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Rag Doll.

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The truth at last. But Gerard is slipping away.

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A/N: Writing the beginning scene of this chapter seriously almost made me vomit. I hope you appreciate that. :P Also, big NSFW warning for this one.

Chapter Ten: Rag Doll.

James had started bringing friends over. And they were some really nasty looking pieces of work. Forty year old men with beer bellies, beard covered faces, and rather bad body odor. They had come for one thing and one thing only: a piece of the famous Gerard Way. James had allowed them to have a go at him for a fee and a contract swearing their secrecy as to his location.

Sitting on his bed, Gerard looked up at four of them wide eyed as they stood over him, eyeing him hungrily.

"Oh how the mighty hath fallen.", said one, caressing Gerard's face with stubby fingers. Gee shuddered, and he felt the same hand slapping him hard a second later.

"Let's get his pants off.", snickered another skinnier one. The fat one nodded and they both went about stripping Gerard of his clothes. Gerard, as usual, tried to get his mind to wander elsewhere as he felt both their hands groping his bare skin. He felt them lay him down on his stomach roughly, and one proceeded to finger his anus while the other stuffed his cock into his mouth. He saw the two others removing their own pants, beginning to jack off to this eagerly.

"Use your tongue, boy.", the one whose cock was in his mouth prodded. Gerard attempted to obey, but apparently it still wasn't enough to satisfy the man as he said to his friends a minute later, "This one ain't playin' right."

"Maybe he doesn't find your cock very appetizing." One of them laughed.

"Well let's find something he does feel like eating.", said the fat one who had been fingering him. He was eyeing something in the corner of the bed. He reached over to get it, and Gerard paled when he saw what it was: the bucket he had been urinating and defecating in. Mind, there wasn't much in there, considering there hadn't been anything to really expel, but there still enough.

The fat one seemed to have no reserve in digging his hand through the combination of urine and feces, and he grabbed a whole handful. The others were laughing.

“Open wide sweetheart.”, the man taunted. Gerard backed away. There was no way this was happening. But before he could go any further, the skinny one grabbed a hold of his face, forcing his jaw open. Gee tried to resist, but he was too weak.

The fat one shoved the glob of shit and piss into his mouth, making sure to poke it to the very back of his throat, so he had enough room to force in another glob, before the skinny one forced his jaw shut. The fat one then put his hand over Gerard’s mouth, forcing it closed. The thick, mud like mixture was trapped inside his mouth, putrid and incredibly salty in taste, mixing with his saliva. Gerard was screaming and kicking. Or at least trying to.

“Swallow it, boy!”, one of the men yelled.

Gerard blinked back tears. He knew the longer it stayed in his mouth, the worse it would be. So, bracing himself as much as he possibly could, he forced himself to swallow the fecal matter. He gagged a million times over as he felt it sliding down his throat. He couldn’t swallow it all in one gulp, so he had to do it bit by bit. Automatically he felt bile rising up his esophagus. He tried the pry the man’s hand away as to not throw up on it, but the man refused to, perhaps assuming Gerard was trying to get out of it. And so, he ended up vomiting right on it.

“FUCK!”, the fat one screamed as he quickly snatched his hand away, allowing Gee to vomit freely. “LITTLE BITCH!”

Gerard didn’t even have time to finish puking before they proceeded to begin beating him for spewing vomit into the man’s hand. Gerard found himself on the floor a second later, being kicked by all four of them at the same time.

“STOP! PLEASE! I’M SORRY!”, he shrieked hopelessly. In desperation, he tried to distract his mind again as he felt the painful blows, and he couldn’t help but wonder if his brother or Frank anyone was even bothering to look for him.


“Go on.” Mikey prodded. He had put the man on speaker phone and called Ray and Frank over. They were now huddled on the floor, around the phone. Frank was taking notes on a pad as they all listened intently. Will had been telling them about how James and Gerard had known each other years ago.

Will continued, “James went to the same art school we did. He and Gerard became real close friends over time and eventually they started dating.”

“Gerard never mentioned dating anyone named James.” Mikey interrupted.

“Like he’d tell you? James was his first boyfriend. Typically when you realize your gay and you start going out with a guy for the first time, you aren’t so quick to go shouting it out to the rest of the world. Nah, he kept it on the down low, they both did. At first they would only see each other at group events, later it progressed to something more private. They dated for about a month until James started drinking. Then shit started hitting the fan. He started acting like a real jerk. It began with some verbal abuse, telling Gerard he was fat or ugly. He started cheating and flirting with other guys and told Gerard that he would stop only when Gerard learned to be pretty like they were. Broke the poor kid’s heart. Then he started hurting Gerard physically.”

