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Over used

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"I-uh-er...I don't kn- um." I stammer with thhe question. I-I don't know. I never thought I'd be faced with this. Me, Jillian out cast loner emo girl Lieberman. And I never thought I'd be asked by Roman amazingly hot funny sweet Apallo. Every one who's asked me out (the one guy) was okay, nothing amazing. Why me?!

Roman is still standing quietly as I think through it. But he's moving, quickly. He took the back of my head into his hands and pushed it towards him. In seconds we were in a deep loving kiss. A little need to know: I've never kissed a guy in my life. He was my first kiss and he wasn't gental. The way his lips worked against mine caused me to fall into the trap. I kissed back with everything I thought I knew about kissing. He wasn't half bad. I wraped my arms around his neck and his slid around my waist. When his tongue slid on my bottom lip, I shiverd and opend my mouth. He explored my mouth with ihs hot tongue. Then, he had to, just to make me mad, he stoped.

He looks at me for a second. "Well?" I return the look, only to start kissing him again. I couldn't help it, now that i've had one I want more.

He pulls apart again, grr."I take that as a yes?"

"Will you just shut up and kiss me?" I know that line is over used but that's what I wanted him to do shut up, then kiss me. And thats exactly what he did.
[*Sorry for the shortness, that's just all I got for this chapter, keep reading, thanks
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