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Freak out..

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"JILLIAN! JILLIAN! COME DOWN FOR A SECOND!" Mom called from the bottom of stairs.

I groan and pry myself away from Roman. I run to the stairs. "What?!"

"Is Roman staying for dinner?" Is that why she made me stop?! Love her too!

"Uh... Yeah. I guess." I tell her.

"Okay.." She says to herself, walking off.

I let out another groan and go to my room where Roman was playing with my puppy and kitty calendar. He looks at me. "Really?"

"Shut up! It's was a chrismas gift from my best friend!" I say smacking his hand away from it.

"Aren't you Jewish?"

"That's the joke, Roman. Do angel's not get jokes?" I ask. He laughs and pulls me closer to him. I stick out my tongue. He pecks my lips.

"Lame! Oh by the way, your staying for dinner." I inform him.

"Glad I can? When did I ask again?"

I laugh. "I dunno. Moma just asked." I shrug.

"Oh. Cool. I'm a big hit!" He smiles.

"No, my Dad might still shoot you. Other then that your in the clear." I giggle.

"Your dads a white guy from the bronx. He doesn't own a gun." Roman says bluntly.

"Well yeah..." Damn.

"My point."

"Shut up." I say, before kissing him.

"Ha! I knew it!" I turn around dreading the look on Melissa's face.

"Yes, can I help you?" I ask her.

"Nothing. Come on Beacky, dinners ready." Melissa says.

"Blah, we gotta go down stairs." I say stomping my feet alittle.

"It smells amazing. Let's go." He takes my hand and shuts my door. No fair

We walk down stairs into the dinning room. Everyone was sitting down. Beacky and Melissa were talking. Mom was helping Aunt Laurie feed Allie cat, and Dad's just eatting. Roman and I take our seats and takes food.

Roman, being the kiss ass that he is, spoke up. "This is amazing flounder Mrs. Lieberman. What did you do to it?"

"Kiss ass." I whisper, he ignores me.

Mom blushed and giggled. "I just breaded it and put some lemon on it."

"Divine." He raise a piece on his fork, then putting it in his mouth.

"Such a nice boy." I hear Aunt Laurie say.

I leand into him again. "You are such a kiss ass! Where do you come up with it?!" He smiles and leands against me. "It just comes to me. And my kiss assyness is working, isn't it?"

"Yeah, I'm happy I don't have to do that with your parents."


"I'm only lucky because I have you." I giggle, which I really need to stop doing, and kiss him.

"Wooha!" Dad let out. "What the hell!?" Crap "What the hell is this?!" Should I have told him?

"Marcus! Calmb down! Their dating and I apoved." We would have even if you didn't mom.....

"When were you going to tell me?!" He yells, turning to me.

"I don't know." I say flatly. Hey, I don't need his a-okay.

"Great!" He gets up and goes into the other room.

Melissa looks at me. "It's okay, he did the same thing with my first boyfriend." Good to know our dad is insane. I know where I get it from now.

"Sorry." I say quietly, blushing at my dad's freak out.

"It's fine, I really don't care." He kisses me on the top of my head and an "Aw" arose from our audience and fans.

"Moma, can we leave the table please?" I ask her, Pleading with my eyes.

"Sure, honey."

"Thanks mommy!" I squeal. I take Roman's hand and take off. "Since when am I your puppy?" I hear him say. I ignore him.

We get to my room. I sling him inside then closing and locking my door. No more people to find out, no more door open. I sigh, out of breath. That's my exercise for the year.

He stand there. "Well?" His eyes ask. Then I jump on him. Loking lips, pushing him onto the bed. He smirks in the kiss and I laugh, sending it to him. His soft hands felt the small of my back, I shiver at the feeling. My hands didn't go empty. I moved them to his chest. It was rock hard and sculpted. I trace my finger around one of his muscles. All at the same time as our tongues dancing together. Ah, so this is what i've been missing for 17 years?
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