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2-New school

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Matt meets half of the guys. I Rate it PG-13 cause i dont know where im goeing yet.

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Hi again! This is obviously chapter 2 hope you enjoy it. :)

''Are you okay?'' comes from someones unfamiliar voice, someone saw me... Blood rushed too my face and i open my eyes and see the cloudy sky and a guy he had a blonde and black mohawk that fell over his forehead and he was pretty pale...

Matt POV

'' Are you kidding me?'' I asked myself.

'' Not really, are you okay?'' Frank laughs, did i just say that loud? I sat up

''Oh, well besides the fact that my ass hurts like fuck im okay...'' I covered my mouth with wide eyes, think dammit before you speak you idiot! Frankie was laughing.

''Ah shut it.'' I said as i stood up, he quieted down.

''Sorry, hehe im Frank but call me Frankie.'' He inroduced himself and behind him another guy with brown hair and a really skinny body came up behind Frank was coming up too us.

''Its okay i gotta learn how to think before i speak, I'm Matt.'' I smiled.

''Matt? is that not a guys name no offence...'' Frank said and the Brown haired guy just looked at me.

''No its not its Uni, just call me Matt..'' I was rambeling the last part and the skinny guy was looking at me strangely, A blonde and slightly bearded guy came up too us now.

''Whos this?'' The blonde guy asked asked leaning over in between Frank and Mikey.

''Oh im Matt.'' I wiped my back of from the grass alittle.

''Well im Mikey and this blonde giant is Bob.'' Mikey the skinny guy said smirking slightly at Bob.

''I am not a giant, then youre a dwarf!'' Bob said with his hands up doeing a fighting pose.

''Uncalled for!'' Frankie piped up and whaked Bob on the back of his head. I just now saw that Frankie was a bit shorter than the others but i never notice those things since im not so tall

''I did not mean you Frankie!'' Bob said defending himself again, I snickered along with Mikey.

''Hey guys can I get some help i am not some slave you know!'' The guys parted and revealed a guy with a reddish brown fro and he was carrying some guitar cases.

''We gotta go... The fro is gathering his minions'' Frankie said and chuckeled...

''Well i gotta go..'' I picked up my iPod from the grassy ground and wiped it of. I looked at them and said bye and made my way to the house i heard someone say from way behind me.

''Bye! See you arround.'' I turned arround and smiled and then shut the door behind me but they where already gone I wonder who those guys are they seemed really cool.
I woke up in my room too my alarmclock beeping out loud and the light was shining in trough my somewhat small window i snuggeled my pillpow and hit my snooze. What seemed like seconds later my mom came down the stairs and poked me too wake me up.

''Honey you have too get up now its twenty minutes past seven.'' Her soft voice conforting to me. I sat up in my bed revealing my Batman night pants and a grey tank top. I walked into my batroom and watched myself in the mirror. My hair in a messy pony tail and sticking up allover pfff well not every one can be a beauty queen, i got myself undressed and into the shower and after that i dryed up and blow dryed my hair and dressed myself in my black skinnies and a green day T-shirt and a dark Navy blue hoodie and my black beanie and black converse i did my makeup with a thick line of eyeliner and black eyeshadow. I took my messenger bag and got my phone, iPod, wallet and glasses. I only really need glasses when i read, I got up the stairs and walked into the kitchen. Mom had gotten Max down and dad was already gone for work.

''Hi... What's cookin'?'' I asked with my I-just-woke-up voice and sat down besides Max.

''Eggs and toast.'' Max said as he bit into his ham toast sandwich.

''Here you go.'' My mom said as she placed a toast sandwich down infront of me and i took a big bite in on my toast. When i was finished and i had brushed my teeth and gotten up too the kitchen again mom and Max was arguing.

''But mom for fucks sake i dont wanna drive with her, cant she walk?!'' Max was yelling in a hushed tone and mom the always calm person she is spoke on a normal level.

''Max dont be so rude she's youre sister you driver her too school on your first day and no yelling about it she does not even know the way to the school yet.'' Max goaned and took the keys from the table.

''Missed me oh dear brother?'' said i while giggeling in mock when i was following my brother out of the house.

''Bye mom.'' Max called over his shoulder. ''Shut it freak.'' I smiled and got into the black jeep that was Max's car.

''Oh touchy are we?'' I love to mock my brothers. The drive to school was pretty silent and i listened too Panic! At The Disco - Shotgun Wedding. I mimed along while i looked out the wedding memorising the way too school.

''Get out Matt.'' Max said as he put the car in park, i had not noticed the car stop or even arrive. I hopped out and looked arround. I talked outloud too myself and streched my limbs.

''Aaah Belleville High, what will you have for me?'' I ignored Max locking the car and walked away heading for inside the school. When inside i looked at the people there, some where mostly dessed in stuff like Jucy and American Eagle and shit like that but lets not djudge by the cover now. I walked up to a girl that looked fairly nice and tapped her on her shoulder.

''Excuse me...'' I got cut of by her.

''Eww why are you talking to me, walk away too the freaks.'' I was alittle taken back okay note to self: be careful. I walked away and looked at the doors for guidance i reached a door that said ''SCHOOL OFFICE'' this must be my destination. I knocked on the door and walked in Max was not far behind me he must have seen me walk in here, the room had yellow/brown walls wich made up too be a mustardy colour and dark brown tree chairs and desks as furniture. A lady in the late middle ages sat by a computer and was typing away. Her half moon eye glasses sliding down to the tip of her nose and she was dressed in every color you could find in a rainbow. She looked like such a free spirit with her red/brown curly hair allover the place, i could not help but to smile and walk up too her. Her name tag thingy said that her name was Mrs.Noel.

''Uhhm Mrs.Noel? I'm Morgan (dont ask me how i got stuck with Matt) and this is my brother Max Bensley we're new here.'' Mrs.Noel looked at us and smiled at me and she started typing on the computer again. within the next 10 seconds she had printed 2 papers out for me and Max and handed us them it was our scheduals. I saw that i had Math first so Mrs.Noel showed me the way and continued with Max too his Chemistry, knocked on the door and stepped in. A man with a fading hairline and a gray bow tie looked at me, he must be the teacher.

''Uhhm im Morgan and im new here?'' i made it sound more like a question and took some steps further into the room and let the door fall shut behind me, no returning now.

''Ah yes i got the news that you whould be getting here some time, you can sit down by Bethany over there.'' He motioned to a girl by the window, i sat down by her and said hi and turned my head down too the book i had gotten placed infront of me and listened as he continued the lectureing.
The Bell rang and that signaled the end of my school day. I took my English books and walked out of there, put my books in my locker and started walking out of the school. When i got too the parking spot where Max was supposed to wait for me but the car was gone so now i had to fucking walk home. I pulled my hood up since the clouds did not look so friendly and walked the bit that i seemed to remember, i got lost halfway home and sat down on a bench.

''Matt?'' A somewhat aquainted voice said, I turned too see who it was and saw Frankie in his black apparal and hoodie pulled up standing besides a vampire looking guy with just past ear lenght raven black hair.

''Hey Frankie.'' I said with clear annoyance in my voice but the annoyance was not for Frank it was reservated for my fucking brother that ditched me. And i felt a raindrop fall down on my hand this is just great.

''What you doeing out here its about too rain?'' Frankie said.

Okay so this was chapter 2 hope you liked it. Rate,Review and tell me what you think.
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