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Chap 5 - I've met you.

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Gerard meets someone new.

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Gerard’s POV
That was a sunny and fresh day. Lindsey invited me to eat some ice-cream, and let me meet her friends. There they were, four girls. Jamia, Crysta, Alicia and Lindsey.
“Girls, this is Gerard Way, the guy I told you” I blushed a bit of thinking what she told them. She then whispered to me “I didn’t tell them about that little big thing” I blushed.
“And, hey… This is Frank” said Jamia. I don’t know why, but I can tell this girl is in love with this… this… OhMyGosh… What a beautiful guy… Kinda short, but a pretty face… And all tattooed arms… Looks hot.
“Uhm… Hi” he said waving at me.
“Hi. I’m G-G-G” I stuttered
“Gerard” said Lynz
“Right. What she said” I said…
“Hi Gerard… So here you are” he said handing to us the ice-creams.
She asked Frank to join them since there were no more people around, and he did. We talked about half an hour, about ourselves. I told the girls and Frank that I had a band with Ray, Bob and my brother, and that I was the lead singer. They asked me to sing a bit, which I refused to, but when Frank asked me to, I couldn’t deny.
“Please, Gerard. Can you sing a bit for me? Uh… and for the girls?” asked Frank.
“Uh… okay.”
Late dawns and early sunsets, just like my favorite scenes…

What a gorgeous guy! And a beautiful, incredible voice! Just look at that pale skin, that dark hair… and those green eyes… God… I’d like to kiss him… We all cheered him and went off to Lynz house.
We called and asked for two pizzas, a pepperoni and cheese for them, and a pineapple and cheese for me, since I’m a vegetarian. We played video games, for about an hour, till it was six o’clock. Jamia and Alicia left, and Crysta asked Lynz if she can sleep over with her. Lynz offered me to take me home, but I wanted to walk. It’s not that far away, just like 7 or 8 blocks away. I said goodbye to her, to Crysta and Gee, as I left. Later, I felt a hand over my shoulder…
“Take all what you want, I don’t have any money or credit cards on me” I said shaking
“Hahaha, wow dude, calm down…” said Gerard
“You scared the living shit out of me…” I said
“Well… Sorry dude. Where are you walking to?” he asked
“Home. You?”
“Same. I live like 5 blocks away”
“Me too” I said “So, how old are you?”
“24, and you?”
“Cool… So, what do you do in your spare time?” He asked
“I play guitar”
“Cool… Do you play alone or in a band?”
“I have a band, called Pencey Prep. We’ve just released our album called Heartbreak in Stereo… but I don’t think we’ll be together anymore, since Shaun and I had some fights and… well… you know in a group, you have to stay together… and we’re not together anymore”
“And Shaun is?”
“The other guitar”
“Oh… Well… we’re here. I mean, this is my house”
“Really? I live there, across the street”
Gerard’s POV
We said goodbye, and we went into our houses… I loved his eyes… those beautiful hazel eyes… Why did I stutter when he asked my name? What happened to me? Why did I feel like that?
“Hi Bro… How you doing?” asked Mikey
“Well, everything’s fine. Just went out with Lynz and her friends” I said
“Cool. You know, I’m going to the movies with Bob and Ray” he said
“Have fun Mikey. Don’t be back late!”
“Don’t worry, Gee. We’ll be back soon” said Ray
“Okay” I called Mikey and whispered “Aren’t you gonna try anything with him?”
“Well… Yes. Can you help me, like… calling Ray while…” I never heard what he said. But it was good he was having fun with Bob. They went out and I slept a bit. Then I had this strange dream of me kissing a good looking, shorter than me guy… I woke up sweating and with a boner.
“FRANKIE” I whispered to myself.
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