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Chap 7 - Christmas Eve

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Frank’s POV
And snow fell on the floor last night. Since it was winter, it was too cold, and a little dark, even it was Sunday in the morning. Days and night passed out so soon, and, guess what? It was Christmas Eve… By the way, I’ve been in Gerard’s house more than in mine, and, can you keep a secret? I think I like this guy, he’s so cute, really cute. He’s Gerard’s brother, and when I’m around him I feel so good… and if things go out well, I’ll be telling him tomorrow, as his Christmas gift. The girls and I were going to spend the night with the guys in Gerard’s house, since all of our parents are in other countries, cities, vacations and so on.
I rang the doorbell and Mikey greeted me. I went in
“So, how are you, Frankie?” I loved it, when he called me Frankie. I don’t mind if we met a two couples ago, but I really started liking this guy… but I can’t deny, that my body was demanding his brother’s dick inside me.
“Fine, and you Mikey?” I replied
“Not so bad. So, how’ve you been?”
“Fine, playing the guitar… not too much”
“Uhm… Okay. I’ll be upstairs, just in case you needed something”
I smiled, and he blushed and smiled back… How cute he looked…
I went to the kitchen, where I saw the girls talking about their things…
“Hey there, bitches! It’s me!” I said
“Frankie!” they said in one voice
“How’s the hottest gay bitch of New Jersey doing?” asked Lynz
“I’m doing fine! And you? How about you, Alicia, and Jamia?” I asked
“We’re pretty fine, Frank…” Jamia said
“Want some skittles?” asked Alicia.
I died a bit on the inside… She knew I loved skittles so fucking much… We went on talking till it was 5 o clock, and Jamia decided to go playing ‘Truth or Dare’
“Well, Lynz, truth or dare?” asked Alicia
“Truth” she said… This is going to start in a wrong way.
“How did you meet Gee?” Alicia asked
“He was… uhmm… first at all; promise me you won’t tell him anything of it!” We all nodded in agreement.
“Okay. He was a gigolo when I met him, and I had sex with him” she said… A GIGOLO? WHAT? Okay, I don’t wanna get laid with him anymore.
“My turn. Frank, truth or dare” Lynz asked
I gulped. “T-truth?”
“Okay… Which one of the guys do you like?” Damn… But, it’s against rules to lie or refuse to answer, so…
“Mikey” I said, and blushed.
“See, I won!” shouted Alicia
“Win what?” I asked
“Sorry Frank, but this isn’t actually a game, Lynz and Alicia bet that you liked Mikey more than Gee. I never said anything, anyways” said Jamia
“Damn… Why did you have to say Mikey? Why not Gerard?” said Lynz…
I gave her the finger, and she stick her tongue out to me.
“Fuck off” I groaned and went upstairs…
“You’re here” I heard a voice saying, and turned my head to see who was the one speaking, and saw Gerard… “Welcome, mister Iero”
“Why hello, mister Way. How’s life treating you?”
“I can’t complain…” he said. “You know, I’ve been writing stuff, and Ray’s been helping me. Not too much”
“I’ll be downstairs, in case you need me” Gerard said and winked me… I smiled him then.
I heard some bass choirs and ran to Mikey’s room…
“Sounding good, Mikes” I said
“Thanks, Frank” he said “Well, welcome to my room”
“Thanks… Nice room, though. By the way… where will I be sleeping tonight?” I asked
“You… uh… you may sleep here” he answered my question “By the way, I’m taking a shower” he said taking off his shirt. Does he have abs? Oh my… Every thing I know about him is better than the last one… “Oh, uh… can you please go away? Or at least, turn around?” he said
“Oh right” I said as I heard him take off his pants
“Well… you can stay here while I take my shower if you want” he said. I think he took his boxers off, and then he walked in front of me with a towel wrapped around his waist. “Have fun” he said while going to the bathroom. Oh, I’m not having fun… as long as it isn’t with you lying with me on a bed, I won’t have fun!
I fell asleep on his bed, hugging his pillow…
Mikey’s POV
I came out of the shower, with the towel wrapped around my waist, and ran to my room. I entered into it and- Woah! What a beautiful sexy guy sleeping down there… I closed and locked my door, and climbed on top of him, trying to not waking him up. I looked closer his face, and tried to kiss him, when I realized someone just took off my towel and…
“Morning sir. What are you doing naked in top of me?” Frank asked
“Uh… I…”
“Uh… you..?”
“I, uh…” I just planted a kiss on his lips, and he kissed me back.
He started rubbing my body, and kissing all my body… Things ended up a little… hot… All I can remember is me shouting his name… And then, he just hugged me and lied next to me. A beautiful Christmas present on Christmas Eve.

Gerard’s POV
WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? Is my brother screaming Frank’s name?

Bob’s POV
M-Mikey? And Frank? B-but… they’ve just met each other! T-that hurts 

Ray’s POV
Great, Mikes… At least you are not virgin anymore!

Lynz’s POV
What the hell! God, this is fun… how an inoffensive bet can make such big things!

Alicia’s POV
Hahahaha… this is so funny… “YES FRANK, KEEP ON IT FRANK” They’re having sooo much fun up there!

Jamia’s POV
Fuck, he doesn’t even notice I have a crush for him… It does hurt a lot…

Mikey’s POV…
“Feeling good, MY Frankie?” After this, he was now mine
“Sure, MY Mikey” he said
“One thing. I noticed how my brother looks at you. You can’t touch my brother. Cuz I know you like him too”
“I like him, but… I like you more. And I promise, I won’t touch him, after all, he’s just my friend. And you are my secret lover”
“Secret lover? After all the noise we made, I don’t think we are ‘secret lovers’” I said
“Haha, I think you are right… I think I gotta get a shower”
“I need to take a shower, again… Share the bathroom?” I asked
“Loved to.” He said, as we made our way to the bathroom.
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