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I walk towards my home room with Roman. Mrs. Luca was waiting for me. "You have to go to the office, Jillian." I nod, going in quickly and droping my stuff off. I say good bye to Roman and starts to think of the person. Boy, girl, which grade, ect. I've mostly shown around girls and only four boys, so I don't know.

I close in on the office. I see the boy sitting on the small love seat in the office. I open the door and smile at him as I do all the others. He had shinny red hair which was a deep red/orange. He was dressed in all black with all black converse. And he's tall. So much taller then me... Did I shrink this year?

"Hi!" I say all chirper and peerky. "I'm Jillian! And you are?"

"Chance." He said softly.

"Well Chance, welcome!" He just gives me his list of classes. I look over them. He has english with me. "It looks like we have a class together! English, see!" I point to it, he leans in to see it. I get kinda happy when new people are in my classes. I keep smiling, having no idea why.

He nods, which was my Que to lead him out. "Come on!" I chirp, telling him to follow me out of the office. He holds the door open. Arm way above my head. "Thank you!" He nods again. "Okay so you have art aaaaaaaaaand GUITAR! DUDE! HPW'D YOU GET THAT?! I'm a senior and I couldn't even get that!" I gape at him. He shrugs. "Well you my friend, suck." I smile at him. He gives me a quick smile back.

"Okay so art is over there and guitar, for all the fancy people! Is over there, by the music roo." I point to the left then the right. Drawing an air map with my finger. He nods. Omg, didn't see that coming!

"You ready for the dark upstairs?! Oooo!" I try to spook him.

"Sure." He sighs.

I give him a fake glare. "Your no fun! You suck!"

"Only on the weekends." My mouth drops. Holy shit! That was amazing!

"Dude!" I gasp, bending over in laughter. I stop in a second though. "Please tell me your kidding?" He nods and laughs. "You scared me there, dude." He nods. "Come on, I gotta get you to your math class." I laugh. This dude is funny! AND HE DIDN'T EVEN SAY ANYTHING!
Any guesses? I hope you guys like it:D coment please!
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