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Chap 4 - Every heart you break

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Gee is feeling bad.

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Gerard’s POV
I was sitting on my desk, with my veins filled of rage, disappointment…
What’s the worst you left in this broken heart? What did make us go apart? Ok, no… Singing songs that make you slit your wrists… Hey, that’s a good one. But not for this song… Slit wrists stains red a blade. Like the blade you stain… Hey… What’s the worst you take, from every heart you break, and like a blade you stain, well, I’ve been waiting all the night… No, no, no… Well I’ve been holding on… tonight! Done. A bit of a new song.
I got bored… I wanted to get these fucking thoughts of my head. What should I do? I went off to a walk, looking everywhere, trying to focus on something better to calm me down. Suddenly, it was raining, and I went to a bus stop to cover me. There he was a beautiful guy, with such a hot body.
“Hi”, he said
“What’s your name?”
“Gerard Way”
“Adam Lambert. Nice to meet you. Dude, sorry if I say this, but you are fucking hot, and I wanna make you out…”
“You want to have sex?”
“Sure. Your place or my place?”
We went to an apartment, where we started kissing. He made it all so good. First at all, he kissed me against the wall, his tongue forcing my mouth to enter. Slowly I opened it as he slid his tongue in, and explored every corner of my mouth. He cupped his hands around my butt and took me to his bed. He laid me down and removed my shirt off my body. He slid his tongue and ran it all the way down to my dick. He unzipped my pants with his teeth, and licked my dick through my boxers. I took them off and brought his mouth back to it again. He licked all my cockhead with the top of his tongue, and it felt so good. I laid my head back, and he kept on licking. I forced him to take more, and more. I reached the back of his throat as he gagged, but kept on going. He was do-
“Oh… God” I said as he sat on my dick. He sat and waited to adjust, and began bouncing on it. It felt so good, and I began to thrust each time he went down, so I could hit his prostate ad make him reach his orgasm. When we finished, he gave me his number if I wanted more lately. Next Saturday, I called him again. This time I tried being bottom.
I liked it, and wanted to try more. So I began doing it with men and women, always carrying a condom with me, and taking care of with who and how I did it. But always for money. That’s how I met her. That day when we became friends.
“You’ve been hurt very bad, right?” she said, combing her hair, and making two tails on her head
“Yes, you’ve been. And this is the way you’ve found for get it right out of your head” she said.
“How do you know?”
“I’m Lindsey. Lindsey Ballato. But write it down like ‘Lyn-Z’”
“I’m Gerard Way. You can write it like ‘G-E-R-A-R-D’”
“Cool. So, Am I right?”
“Well, you’re certainly no wrong. I had… a boyfriend… he cheated on my over six months”
“Boyfriend? So you’re…”
“But down there you weren’t too gay”
“Or bisexual. It depends on how you see it. Well, this guy had a friend, who turned to be his other boyfriend, with who he left Newark and flew to Toronto” I told her everything. I cried to her, I told her how I felt inside. And she understood. She was so nice, and we became friends. She told me she was studying arts in the same university I did, and that she was a basist on a band with some friends of her called ‘Mindless Self Indulgence’.
She offered me her friendship, and told me that sex wasn’t the best way of redirect anger. And that we both should stop doing that. I agreed and hugged her, knowing it was the start of a beautiful friendship.
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