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Mind Of A Ripper

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"Sugar im your worst nightmare..."

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Watching the wind blow away the autumn leaves was always my favorite past time during the autumn months, hell autumn was just my favorite time of the year; the colors the textures everything about it mesmerized me. Staring back down at my book I loved how the breeze gently swayed the old yellowed pages while the black printed words became a blur of nonsense. J.D Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye had always been a favorite of mine. Yes I know your probably rolling your eyes; wow original a dude dressed completely in black reading Catcher In The Rye.

Maybe I do jack off to it, so what if I did? Would you call me a loser? Maybe even sick? It's not like I fucking jack off to little girls or boys wanting their innocence and shit, or even thinking about some six year old girl with her mouth around my dick you gunna call me sick now? I may be scum but I aint that fucked in the head.

Closing the book, I gave up. I'd been reading the same sentence fifty fucking times already. Shoving the book back in my jeans pocket I began the long daunting walk home, that's one thing I hate time goes quicker when you're going somewhere you wanna go but long as fuck when you got to head back. Walking through the streets of Jersey, I decided to make a quick stop glancing around the sudden change of scenery. It was like I'd left Jersey and suddenly entered into the fucking town of Stepford. Seriously all lawns perfectly cut no rubbish on the floor. I'll be taking care of that soon; fishing out my pack of Marlboros I placed one of them in between my lips and lit up inhaling the smoke letting it stir in my lungs for a while before exhaling tasting the bitter tobacco. I threw the newly lit smoke into a bush.

I hope it fucking lights up and burns this place down crossing the road I finally saw her Amelia Gulding head cheerleader at my school and twenty four hours seven days a week mega bitch, her platinum blonde bleached hair and pink outfit could be spotted from space with the smell and shine to it, dragging my feet along the curb i knew she would spot me who couldn’t i stood out like a sore thumb in the part of town just as i was reaching the hallway mark between freedom and her house she spotted me she immediately frowned I merely smiled back waving before lighting up another cigarette.

'What the hell are you doing here geetard' she sniped stomping towards me like a six year old now thats a six year old who could wrap those pretty little lips around my cock any day

'Nothing much just walking around, you?' I replied smirking continuing on my way home hoping she wouldn’t follow me. She did.

"I live here freak what you are stalking me now?' she questioned tartly walking two steps behind me through the Iron Gate.

'You’re the one following me right now princess' I replied blowing smoke into her face and smirking.

'You are so EW it's not even funny' she snapped coughing and spluttering

I merely smirked watching her walk back to her house I pulled out my book and flicked to the back an placed a strike next to her name before turning the corner and crossing a alleyway to return back to my world.

The streets of new jersey were crawling with filthy maggots all the whores and there pimps squandering for money and fucking anything within a two mile radius, the heroin addicts sleek through the streets looking for there suppliers to give them there juice, i look down at the world and pure filth, lighting up my cigarette i watch all the anarchy and mayhem from the haven of the rooftop my black coat now getting attacked by raindrops

“This place needs a better class of criminal”

Piercing screams filled the night sky as a man and women stand in an alleyway "p-p-please stop" the women whimpers as the man holds a sharp silver blade to her throat applying pressure slightly. The man watched as the small thin line of blood began oozing out. the women again began screaming ,but it was met with deaf ears she knew she was dead, holding on blindly to hope she knew if she screamed all night no-one would hear her not more then ten meters away was her salvation but the thud of music an voices dulled away her screaming the girl knew what hit her the man plunged the sharp knife into the center of her heart watching as the life in her eyes began to fade the man slowly dragged the knife cutting into her flesh enjoying the screams of pain and blood he loved it cutting away her life with every slice on stab of skin, a little less screaming could be heard until finally all that could be heard was the heavy breathing of the man as he continued to stab into the bloody corpse slicing and dicing till the young women body was barely recognizable her blonde hair was completely soaked in her blood creating a slightly candy apples glaze over her long locks.

Sure you might be feeling sorry for her but she got what she deserved three strikes and your out i always say once those chances are used up your dead...literally. Bending over the bloodied corpse the man smiled crouching down towards the woman's face. well what was left slid his finger down her face toward her stomach drawing swirls of blood all over her breasts such a waste he murmured admiring them, he pulled roughly at the intestines of the women he made his way over to the brick wall ready to write his message or for a better word artistic statement standing back admiring his work for a few seconds he began walking away from the body's suckling on his bloodied fingers like a lollypop, but this was defiantly sweeter than any lolly as he passed the house full of drunken idiots wondering if they even notice that their "friend" was missing...

Gerard's P.O.V

the sound of my alarm clock buzzing wasn't exactly how a hung over person should be woken up, groaning I pulled my tired bones out of bed while the stench of vomit filled my nostrils I tried not to gag as I made it to the bathroom pulling off my piss ,vomit and vodka soaked pajamas .I climbed into the shower letting the hot burst of water soak away last nights previous mistakes washing quickly I pulled on the closest clean clothes I could find before trudging upstairs to see my mom cooking breakfast.

“Morning ma” I greeted kissing her cheek and pouring myself a cup of coffee taking a seat next to my brother Mikey who still hadn't looked up at me.
“Morning mikes!” I yelled ruffling his hair.
“Morning “he replied gruffly trying to fix his hair which was already messed up anyway,
“What are you reading” I asked looking over at the newspaper
“You know Amelia Gulding the head cheerleader”
“yeah what about her, did her daddy buy her another Porsche or something” I replied annoyed remembering yesterdays encounter wasn't exactly pleasant.
“She was murdered last night; some dog walker found her early that morning”
“Well karma's a bitch” I muttered, just as dad walked in
“What’s this about karma?” dad asked walking in and ruffling Mikey's hair too.
“This girl from our school was murdered last night”
“That’s terrible” my mother commented placing down the freshly made bacon and eggs
“Hmm seems the person that killed her wrote a little message in her blood on the wall” dad said frowning.

“Does it say what the person wrote?” my brother asked excitedly, my father didn’t reply but simply handed us the paper. Reading the black print of a cold blooded killer
Look down at me and you see a fool;
look up at me and you see a god;
look straight at me and you see yourself”
“Creepy” my brother replied I merely sat their staring at the paper; somehow I knew this wasn't a one off chance kill this was merely the beginning.
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