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Chap 8 - All I want for Christmas is you

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I know it's not Christmas yet. But I'm doing it like the story demands :D Enjoy! :D

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Mikey’s POV
We woke up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy.
Frank’s POV
Wait… that’s a line from another song, isn’t it?
Mikey’s POV
Oh sure… Sorry dude.
Frank’s POV
Never mind.
Mikey’s POV
Okay, so… we woke up in the morning, and it was Christmas. Snow was falling outside; kids were making snowmen and snow angels… making snow ball wars and so on. Lynz told us to go downstairs to open our presents. By the way, why is Lynz telling us this? Is she our boss or something? But I must admit she’s got some authority attitude. So, once I’ve heard her voice I got up, and tried to wake up Frank.
“Frank… Frankie, wake up babe…” I called him.
“Hmmm?” he growled.
“Merry Christmas” I told him.
“Hmmm…” he growled once again. I tried to get up of the bed, but he took me down and kissed me, not giving me a chance to breath. I really liked it, as he climbed on top of me, running his hands up and down his body.
“I never expected that, sir” I told him breathing hard.
“I am unexpected” he replied me back, moving his hair to one side.
“Really? Well, sure you are, you proved that to me” I said winking, and getting out of the bed, in boxers, and walking to the dresser’s room, to get dressed.
“Are you, little soldier trying to get up a tent?” he said, looking at my crotch. I blushed, realizing what he was talking about.
“Maybe you want to get it down” I said smirking, as he nodded…
I can barely remember things after that, I just remember we were sweating and trying to breath some air, which we really needed in that moment, while our bodies were pressing against each other, moving at a slow rhythm, and at the same time.
We took a shower together after that, as quick as we could do, when we heard Gerard screaming at us. We dressed even faster and ran downstairs like Flash.
Gerard’s POV
I knew what they were doing there, they were doing it. As strange as it may sound, I was jealous. I was jealous of my own brother. He’s got the guy I wanted before I could even start flirting with him. I tried to move slowly, but the hare moved faster. And this little turtle got nothing at all.
I shouted at Mikey’s door because we were tired of waiting.
Lynz called at everyone’s door to have our breakfast. I ran downstairs as fast as I could, just to get my coffee cup before everyone can even think of it. I drank one cup, two cups, three cups…
Ray and Bob were discussing about Ray’s hair. Ray hoped that someone could give him that shampoo he saw one day in the market, for really curled hair. It was his desire to protect his fro as much as he can, so he wanted that shampoo badly. Bob said it doesn’t matter; his fro will always be a huge, messed up fro. And he touched it, to prove his point. Bad move, Bearded Bob.
Alicia was trying to help Bob with his sore fingers, while Ray was constantly apologizing of what he did, and Jamia was talking with Lynz about make up. They told me that some powders will make me look more like a human and less than a vampire. I loved my look. I loved looking like a vampire, a walking dead. I didn’t want to make up, but they tried some on me. I looked myself into the mirror, and I didn’t like what I saw. I thanked the girls, but I told them I didn’t like it, so I went upstairs while Ray and Crysta told me to tell Mikey and Frank to get downstairs to open our presents, since we were waiting for about an hour.
I heard some moans and panting through Mikey’s door. I thought they came from Bob, crying for his finger, and Alicia laughing at it. I went to my bathroom and washed my face, when I heard it again. “Mikey, Mikey” was all Frank could say. I knocked on their door shouting.
“In a minute” Mikey said. I tried to open the door, hoping to kill their moment, and manage to see Frank’s body naked. But it was locked. Damn it, damn Mikey and damn me. I should’ve been a little bitchier to Frank to get laid with him before Mikey could. But, okay. It was fair, he saw the chance, and took it. All I can do is try and be happy for them.
Fifteen minutes later we opened our presents…
“It’s for the hamster I’m gonna buy!” I exclaimed in excitement when I saw the hamster house Alicia and Crysta gave me.
“No way! NO WAY! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” said Mikey jumping in excitement when he saw the bass strings set Bob gave him. I could tell that Bob was falling for him. It was obvious by the way he looked at Moikey and the smile that formed on his face when he hugged him repeating thank you over million times.
“OMKFC! Wha- It is so… What’s the word I’m looking for, the one you use to express you’re grateful?”
“Thank you?” Lynz giggled
I couldn’t believe it. Lynz gave me nine tickets to go and see The Misfits backstage in concert in Newark! It was so amazing, and they were one of my favorite bands, and I was looking forward to see them.
“Thank you” I said hugging her… I was almost crying!
“Dude, you know me well” said Bob to Ray when he opened his present, and saw the new Donkey Konga video game.
Jamia gave Alicia, Crysta and Lynz something we weren’t able to see, because she said it was a girl’s thing. I assume they were underwear or something like that.
Lynz gave Frank adhesive letters, to paste them anywhere he wants to. He ran upstairs and came back quickly, holding his guitar on hand. Pansy, we read on the guitar. It was one of his nicknames his parents gave him when he was a little kid. He called his guitar like that, because he loved it so much.
And I gave Mikey a little box he had to open alone. It was a box of condoms and a bottle of lube. When he asked me what was it, and I whispered what it contained to him, he blushed, and looked at Frank who was now playing the guitar. Frank looked up and winked to Mikey.
I told the girls to go out, but Crysta and Jamia decided to stay. Ray and Bob begged them and they finally accepted. When I was about to leave, I called Mikey, and asked him if he wanted to go with us.
“I think I’d rather to stay… and I think that I wanna use one of the things you gave me...” he said.
“Oh… okay”
I had to deal with it. But jealousy was ripping me in two in the inside. However, I was to the mall and saw someone I never expected to see again.
Mikey’s POV
“Sounds good, Frank” I told him
“Thanks for the accomplishment” he replied me back
“No accomplishments, I’m just talking truth” I said, kissing the top of his head, and hugging him by his back.
“Wow… Too cheesy!” he warned me. I let him go and took a step backwards.
“Sorry. I just thought that…”
“Sex doesn’t mean love, Mikey” I don’t know why, but I felt a little sad about this.
“I… I know. But…” I thought very well of what I was going to say. “I really like you, dude. And I hope that maybe in the future, we… you and I could have… something”
He stared at me. “Okay. But you have to do more than good blowjobs to get me”
“I’m okay with that” I said and hugged him. I liked hugging him too much.
“It’s cool the present Lynz gave me. What did Gerard give to you?” he asked.
“Uh… He… gave me… uh… personal stuff. But I think I must show you later”
“Well… But is what you wanted for Christmas?” he asked. I really didn’t want anything for Christmas, I just wanted to have a good time this day…
“Not exactly, because I didn’t want anything for Christmas. I wanted to spend a good time, maybe go out with my brother and stuff”
“So, why didn’t you go out with them?”
“Because today I didn’t want to. I wanted to be…” I hesitated about what I was going to say, but anyways, I said it. “…with you today. I want to be with you and have a good time, so I can say that all I want for Christmas now, is you”
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