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What's Worth Fighting For.

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Will they find Gerard in time? Or is he gone forever?

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Chapter Eleven: What's Worth Fighting For.

"How did you find out?"

James was perspiring, talking through gritted teeth. Perhaps trying to make conversation to distract himself from the pain he was enduring. Frank was using this time to rip off every one of James fingernails, only willing to stop when James revealed Gerard's location. Whenever he would finish ripping off a nail, he would use the same knife to scrape around the bleeding flesh of James' bare nail bed.

"Not really any of your business to know. We have our sources." Frank said, not looking up from the little manicure he was giving.

"I haven't seen Gerard in hours. Could be dead by now for all I know. AGH!" James screamed as Frank pulled off his left pinky nail particularly hard.

"Then you better get to telling us where he is before you have manslaughter on your plate too.", Frank growled.

"You don't intimidate me ya' fuckin' midget." James laughed. Frank narrowed his eyes at James and turned around. Ray had been standing by the doorway. Frank motioned something and Ray handed him a set of pliers.

"Fine." Frank said, sitting back down on his chair in front of James. He nodded his head at Ray and Ray walked over, stood next to James, and grabbed his lower jaw, yanking it down. Frank went in, gripped a tooth with the pliers, and yanked it out. James yelped.

"Still ready not ready to talk?"


"Fine, I got all night." Frank smirked before having Ray open his mouth again and reaching in for another. And then a third tooth was ripped out. And then a fourth. After five or so minutes, the entirety of the right side of James mouth was filled with blood. After yanking out a fifth one, Frank grinned.

"Hey Ray, I think James here needs a shot."

"Good idea, Frank."

Ray yanked back James' head by his blonde locks and grabbed a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Frank pulled his jaw down again and James really started struggling, realizing what they were about to do. But he could do nothing against the restraints. Frank laughed as Ray tilted down the open bottle and poured the alcohol into James' open mouth. James screamed loudly as the burning liquid splashed onto the open wounds.

"I think he's trying to say something." said Mikey, who had been standing in the corner of the room, told to stay put so they wouldn't have murder on their record as well.

Ray put back the alcohol and Frank removed his hand from James face.

"Alright! Alright!" He screamed while trying to spit out the alcohol. "I'll tell you where he is. He’s in this cabin on Fox Farm Rd in Big Bear Mountain. The number on it is 8723.”

“Awesome!” Frank perked up. “Ray remove his socks, yeah?”

“What? You said you’d stop!”

Frank laughed as Ray went about pulling off James’ slippers and socks, “Ha! I lied!” He got out a razor blade from the table behind him and bent down to James’ exposed left foot.

“This little piggy went to market….”

With the razor blade, Frank sliced open the skin between James’ big toe and the one next to it.

"…this little piggy stayed at home…”

He sliced open the next crevice. James screamed.

“….THIS little piggy had roast beef….”

He sliced open the next bit of skin.

“Stop! Please!” James begged. Frank sneered.

“…this little piggy had none!”

He gave the last skin connected to the pinky toe a practically harsh slash. James screamed again.

“Where are your shoes?” Frank asked suddenly.

“I-in the bottom of the closet.”

Frank turned to Mikey.

“Mikey, would you mind?”

Mikey nodded and left the room to go to James bedroom, retrieving just a minute later with a black pair of sneakers. Frank took them and got up.

“One moment.”

He left to the kitchen and returned with the shoes again a second later.

“Ray would you put these on James’ feet for him? Thanks.” Ray nodded and put the right shoe on James’. Frank brought out a pistol and tossed it to Mikey. When Ray put the left shoe on James left foot, James let out a horrible yell.

“WHAT THE FUCK?”, he screamed.

Frank smiled at him and casually said, “I filled your shoe with salt. Doesn’t feel so nice against those cuts now does it? Ray, unbind him.”

Ray started undoing the tape that kept him to the chair while Mikey played with the gun menacingly. Once James was fully undone, he immediately tried getting up, but Mikey shoved the gun in his face, pressing it against his sweating temple.

“What more do you want? I already told you where the little whore was.” James spat. Mikey growled warningly.

“You seriously didn’t think we’d drive off and find him without you, did you?” Frank laughed, “Thought you’d just run off the minute we’d turn our backs? Oh no honey, you’re not getting out of this that easy. Hell, you’re not getting out of this at all. You’re driving us there.”

“Or what?”

“Or I’ll blow your head off.”, Mikey hissed.

“Bluffing! You wouldn’t shoot me, without me you’d have no lead.”

“You really wanna test whether or not I’d shoot my brother’s rapist?”, Mikey glared. James fell silent. Frank stomped on James’ injured foot. James screamed. Frank grinned.

“Get walkin’!”


Gerard was curled up into a ball in the corner of his room. If he had been counting the nights right, then it was about to be his 9th day there. It was a shock he had survived this long without food or water.

There had been no indication that anyone was coming to save him. He wondered if Mikey had already forgotten him. Of course, he knew Mikey would never just completely leave him behind like this, but as the time passed, he couldn’t help but feel his hope drain more and more.

