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Famous Last Words.

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Gerard struggles to stay alive. Mikey is scared.

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A/N: I just realized I used the movie Halloween twice in this fic. Whoops, my bad. XD

Chapter Nine: Famous Last Words.

Gerard recoiled in his bed. Or more like the bed James had put him in. He still didn't know where he was. He had woken up there, and James had been standing over him. Then had come another beating. He had tried to escape, but Gerard realized he had lost the ability walk. He suspected it was from the damage dealt from the curling iron, but James had just a couple of hours ago given his ankle a good breaking just to be sure. He had tried to simply ask James where he had been taken, but James had only laughed and continued to assault him.

The door opened and James stepped inside. Gerard had heard him coming down the hallway that he had yet to see. He tried to back away as far as the bed would allow him, but he knew it was pointless.

James smiled mockingly and stroked a hand gently through Gee's hair.

“Hey, sweetie.”


Mikey had practically flown home to find Frank and Ray in matching panics. There was no sign of a break in. He had gone into Gerard's room to find that the sheets under the blankets were indeed soaked in a puddle of blood; some of it fresh, some of it looking dried and old. Mikey had nearly fainted at the sight of it --- had Gerard been lying there, bleeding this whole time? The police were called, the blood enough reason to begin an immediate search and investigation.

One day passed, then another, than another. By the fourth day, the search had already become a nearly worldwide issue. A constant trending topic on Twitter was #gerardcomehome. Other rock stars such as Jared Leto, Bert McCracken, and Billie Joe Armstrong vocalized to their fans about the urgency of the matter. All sorts of rumors flew around, especially over the vague message that had been posted about the band "taking a break". The press wouldn't leave it alone; headlines pointing fingers for Gerard's "kidnapping" were everywhere.

Meanwhile the police were digging up more and more disturbing things. Or at least, things that were news to the band. People claimed to have seen him at various hotels and motels over the past weeks. That wasn't terribly strange, Mikey had thought, as they knew he had to be sneaking around somewhere to get these drugs. But then things just got weirder. The police had dug through Gerard's room and had found a large garbage bag stashed away. It was filled with clothes, mostly pants, all of which were heavily blood stained. They showed it to Mikey and asked if he had ever seen it before. Eyes wide in shock, Mikey shook his head no.

They found Gerard's sketchbook. The last drawing was some rather hasty looking sketch of Gerard himself that seemed to have gone incomplete. He had written the word 'UGLY' in big, capital letters over and over on the paper. He had written the words ‘BLEEDING’ all over another page.

There were tubs upon tubs of concealer stashed away in his drawers. Any presence of underwear was mysteriously missing. Gerard had kept a secret stock of gauze and first aid supplies in his closet, tons of them. There were spots of blood on the carpet as well. Mikey, Frank, and Ray marveled at all they had missed.

Frank in particular was feeling especially unnerved. He remembered his dream. He remembered the things Gerard had said to him. He remembered the look on Gee's face when he came to yell at Gerard about the drugs he had found.

Why hadn't he seen that there was more going on?

On Friday September 18 2010, Mikey Way made an official statement to the public along with the people who were in charge of the investigation. They had figured it would be good for the band to make a public appearance about it, to not only assure the fans that something was being done about it, but to send out the message to any possible kidnapper that they were hot on the case and they weren't going to let up.

Mikey stared out into the crowd. Quite a few hundred had come. For the most part, it was press. But there were a lot of fans who had come to show their support as well. They were outdoors at a local memorial park, where nothing but a crappy stage and a podium had been set up, along with some fold out chairs for their audience. Yet they had been told to come in formal attire, suit and tie. News station vans were parked everywhere. His heart pounded and he felt very uneasy about the fact that all these eyes were staring at him, eager to hear the horrible news of his brother's ordeal, hungry for every little detail.

