectious laughs, you had to join in.

We probably found it funnier then it should have been,Frank ended up rolling onto my chest, a leg either side of my hips.

I tilted my head up and our lips collided, hungrily his soft lips kissed mine,I grabbed his back pockets, like he did the first time we kissed and pulled him closer to me.

*Frank's POV*

I had one hand behind his head and one on his soft warm cheek, I'd missed this so much.

I felt his hot tongue against my bottom lip and I slowly opened my mouth letting him explore it.

He played with my lip ring,his breath still tasted like ocffee, like it always did, it was mixed with popcorn and sugar.

"I love you Frank."He murmered as he kissed down my neck.

Were sat up, I was top, facing him, told me to close my eyes and he got something out of his jacket pocket, which he hadn't taken off.

"Gee, I don't need another present, that song was-"

"You can open now." he said quietly.
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