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Have to tell them..

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I have to tell my parents... I have to tell me parents.... I have to... Damnit! I've never told them I had a boyfriend before. Mainly because I had one my whole life and my sister told my parents. I guess i'll just go over there on his arm... Oh god... This'll end well...

"So are we going to tell your parents about us? I'm sure they wont mind. I mean, they like me, right?" He asks, putting on his jacket.

"Roman Apallo, you aren't nervus, are you?" I ask, placing a soft kiss on his lips.

"No, it's just the first time i've done this. Normaly the girls I date parents already know. You know, ultimate knowledge, and all that." Good to know.

"Anyway, come on." I smile, pulling him by his hand.

"I love how one kiss turns your whole opinion of me around." He states.

"Yeah, just shut up and be greatful that I did, because we both know there was a 50% chance of me not changing my opinion." I say shutting the front door of his house.

"Very true. And I don't know what I would have done... I couldn't go back to heaven,I'm not allowed now that i've fallen in love." He says, as we walk up the small hill.

"Well that was a moment killer." I say flattly.

He laughs. "Hey, who's car is that?" He asks pointing to a rental car.

"I don't know... I guess we'll see." We get to my door and look through the little window first, I see suit cases and a diaper bag. I let out a squeal. Taking Roman by the hand and thrusting open the door.

"Aunt Laurie! Beacky! Allison!" I yell inside. I stand there smiling with Roman in hand.

Anut Laurie was sitting next to my mom, talking. Allie cat sat in her wheel chair rocking back and forth as she had for 19 years. I smile and give mom and Aunt Laurie a hug and gave Allie a big kiss and a hug.

If you haven't noticed, Allison has autism. She can't move (except for the rocking and banging her teeth.), walk, talk, our do anything by herself. But she knows. She knows what's going. You can look her in the eyes and tell her anything. She'll know what your talking about. She reconized me. She knows me.

"Laurie, this is Roman, he lives down the street." Mom explained. "What's he doing here?"

I froze. Well this is ackward.. "Well," Roman started. "I've asked Jillian out, she said yes," In a way. "And we came to tell you!"He puts his arm around me and pulls me closer to him.

Honestly, I though my mom would freak. I don't know why though. But all I hear is "Awwwwww! I knew it!" Well that just lost all my excitment.

"So I have your blessing?" He asks.

"Of course!" Mom smiles.

"Kay! We'll be up stairs!" I say, taking him by the hand again.

"KEEP THE DOOR OPEN!" She yelled. I just giggle and run faster. I've never been so happy.
Teehee. Love this chapter... By the way, Allie is real. And she does have that type of autism. I love her to death. Thank you, and please, tell me what you think.
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