He took a deep breath and began, "About a week ago my brother and best friend Gerard Arthur Way went missing. We are still unsure as to how or why. We don't know if he was kidnapped or if he may have just walked off. However, there is sufficient evidence to believe he was badly injured at the time he disappeared, making this a dangerous situation for him either way. The Los Angeles police are doing all they can to find him, and I appreciate the help and support they have given us so far. I urge anyone with any information to PLEASE come forward, if you see or have seen any sightings of him please contact the police right away. I ask you, right now, to see Gerard not as a celebrity or a rockstar but as a human being. Yes, Gerard Way has said some stupid things or done stupid stuff before. But he's always been there for me, and he's helped me through some hard times. And I KNOW, especially for the fans, that many of you can say the same, at least to some degree. So don't we owe him at least some effort to try and find him, especially if he could be in some sort of danger? He means as a great deal to us, just like you all have loved ones that mean a great deal to you. This is no different. It's only been one week but I already miss him so much..."

The press snapped a million shots per second as Mikey began to cry. Annoyed at them and feeling sorry for his friend, Frank gently pulled Mikey aside and stepped up to the stand and continued for him.

"Gerard, if there's any chance you're watching this right now, please, come home. And if you can't for any reason, or if you have been taken, then hang in there. We're never going to stop trying to find you. Despite any arguments we've had in the past, we all love you very much, and we want nothing more right now than to see you safe at home. Know that you haven't left our minds for a single second since you've been gone. Stay strong Gerard, I love you."


Gerard was shivering. He was cold as ice. He was still wearing the same shirt and pants he had woken up with, and he hadn’t been given any other clothes to wear. He hadn’t been given any blankets either. He hadn’t been fed, or given any water. It would seem like James really intended to let him rot here.

James was sitting on the corner of the bed, playing with his cellphone. He turned to Gerard and smirked.

“I’m texting your precious Mikey right now. Letting him know how sorry I feel that such an awful thing happened, and that I’m always here if he needs a shoulder to cry on.”

Gerard glared at him. He so desperately wanted to pry the phone from James but he knew it was no use. He was too weak. He could barely move. Three of his ribs and his ankle were broken. His body was still getting over the burns from before, and some new burns had been inflicted on him recently. Since they no longer had anyone to hide the injuries from, James no longer had any reservations with hitting him in the face and arms. He couldn’t do anything – James still knew where Mikey lived, and as far as Mikey knew, James was his friend.

James stood up from the mattress, “Actually, I think I’m going to head home. But how bout some head before I go?” He unzipped himself and stood before Gerard, erect. Gerard didn’t move. Mostly because his neck was too sore from James strangling him earlier while they fucked. Gerard just looked down begrudgingly.

“Need help?”, James said, sensing Gerard’s discomfort. He grabbed Gerard by the jaw and yanked it open, pushing himself into his mouth and grabbed a hold of Gerard’s hair to yank his head back and forth on it. Gerard was gagging. This had happened often enough where Gerard had learned to give the best blow job he could because it was better than James controlling his movements, as James wasn’t exactly gentle. So Gerard grabbed a hold of both sides of James’ bare legs and tried to give the blow job on his own, despite his aching muscles.

“That’s a good boy.”, James purred, petting Gerard.

After a while James finally came into his mouth, and he tilted Gerard’s head back and put a hand over his lips, so he was forced to swallow his load. This was one of the things Gerard had yet to be used to, as he would try to vomit it out right after, every time. But he would learn eventually, James shrugged.

As Gerard retched like always, James put his pants back on and got something from his shoulder bag. It was a piece of pizza loaded with toppings that had been wrapped with tissue. Gerard instantly felt his stomach growling. James grinned, “You like?”

“Please…” Gerard breathed out. James laughed and put the pizza on a table --- all the way across the room. Gerard’s heart sank.

“You’re welcome to it. If you can actually reach it. Laters.” James waved and walked out the door.

Gerard sighed. He had to get it, he hadn’t eaten anything since he got here aside from James’ semen. Making up his mind, he tried to move off the bed inch by inch. Eventually he got to the edge of it, and swung his legs over the bed. So far, so good. He wondered if maybe he could wobble over to it really quick. Desperate for food, he decided to go for it. He put both his feet down on the floor, and did his best to stand.

