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1-Dont get caught!

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When 15 year old Matt moves too Belleville,NJ with her family she meets Gerard and the guys and a certain someone catches her eye.

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Hey! This is my first story i own no one besides my character. Dont sue me! Well with that shit said enjoy!

Hi im Matt and yes im a girl. I'm just above 5.2'' and i have black hair and i have olive skin wich i find depressing but people tell me its pretty i am 15 by the way. Lets begin shall we?
I woke up in the truck and i was smoshed up against the window from all the stuff and people inside. my 3 brothers where messing arround we have Max he's 18, then Drew he is 20 and then Toby he's 23 their all waste of mankind sometimes but that was before i turned 13 now their hell. We moved to Belleville New Jersey cause my dad got a new job here at the police department, i cant complain the scene here is pretty sick.

''We have decided that since there is originally only 3 bedrooms we have decided that Max and Drew you two are goeing to be staying in the same room its one of the larger rooms so there will be no problem for space, and Travis since you are the oldest we have decided that you are goeing too stay in the other bedroom upstairs oposite too Drews and Maxs room and we will be further down the hall. everything clear?'' The guys nodded, but what about me??

''Uhhm you forgot about me where am i gonna sleep?'' They turned and looked at me, i am the odd one out.

''oh right, you are goeing too stay in the basement.'' Max and Drew groaned.

''Why is she having her own space in the basement?'' Drew complained, neither mom and dad awnsered the question. we went inside righ now the walls where a creamy beige so disgustingly normal, the kitchen too the left and a closet too the right and when you take some steps forward you can see a living room too the left, and if you walked forward again and stood besides the oak staircase you could see a dining room connected too the kitchen and past that was an office/study or whatever and oh right on the side of the staicase there was a white door.

I walked down the spiraling staircase too the basement and entered what seemed like a small part of a appartment, sweet! The paint buckets i had wished for ordered where in the corner, i felt so exited so i decided too drop my stuff and ran over too the plastic and rolled it out over the floor and duct taped the corners and the edges of the little window that was practicly the only sun source into my room damn i love this room! i now sat in the middle of the room imagening my possebileties and i decided to paint 2 walls hwo stood opposited black and the other 2 a dark red/purple so i could do posters on one wall and art work on the other 2 one wall will be plain.

I went into the closet to continue,i turned on the light switch and painted in the same way as before but now i only had 3 walls so i made the 2 of them the same red as in my room and painted the wall you can see dirrectly infront of you when you open the door there black.

I decided too go outside and sit under a intresting tree i found saw from the corner of my eye when we arrived when i got out there i sat under the oak tree with my iPod ''Blood on my hands'' by The Used blasted my earphones while i climed up the tree as a van arrived.

I sat down on a thick branch and did not mind the people comeing out of it until i saw who the people where. I leaned slightly forwards and too the side forgetting i was about 7 ft. up next thing i know i am falling and a scream escapes my lips as i claw after something too grab at to stop me from falling further.
A thud makes itself heard as i land on my back on the grass, my head hurts like fuck and my ass took some of the fall too.
''Are you okay?'' comes from someones unfamiliar voice, someone saw me... Blood rushed too my face and i open my eyes and see the cloudy sky and a guy with a blonde and black mohawk that fell by his forehead and he was pretty pale...

Leaving you half loved hehehe sorry for my dirty mind but yeah this is the first chapter tell me if you liked it. This is my first story.
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