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Still ill, and sorry for the cliffhanger with that last chapter, I just wanted to end it like that. Keep reading please love you all.CL

*Frank's POV*

"You can open now." he said quietly.

I slowly opened my eyes and he was smiling at me, in his hand was a little black velvet box, with a red ribbon tied around it,and a tag that had my name on it in his handwriting.

"I've had this for quite along time." he said opening it.

Inside was a plain silver ring, it shone brightly in the dim light of the bathroom.

"Is this-" I choked out, my breath was caught in my throat.

"It's a promise ring.We can't get married,I don't want to." he said smiling,"But I do promise to love you for all of iternity.With all my heart."

I could feel tears stinging my eyes.

"I promise never to do what I did these past few months, I promise never to lie to you again, or keep anything from you."

"Gerard, I-" was all I could say, I flung my arms around him,holding him,"I love you so fucking much."

He giggled a bit and took the ring out of the foamy pillow bit, he put it in my hand and I could see words inside of it.

"Think Happy Thoughts"

"Head First For Halos."I said reading it aloud, the song he'd written for me, I started laughing as he sliped it on one of my fingers.

"We'll fly home..." he said before kissing my cheek.

This is a VERY short one, only because I'm really not feeling well, hopefully I'll write more later xoxox
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