And he managed it. Unsteady and incredibly unbalanced, he managed it. He almost smiled. But then his legs gave in, and he fell face down into the floor.

Well, he had gotten this far.

He at the least tried to bend his knees. Once he did that, he managed to do somewhat of a crawl. A very slow crawl, but it was movement. His whole body was screaming for him to stop with every twist, turn, or stretch. The pain was overwhelming him. He began sweating heavily, his breathing becoming labored. After a few moments, his vision started getting blurry. He felt like he had gone 1,000 miles, and he wondered how much closer to the table across the room he had actually gotten.

In truth, not very far at all.

But Gerard pushed himself. He knew if he were to survive this thing, he had to get some food in him. And dammit, he was still bent on surviving as far as he could help it.

Finally, after what felt like another 30 minutes of extremely painful muscle strain, Gerard was within arms reach of one of the tables legs. But then he heard the door open again.

“Forgot something.” Came James’ voice. He saw James’ shoes walk across the room to the bed almost teasingly, showing how fast he could achieve what Gerard just spent what felt like an eternity struggling to do. Then he saw James’ feet get closer to him, and he knew James was hovering over him. He strained his neck to look up at what he was doing.

“Actually, I think I’m pretty hungry myself.” James mused. And Gerard saw James grab the slice of pizza from the table and shove it into his own mouth. “Mmm. That’s good stuff. Anyway, catch ya later kiddo.”

James kicked Gerard hard in the chest, causing him to flip over like a turtle on his shell before he chuckled and left.


Ray and Frank sat silently watching TV. How I Met Your Mother was on, but neither of them were paying attention to it. Both of them could hear Mikey sobbing in his room, and neither could ignore the heartbreaking sound no matter how hard they tried. It wasn’t like they were avoiding being comforting to him – they had tried consoling him many times over. But he just wouldn’t stop crying.

“I’ll go this time.” Ray said finally. Frank nodded.

Ray went up and over to Mikey’s room. He found Mikey sobbing into his pillow. He kneeled down next to Mikey, and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Hey.”, he said softly.

“Hi.”, Mikey sniffled.

“You wanna talk about anything?”

“Nothing I haven’t bitched about before.”

“Even still, you can tell me. Just let it all out.”

Mikey lifted himself from the pillow finally and sat upright.

“I dunno…” he said, wiping at his eyes, “Its just so fucked up. My last fucking words to him were basically blaming him for what was happening, and it’s starting to look like I was totally wrong about that…. what if it turns out that those are the last words I ever say to him?”

Ray didn’t know what to say. It was true that the more time that passed, the more real that possibility seemed: that whatever they last said to Gerard may be their last words ever spoken to him. And Ray knew that while he hadn’t really fought or scolded or yelled at Gerard like the other two, he had been rather cold during recent events. When Gerard was bedridden, he didn’t come to visit once. Actually, he had avoided the room. He didn’t want to see his friend in such a state. He had consoled himself with the idea that Gerard deserved what he got. He grimaced and looked Mikey in the eyes. Those desperate eyes looking to cling to some hope in all this confusion. He said this to Mikey, but perhaps also a little to himself, “I’m sure wherever Gerard is, he knows that you love him Mikey. We haven’t been through as much shit as we have together without building a bond that can’t be broken by silly fights or disagreements. A bond that automatically assigns this like, silent understanding that no matter what, we love each other.”

Mikey sniffed, “Yeah, I guess your right… its just scary you know? What if we never find him?”

“We’ll find him Mikey, don’t you worry, we’ll find him.”

Mikey smiled. “Okay.”

Ray gave Mikey’s shoulder one last squeeze and left to rejoin Frank, leaving Mikey to sit there and dwell on what Ray just told him. Suddenly, he felt his cellphone vibrate. He didn’t recognize the number, but he was pretty much willing to take any call lately in hopes that it would lead to something regarding Gerard.

“Hello?”, he picked up.

“Hello? Mikey Way?”, came a rather hushed voice from the other side.

“Yes, who’s this?”

“My name is Will Roque. I’m an old friend of your brothers. I think I have some information that can help you find him.”

Next chapter: Explanation.
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