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Chap 6 - I don't love you

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Gee listens to his heart.

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Gee's POV

I was practicing with the guys, like usual. We had to let Bob play the drums, because we had no other choice. And although he was just learning, he played fucking amazing. He also let Frank be the other guitar, so now we sounded amazing. We’ve started writing some songs that kinda sucked, but once again, inspiration hit me…
And die like star-crossed lovers when we fight
And we can settle this affair
If you would shed your yellow take my hand
And then we’ll solve the mystery of laceration gravity
This riddle, of revenge,
Please understand it has to be this way, so…
Stand up fucking tall don’t let them see your back
Take my fucking hand and never be afraid again…
Just because my hand is down your fucking throat…
“Cool Gee… Fucking cool. What’s it name?” asked Ray
“Uhmm… it has no name…” I said.
“Why don’t you call it ‘Bring more knives’” said Frank.
“Why?” asked Bob
“I don’t know. Just try and put it, that’s all” he said.
“It’s a good idea after all” Mikey said as he smiled to Frank.
“Thanks, Michael” Frank said.
“Anytime” replied back Mikey, winking at him.
Wait, was that flirting? I should be the one flirting with Frank! This little bitch… Okay, Gee… calm down. It was just a wink, but you can get that ass down your bed if you want this fucking moment, Gerard Arthur.
“Let’s play Monopoly!” said an excited Ray, as we all agreed… Time went by, and Mikey was winning for the third time. He must have been cheating. But truth is that I wasn’t focusing in the game, I was focusing on him. That beautiful short guy with those deep hazel eyes that made me want him in my bed, naked, just the two of us… NOW!
“And do you remember when Matt beat him off?” How. I. Hated. That. Name. Thanks, Mikey.
“I uh… I’ll go to my room now, guys… be right back” I said
I ran up stairs and took a piece of paper and a pen. My hand began to move by itself as my brain began to work.
Well, when you go, don’t ever think I’ll make you try to stay
Because maybe when you get back, I’ll be off to find another way.
Scary… That was easy…
I began thinking of what I wrote… What if he gets back? Should I look for something else? Frankie. That was… Should I try to not get Frankie in my bed, and know him more to start something with him?
“Are you okay, Gee?” I heard his voice.
“Uhm, sure”
“Can I come in?” he asked.
“Why not. Take a seat”
“What are you doing? Writing new stuff?” he said pointing at the piece of paper I was holding in my hands
“Yeah. Some new stuff for the band. But not something to be impressed of, just five words and a rhyme”
“Lemme read it” he said… “Is it… uhm… something personal?”
“Kind of”
“Can I add something of mine too, then?”
“I guess”
He peeked the tip of his tongue out as he thought what to write.
And after all the time that you still owe, you’re still a good-for-nothing I don’t know
So take your gloves and get out, better get out while you can
“A good-for-nothing? You’re being too mean to this girl, dude” I said.
“Girl? He was a boy. I’m bisexual, by the way. I used to have this ‘good-for-nothing’ boy that liked to being called my ‘boyfriend’” he said doing invisible quote marks with his fingers.
“Oh… I also had a boyfriend. He cheated on me with one of our friends. And I don’t know. I think I still feel something for him, but I feel the need to look up for someone else, someone better than him. That’s why I wrote the first two lines”
We talked about the shit our exes did to us. Then I knew that Frank just had once a girlfriend, and had like 6 boyfriends. I was so surprised of this. He’s never been in a real serious relationship since Jared, this guy with whom he spent two years together, but as he said… he was a good-for-nothing. There was a moment, with an awkward silence, where we stared into our eyes, and I felt something amazing running through my veins, and shouted from them: “kiss him”, but once again, my beloved brother, Michael James came on to scene.
“Gee, uh… have you seen my pick? I can’t find it”
“The black one with gray skulls?” Frank asked
“Yup… have you seen it?”
“Sure” Frank replied him and went off with him to look up for it.
Jealousy. Old mate, I’ve missed you so much. But wait, why are you here, once again? Don’t you tell me in got jealous of my own brother for this guy I’ve recently met?
I thought about it… It took me a night long, and a whole song to find out, that I didn’t love Matt anymore, that I didn’t love him, like I did, yesterday.
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