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(Romans P.O.V.)

I sit at my desk, doing homework. I hate homework. Worst thing in the mortal world. It's 12:15 at night. I don't sleep anyway. So one eye is on the work and the other watching Jillian sleep. One half of my brain on her and the other trying to figure out -2x+y= 5a-3b.

Then my phone rings. One of the things mortals think as a need to live. I look at it. 463. A number I know. I pick it up.

"Hello?" I answer.

Now, I'm going to translate into english since he doesn't speak. Theres no need for him to.



"You are in very big trouble my boy."

"Why is that, Lord?"

"The girl you've been protecting, you were never suppose to fall in love with her."

"Sir, were Angels` ever suppo-"

"Roman. Some were. Some children are born without a soul mate. Some fall in love with their Angel because they deserve love. Jillian, however, was born with a soul mate. She is suppose to be falling in love with him right now. I don't control people. I only control the outline of their lives. But love effects the lives of others."

"Lord, I don't mean to talk back to you, but if I let her go I have nothing to live for. I-I can't go to heaven! I can't fall in love with someone else! Would I just protect her for the rest of my life wishing this soul mate of hers was me? I could never do that! I'd fall completely!"

"I know. Roman. I know. I know this is hard for you. Please do not worry though. I have it all plannd out."

The line went dead. I felt empty inside. I have my job, my love, and my sanity to think about. I run my fingers through my hair. I have to deside weither to go my selfish ways or do my job and break my heart.
[*Guys I feel like shit for ignoring this for so long >.< I'm so sorry! I've just been working on this for a while and I can't type if I don't have an idea and UGH! BRAIN IN OVER LOAD! So again I'm sorry and I love you all
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