“What?!?”, Mikey exclaimed.

“Hold your horses kid, I haven’t gotten to the bad part yet. Anyway, yes, James started hitting Gerard. The beatings just got worse and worse. Eventually Gerard’s injuries started getting severe. You remember those months where he would constantly sleep over your cousin Mark’s house?”

“Yeah…” Mikey nodded.

“Well he was actually sleeping over mine. My parents were never home cause of work, so he was free to come over wounded and bloody without anyone but me seeing. He would stay at my place until he could recover, and we could conceal his injuries, and then he would go home, and a few days later it would just happen all over again. This went on for about four months.”

“W-why didn’t he tell me? Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t anyone fucking tell me??”, Mikey cried, hurt that such a horrible secret had been kept from him.

“He was too damn proud. Well, not really proud --- actually more like ashamed. His worst fear was you knowing, Mikey. He saw himself as your big brother, someone you were supposed to look up to and seek guidance from. Not some drunken bastard’s bitch.”

“Hey!” Frank scolded.

“Relax --- I’m quoting Gerard when I say that. But that’s not the end of it. See Gerard was a virgin at the time, and he had been holding off sexual contact with anyone…”

Mikey buried his face in his hands, sensing where this was going.

“…but James didn’t like that. Not one bit. He had tried to talk Gerard into it, having his first time with him. But Gerard was adamant. Stubborn kid, your brother. Not really sure why, I guess he just didn’t want to feel more tainted than he already felt. But James was stubborn too. So one night, James took Gerard out, and he raped him.”

“Fuck….”, Frank breathed out, “Fucking bastard… I’m going to fucking kill him…”. He looked over at Mikey who had tears rolling quietly down his face. But Will wasn’t done talking.

“After that, needless to say, Gerard finally was pissed off enough to break up with him. But that just made James angrier. So one day while Gerard was coming home from school, James and a few more of his friends jumped him, and they dragged him off and raped him again. All of them did. It’s amazing that he survived. That was the time he had to stay over at ‘Marks’ for a whole week. After that though, by some miracle, James family had to move over some deal with his parents.”

“So, you figure James was the one who took him now?”, Ray asked.

“I know James is the one who took ‘im. First off, considering everything I just told you, who else would it be? Second off, I know because I still talk to him. All the time. And he’s been bragging about it. See that James was never very smart when it came to covering his tracks. Told me the whole thing one drunken, drug filled night at this party a few weeks ago. Originally, when he signed up with you guys, he had his eye on Mikey. Saw how little Mikey had grown, and he wanted a piece of him. But Gerard had begged to him to keep away from his brother. So James struck a deal with him. Gerard would let James do whatever he wanted to him as long as Mikey remained untouched. And if Gerard squealed, James would kill both him and Mikey. Maybe Ray and Frank too. That combined with how head over heels you guys were for James, and it was the perfect hostage situation.”

“And...wait…why should we believe you?”, Frank asked.

“Think about everything that’s happened lately. Anything weird or odd you guys have found. Fits, doesn’t it? You can check Gerard’s year book. My name is there, James name is there too.”

“And WHY are you just telling us this now?”, Mikey growled.

“I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a coward. That James can do some real terrible stuff if he’s given the opportunity, do not underestimate that. He didn’t just beat Gerard, he tortured him. Years ago there was a huge fuss over a girl at our school who was murdered. They never found her killer. James never said anything about it, but I’m pretty sure he did it. He had been fighting with her just a few weeks before that. Gerard did and does fear James for good reason. But your little speech at the park pulled at my heartstrings, and I’ve always had a soft spot for Gerard. I haven’t heard from James in a while, but if he’s finally just outright taken him, you don’t have much time to save him.”

And he hung up.


Gerard yelped as he was thrown into the table again. And again. And again. When they got bored of that they lifted him off the ground like the rag doll he had become and threw him naked on the floor. There were six men this time. They were all standing around him in a circle like hungry, nude vultures. Gerard was already in pain from James fucking him earlier. He had felt frisky today.

“What do you wanna do with him now?”, one asked.

“Lets get out the taser gun.”

“Oh! Nice idea!”

Gerard whimpered as they pulled him upward by the hair. A pair of arms wrapped around him and held him in place as one of them went through a duffle bag they had brought. The man retrieved the taser gun and waddled over to where Gee was.