It was freezing. And he was naked. The last guy who had come had completely ripped up his clothes and had thrown them on the bed, which he was too weak to crawl towards. In addition, he had been coughing up blood lately. He suspected one of his broken ribs had finally pierced his lung causing an internal bleed. He was also sleepy, his eyelids constantly dropping, but it was the fact that he knew he most likely had a concussion that kept him awake. And he had done everything in his power to stay awake, even if it meant fingering his own wounds from time to time so the pain could slap him into consciousness.

Some part of him was still determined to survive this. He wanted to see Frank again. He wanted to see Mikey. He wanted to see Ray. He wanted to see Lindsey. Most of all he wanted to see his baby girl, Bandit. Even if the world hated him, he knew Bandit loved him. She was oblivious to any of this, and last she saw him, he was still someone she could look up to. Someone she could trust. He was still her "da-da". He felt like he would be letting her down by giving up, the one person who might still believe in him.

Thinking of her, Gerard felt a surge of motivation once more. Standing was out of the question, so he tried his best to simply begin to crawl. Using his arms, he lounged himself forward and pushed as hard as he could. He could feel his now nearly useless lower half being dragged on the floor with him. Using all his strength, he was able to move himself a couple of inches. Gripping the floor a bit more, he was able to move a couple more inches further after that. But already, exhaustion was beginning to overwhelm him. After one more push forward, he stopped to catch his breath. He had barely moved 3 feet from the corner he started in.

He looked at the ways he had to go in this room alone. He had no idea how big the building he was in was. Even in a small sized home, he knew he would never make it. Sighing, he scooted back into the corner. It was useless. Alone, cold, tired, hurting, and hungry, Gee hugged his knees to his chest and waited for death. He closed his eyes and let the darkness wash over him.


Daylight was nearly breaking by the time they got there. Just as Frank suspected, the address James had given had been a bluff. Being held at gunpoint, he had been forced to take them to the real location. It was a very nice house in secluded canyon type area, obviously a vacation home. It was two stories high and had the appearance of a log cabin. Frank looked over to James who was limping, his face crunched up in the pain from his foot. Mikey was behind him, not letting the gun falter from the back of his head for a second.

"Go on then." Frank inclined his head towards the door.

James glared at him and limped his way over to the door and got out the key from under the doormat. He unlocked it and swung it open.

"You first." Frank nudged, in case this was a trap of any sort. James grumbled and walked inside, the boys followed. It was a dark house, cold and chilly. He led them down a hallway full of nice decor and stopped at the last door in the hall. He froze, and seemed suddenly very nervous. Mikey poked him with the gun. Having no choice he opened the door.

"GERARD!", Mikey screamed.

There, in the left hand corner of the room where he was facing, was the huddled, bleeding form of his brother. He looked broken and slain. His heart jumping out of his chest, Mikey ran to him.

"Mikey...", Gerard breathed out. It was nearly inaudible.

"You're alive! Oh thank god...", Mikey cried, wrapping his arms around Gerard, sobbing openly. He buried his nose in Gerard's bright red hair, taking in every bit of Gerard that he possibly could. Mikey kissed his head repeatedly, and cried even harder as Gerard placed a hand on his arm, gripping it weakly.

Gerard felt someone stroke a hand through his hair, and he turned around to see Frank kneeling next to him.

"Gerard...I'm so sorry...", said Frank who looked like he was on the verge of tears as well.

Gerard tried to smile, "It's okay, Frank..."

"Um, guys....", came Ray's voice. They all looked up, none of them having been focused on anything other the fact that they were finally reunited, and how good that felt.

Ray was looking at James, who was grinning maliciously. He had the gun, and he was pointing it right at them with shaking bloody hands. Mikey realized with horror that he must have dropped it in his rush to get to his brother. Frank stood up and James pointed the gun dead center on Gerard.

"Don't do anything stupid. He might be alive now, but barely. I'd say one shot anywhere would kill him.", James spat.

"I'd think you're the one who needs to refrain from doing anything stupid James." ,Ray chimed in, "You already have rape, assault and abduction on your hands -- you really wanna add murder to that? Really?"

"No one's going to ever know, because there's not going to be any living witnesses!", James sounded desperate, his voice was cracking. His eyes were wide and crazy. He knew this was his only chance of getting out of this. He started alternating who he was pointing the pistol at. "So who dies first, hmm? You? You? How 'bout the little fucker that started this whole thing?"

James pointed it at Mikey. Everyone was too afraid to move.

Then an amazing thing happened.

A very agitated scream came from underneath Mikey, who had wrapped himself around Gerard protectively. Gee screeched, "YOU WILL NOT HURT MY BROTHER!" And Mikey felt himself being shoved aside as Gerard lifted himself off the ground, ran towards James, launched himself onto him, and tackled him. They both crashed to floor as they wrestled with each other, Gerard looking ready to kill. Frank, Mikey, and Ray finally snapped out of their shock, and Frank attempted to go in and pry Gerard off James before he got too hurt.

But then the sound of a gunshot rang through the air.

Next chapter: The aftermath.
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