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Chap 3 - I think I'd better go now

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Matt realizes what has he done, and goes away.

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Mikey’s POV
We’ve heard it all. Two airplanes crashed on the Twin Towers. Lots of people died, and lots of people cried for them. My brother was acting like strange, saying it was all an inspiration. He wrote some songs, and brought us all to here. To Matt’s attic. We didn’t know what he wanted to do, just tell me & Ray to bring our bass and guitar. Gee gave us some lyrics and chords he made, and started singing.
Stand up fucking tall, don’t let them see your back… Take my fucking hand and never be afraid again.
It was cool being our first time playing together, like a band. The idea excited us all, and we all agreed to practice here and record a demo for our first song. Soon enough, Gee, Ray and I wrote other songs, and recorded. Our first cd was Dreams of stabbing and/or being stabbed.
One day, while we were recording, Matt was talking on the phone with someone on the phone. By the day, Matt and Gee were together for 3 years, but being honest, I’ve never saw Matt acting like that. Like he was cheating on my brother. He has been like this on two months ago, calling and heading out to talk with someone.

Shane’s POV
“Okay, sweetie. I love you too. Bye” Three years. Three fucking years and he was now mine.
“Can’t you see it? I fucking love you, Matt… And you just say you love Gerard Fucking Way? And me? I’m the one that was beside you every day. Every fucking day, asking you each morning ‘hey, did you sleep well?’ or ‘are you okay?’ and what do I get? Nothing”
“I… I never knew… th-“
“Shut up… I love you so much, no matter with who you are, I will always love you.”
“I love you too, Shane. And I never noticed till now. I love you too. But, I don’t want to break Gerard, it has been two years and a half…”
“It’s okay. I’ll give you time to ditch him, baby…” I said, kissing him in the lips.

Gerard’s POV
“Hey sweetie… who were you talking to?”
“Uhmmm… my.. uh… sister. She’s coming for… uh… the weekend.” I said… Oh gosh, my sixth month with Shane… “Uh, baby, can you lend me $120 bucks? I need them for repairing my car, to lend it to her”
“Okay. Take this check honey.”
“Oh, and baby, I wanna take you out tomorrow. “ He remembered it’s our third anniversary… Yay!
“Oh sweetie, you don’t have to”
“I have to. I will take my hot boyfriend out for a dinner celebrating our third anniversary”

Matt’s POV
After that, they all left and Shane came up to my house. I took him out and bought him his present. I remember that after he confessed his love to me, we had sex. And tomorrow was my first time with Gee. I don’t think he finds out. He’s just a poor idiot that doesn’t know anything, about anything.

Gerard’s POV
A brand new day. The sun rose, and I lit up a cigarette as trying to write a new song.
I’m trying; I’m trying to let you know how much you mean… These scarecrows-
“I want a unicorn” Mikey said.
“Drinking coffee, Mikes?” I asked.
“Can you buy me one?”
Should I tell him that unicorns don’t exist, and hit Mikey psychically again? Could I? Should I?
“Well, I’ll be looking for one tonight, when Matt and I go out”
“Matt… that guy… I think he’s cheating on my brother”
Does too much coffee get you like drunk? I knew Mikey had some serious problem with caffeine, but like this? And why was he saying Matt’s cheating on me?
“Why do you say that?”
“Those fucking calls… Gee’s way too naïve to notice.”
“Okay. Maybe you need some rehab, or maybe you should get some sleep. You’ve got a sick obsession with coffee”
“Okay. Night daddy”
“I’m Gee. Goodnight, Mikey”
I saw him sleeping there, like a little baby. Aww, Mikey… I will hide the coffee from you now.
I went to the kitchen, hid the coffee and started cooking something to eat. All we are is people walking through this world, through these walls… through Bullets?
I went out and found two bullets on the floor, and the policeman taking two thieves from our neighbor’s house. All we are, all we are… is bullets… I mean this.
I finished another bit of my song.
I'm trying, I’m trying
To let you know how much you mean
As days fade, and nights grow
And we go cold
But this time, we'll show them
We'll show them all how much we mean
As snow falls on desert sky
Until the end of every...
All we are, all we are
Is bullets I mean this
As lead rains, will pass on through our phantoms
Forever, forever
Like scarecrows that fuel this flame we're burning
Forever, and ever
Matt came by to my house, and I went with him. It was an expensive, fancy place. But the food wasn’t good enough. Matt told me then he hadn’t had enough money to afford it, so I had to pay.
All my money went out in a week. I was in zero. Not even a penny or a dime. No money for Gerard Way. Then I knew the reason Matt needed the money.
“I’m sorry man, but I had to tell you the truth. Matt’s my friend, but you deserve to know this. I saw them together, kissing and all. I’m too sorry, man.”
“Don’t worry Bob…” I said, a tear running down my cheek.
I hate you, Shane Donovan. I hate you Matt Pellisier. You are dead for me. I don’t want to know anything of you, never again.
“Sorry Gee.”
“Fuck you. I hate you.” I screamed at the door.
“Well, I think I’d better go now. Just wanted you to know I’m so sorry for doing thi-“
“GET THE FUCK OFF! I DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOU ANYMORE” And now Gerard Way, was broken inside of his heart. For the first time ever.
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