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17 Over

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Party Poison's over, and Jennifer Cosby's getting things called emotions. NO THE FICTION ISN'T OVER YET.

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Party Poison

That was it.

“I’ll miss you, Party Poison,” was still running through my head as I fell to my knees, no longer feeling the will to live, let alone stand. I don’t know what just happened, but Vi had just walked off into the desert, smiling a weird grin I’ve never seen on her face and looking very calm. It had scared me, and then she left.

I heard Mikey rush over to my side as I fell, my knees cracking beneath me as I hit the ground and fell to my left. “Gerard?!” Mikey asked-yelled to me, picking my shoulders up and putting me into a position where I was sitting on my knees. “Gerard, what the hell just happened?!” Mikey demanded, me just staring into space, hurt and despair written all over my face.

“She… She just walked away, Mikey… Into the desert, without a goodbye…” I said and shut my eyes, letting the silent tears fall. It was as if Violet had just shot me with my own gun in the back, that weird grin of hers she just had plastered to her face. I felt more tears escape my eyes as I fell back to my left, the memory of Violet already causing me so much pain. The tears fell from my eyes like blood from the small cuts Violet made on herself, but I wasn’t about to stop them.

“Fuck, Gerard…” Mikey said, and stood up, leaving me on the ground but offering his hand to help me up. I just continued to lie on the ground. Mikey sighed and picked me up, cursing and struggling to keep me in the air, but managing somehow to get me to the Death Machine. “You’re all too heavy, Gerard,” Mikey said, jumping into the driver’s seat of the Death Machine, turning it on and radioing the guys. “Guys, Gerard’s got a problem. Be right back with the DM, but stay put. Over,” Mikey said, and drove the car in the direction Violet went.

Mikey didn’t go far before he hit the brakes hard and backed the car up a little, muttering something and looking backwards. He stopped the car and got out, walking over to my side to pull me out of the Death Machine. He put my arm around his shoulder and walked over to what seemed like more land that is flat and monotonous but what was really a steep drop-off, shells of cars and skeletons of people in the ravine below. Mikey sat me down and looked over the edge quite nervously, running a hand through his short, spiky blond hair, pacing about the ledge and looking down. I fell back over to my side, shutting my eyes and wanting nothing more than to maybe just fall asleep…

“Gerard!” Mikey said, running up to me and grabbing my shoulders. I didn’t blink or swallow or say anything. I was surprised though at how I could still feel everything, surprised at how my body and mind wasn’t numb. Yet.

“Gerard, look at me,” Mikey said, but I continued to look forward, feeling my eyes that were glazed over, thinking of what might have happened to have made Violet just… Leave. I shut my eyes again, sadness making my forehead crease.

“Gerard,” Mikey demanded, shaking my shoulders a little harshly. I kept my eyes closed, though. It was good to know I could still feel shaking. I felt Mikey’s hands let go of my shoulders, but I was still shaking as if Mikey was still shaking me. Mikey came over and put his hands on my shoulders again, trying to keep me from shaking but not doing too well. Mikey sighed and lifted me up again, setting me back in the passenger’s seat and hopping in the driver’s seat, turning back in the direction of the Black and speeding as if we were being chased by Korse himself driving his black car.

The car stopped, and I shut my eyes, seeing the spot where Violet had just walked off. More tears sprang from my eyes, and my heart felt like it was being ripped from my chest. I began to feel myself stop shaking, and I closed my eyes, knowing I was going numb. I let the feeling wash over me, as I truly didn’t want to feel anymore, and embraced the silence that accompanied it.

“Fuck, Gerard!” I heard a voice call from the end of a tunnel, and I took a breath before slipping into depressed oblivion and losing all thought. I, Party Poison, was done.

Violet Rage
I walked away from the strange building into the desert, towards the direction Battery City was in. I didn’t like the sensation of all this free time, and I needed to get back to my cubicle in the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W unit building, filing papers and occasionally typing something into the computer.

The sun was hot, and I looked around the horizon, noticing Battery City’s skyline approaching me. I felt something inside me, and I blinked, thinking it was emotion. No, it couldn’t be, I thought. I’m always happy in Battery City with BLI.

I began to hear the roar of motorcycles coming towards me, and I stopped walking, looking in the direction of the sound. Three motorcycles were coming towards me, each suited with a guard from Batter City. I blinked, feeling another something in me as I saw them coming towards me, masks on.

“Well well, Violet Rage, boss ain’t too happy after what you did to Tim,” one of the guards said, and I tilted my head, confused.

“Who’s Violet Rage?” I asked. Last time I checked, my name was Jennifer Cosby, Assistant Director of the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W Unit.

The guards laughed at me, and one pointed his finger. “She doesn’t remember?” he said, sounding choked.

One guard got off his motorcycle and walked over to me, raising a gun to my head. I didn’t feel anything, but I knew this wasn’t a time to play. “Violet Rage, you’re coming with us.”
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