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Chapter 09 - Unlikely people to see.

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Gee sees someone he doesn't want to see.

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Gerard’s POV
I saw him coming towards me. I tried to avoid him, but he caught my eye and walked faster to talk to me.
“Hello mister Way… how is life treating you?” he asked.
“I’m fine, and you?” I said.
“I’m really great! What are you doing here? And hi, Ray… Bob…”
They faked a smile, as Lynz asked Ray who ‘he’ was.
“He’s Gerard’s ex boyfriend, Matt” I heard him whisper to her.
“Aren’t you gonna introduce me to them?” he asked gesturing to Lynz and Alicia.
“Oh right. She’s Lyndsey Ballato, a friend of mine, and her friend, Alicia Simmons. Girls, he’s (I sighed) Matt Pellissier”
“Nice to meet you” they both said at the same time.
“Nice to meet you too, girls”
“Where is your boyfriend?” asked Bob. I noticed the venom on his words.
“Coming right there…” he said and waved to Shane. I was over Matt, and I could talk to him easily, but Shane… I can’t stand him. After all, he stole my boyfriend. My first boyfriend. Shane walked up to us, and kissed Matt, watching me. He was watching me, like trying to start World War III. But, I had no time for paying attention to dumb asses like him. We talked like by 15 minutes, about what we did in that time. I learned that Matt was working at Reprise Records on Newark, and Shane at the local newspaper. I told Matt that we still had our band, and he offered us to record some demos, in his attic. He said he could get us an appointment at Reprise, but we will have to wait until 2003, and that it was easier to record them on his house because he had this studio and so on. I agreed as Ray and Bob did. Shane kept on kissing his cheek and holding his hand, glaring at me each time he did that. It was like he was trying to start a fight with me, or like saying ‘I got him and you don’t’. I didn’t pay him attention and kept on talking to Matt. He tried to hug me to say goodbye but I stopped him. They walked away and we did too.
“Shane was too… lovely to Matt, wasn’t he?” said Ray.
“Really, captain Obvious? I wouldn’t get it if you don’t tell me” I said.
“Are you… jealous?” Bob asked to me.
“Me? Jealous? Well, not jealous, but he was looking for a fight, and that upset me a bit”
“Slutty bitch” said Lynz.
“He always was a bitch. I should have known since we were in high school to warn Matt” I said.
“But it is part of the past, Gee. And you can’t change that” said Alicia.
“Yes. And I don’t want to change that. I love how things are going by now, and I’m better single than with someone by my side”
“If you say so” Ray said.
“What do you mean?”
“Nothing” he said, raising his hands.
The mall wasn’t as crowded as I think it was going to be. Jamia called Lynz telling us that she was going to meet us with Crysta at the movies, and we went there. In the movies, we found out that Alicia and Lynz were dating. Actually, they started dating that same day. It was cool, but I think Crysta was pissed off. We went back home, and Mikey greeted us with a delicious dinner. We ate the turkey, and Russian salad he made.
“Uhmm… please attention everybody. I’d like to tell you something. We, Frank and I, are officially dating”
Lynz, Alicia, Ray, Jamia and Bob were laughing their asses off and Mikey looked confused. Crysta congratulated Frankie, and hugged him.
“Why are you laughing?” Mikey asked us.
“Officially dating? So, no sex?” asked Ray.
“W-what do you mean?” asked Frankie.
“We all heard you moaning and screaming ‘Yeah, Mikey’, ‘You’re great Frank’, ‘Harder please’ last night” said Bob.
They stared at each other blushing and Mikey sat down and ate more turkey. I tried to contain my own laugh, but I couldn’t. Everyone stared at me, as Frank said: “It’s not cool, Gerard” raising an eyebrow. I apologized then and looked down my dish.
Then we finished the dinner and washed the dishes, and then we all agreed for watching a movie. But we didn’t know that Ray was playing his new Donkey Konga game for the first time, and that Bob was playing with him. We sat there and watched them, and Frankie had a brilliant idea. He ran upstairs and brought his recording camera, and started filming them playing. Ray was too focused on his game, but Bob has this fear to the cameras. He started swearing and told Frank to move his ass and the camera away. Frank said: “Uh-uh” and kept on filming. Bob moved the camera away with his hand once, twice… Then he took the camera and used it for playing the Donkey Konga, like a drumstick. Frank jumped on Bob’s top to get his camera back, and they started to fight like little kids.
It was all crazy, and we helped them to get up from the floor. Finally, Alicia put some microwave popcorns on, as we were telling jokes. Frank told us one:
“There was a dog called wheat, then a big rock came by and made him flour”
We were laughing like crazy and Mikey had a poker face.
“What do you think of my joke?” Frank asked to him
“Cool” He said “It is funny”
“Yeah, it is his smile! Joke. Real smiles doesn’t show up too much on Mikey’s face”
Mikey still had his poker face, and it was funny to see him that way. Then I got lost in my thoughts. And something was running through my mind. Not again… Matt. He was supposed to leave, to go to another town, state… Maybe another country, continent or world!
“Gee, you okay?” Ray said waving his hand in front of me.
“Huh? I… Sure. I want some hay” I said. Hay? Really, Gee… Hay? What the fuck?
“Why would you like Hay, Gerard” Mikey asked me…
“It’s for the hamster I’m gonna buy!”
They all stared at me. Enough said.
Mikey’s POV
Gee was acting weird since he came from mall earlier. Like he saw someone he never wanted to see again. And there’s only one person in the entire world he doesn’t want to see. Matt.
“Gee, can I come in?” I asked
“Sure” he said opening his door room, where were Ray and Bob sleeping in the floor.
“Can I ask you something?”
“Why not Moikay?” I said
“What happened earlier? You seem kinda worried and surprised about something”
“I… I was, bro”
“Is it…”
“Yes… it is him. He’s back. And he seems so happy with Shane. Who is still a bitch”
“That sucks”
“I thought I had let him go, but… today… it was like he is still inside my heart. Like he never has gone”
“Why not looking for someone else?”
“I tried. I’ve met this guy, who was single when I met him. And now he has a boyfriend. Who is my brother…”
I sighed. “Yeah. Frank. I was taking it slow. Maybe slower than a turtle. And you just came up and fucked it all up”
“D-did I?”
“Well, I am pretty sure you didn’t mean to. Things just happened. But truth is… I’m not over Matt yet”
“It’ll be fine, Gee”
I hugged Mikey hard, and fell asleep on his arms. Next thing I knew is that I was on my bed, all naked.

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