“Make sure it works right.”, someone muttered.

The man in front of him grinned maliciously before he started up the gun and slammed it into Gerard’s neck. He continued to press down into him as Gerard screamed and squealed.

“Yeah, it works,” the man laughed and he removed it from Gee’s neck. Gerard’s head automatically fell limp as he gasped for air. The man in front of him lifted his chin up to have Gee looking right at him.

“See this?” He waved the taser in his face. “If you aren’t the best damn whore we’ve ever had, you’ll be this taser’s whore, you understand?”

Gerard looked at the taser wide eyed and nodded.

“I wanna hear you say it.”, the man growled.

“Yes…”, he said in a whisper.

“That’s not loud enough.”, the man scolded, and crammed the taser into Gee’s neck again, at the same spot that was still severely stinging from before. “I said DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

Through his screaming, Gerard managed to screech out the word “YES!”. The man smirked and removed it again.

“Better.”, he said nonchalantly “Now. Whores come with blowjobs. We all chipped in good money for you, therefore, we’re all entitled to one. So get on your knees, and get to sucking!”
The one who was holding him released him and pushed him back onto the floor as they all laughed.

“Me first!” one yelled. Gerard grimaced as the man thrust his thickly-hair rimmed hardness towards him, and Gerard did his best to position himself. Holding his breath, he wrapped his lips around the man’s erection and tried not to gag. The others around him were using this time to jack off.

“Moan, bitch!”, the man holding the taser yelled.

“MmmMMmm…” Gerard moaned out, trying his best to make it sound pleasurable. Apparently he didn’t succeed, as he felt a shock on his back from the taser a second later.

”Try harder!”, the man who shocked him yelled.

“MMmmMMM!”Gerard tried again, while fighting the urge to start crying.

“Oh yeah, that’s good…” the man who he was sucking off moaned.

After a few minutes, he was tasered again.

“You’re spending too much time on one person!”, they barked. Gerard whimpered and moved on to the guy next to him. And then to the next. And then to the next. A couple of times, the guy he was sucking off came into his mouth, but he wasn’t given time to recover --- he had to move on to the next one quickly or he would be tasered again.

“Enough of this.” One finally declared after what felt like an hour, “Let’s move on.”

The others nodded and Gerard felt himself being dragged over to the table, where they bent him over the edge, pinning his upper half to the top of it. They muttered amongst themselves for a while before he felt two of them come up behind him.

“Brace yourself kid.”, one of them said. But for what, he didn’t say. Nor did he give any time for bracing. Suddenly, he felt someone’s hands pull apart his buttocks, while he felt another person’s fist on the rim of his anus. The person that was pulling his cheeks apart seemed to be trying to pull them apart as far as they would go, and the fist went farther into his anus, entering it, stretching out the already severely damaged tissue inside. Gerard let out a strangled sounding cry which he got tasered for.

It was too much. He bursted out into hysterical sobs.

But either no one noticed, or no one cared as they just carried on, the man digging his fist in further and further. Eventually they just got bored with it, deciding they didn’t want to stretch him out too much.

After tasering him into spreading his legs as wide as they would go, one of them penetrated him without warning, thrusting into Gerard enthusiastically. Then another decided it was his turn. For hours they each took turns with him. One of them was particularly heavy set, and Gerard both screamed and cried while he pummeled into him, as he felt his pelvis being painfully broken crack by crack against the table. When the last one was done, they grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him into a wall. His head hit it hard and the room started spinning.


James was awoken by the sound of the doorbell repeatedly ringing. He begrudgingly got out of the bed and groggily made his way to the front door. He opened it, but didn’t even get a chance to see who it was before his face collided with Mikey Way’s fist.


“WHERE THE FUCK IS MY BROTHER??”, Mikey screeched, before punching him in the face about 8 more times.

“THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?”, James yelled back, cradling his nose which was now spewing blood and quite visibly broken.

“I TRUSTED YOU, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!”, Mikey screamed, now kicking James repeatedly in the stomach. As James doubled over from the pain, Frank ran in and held Mikey back.

“Not now Mikey, we need him for information.”, Frank muttered to the clearly enraged Way before walking over to James and knocking him out with his own fist.

James came to about an hour later. The first thing he noticed was that he couldn’t move. He was being restrained by something. Eventually he realized he was strapped to his own rotating chair by thick layers of duct tape. The next thing that came into focus was the image of Frank Iero, standing over him with a sharp knife.

Frank smiled.

Next chapter: Confrontation.
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