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The End

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nano-second= second
micro-second= minute
milla-second= hour
second= day
cycle= week
minute= year

Chapter 12

The End

After Clockwork was deleted, Turbo asked, "Who is this sprite?" "You mean, even you don't know?" Lens asked. Everyone blinked, and SoloAlice said, "After you pushed me into the game wheel, after Daemon showed up, I met up with Andy, and he helped me win the game. He gave me his icon, but I still didn't expect him to leave the game. The game put me into the Codemaster's world, and I changed his icon into a rebooting icon." "So, what is Andy?" Lens asked. "He's a artificial intellegence Game Sprite," the boy on the surfboard said, as the four landed. "Hacker..." the girl guardian said, raising her fist that was shaking. "Sorry Dixon, you're the one in charge," the teenaged boy said, shaking in fear.
"Yes, exactly, how did he know?" SoloAlice asked. The girl guardian said, "We're from the future, the girl with the starfish is Seashell Matrix, my cousin, the young boy is Wellman Matrix, my brother, this idioit behind me is Hacker Tracer, and I am Dixon Matrix. We were sent here, to help delete Clockwork, and are allowed three cycles to be here." "So, you four will be here for three cycles?" Matrix asked. "Yes, but I doubt you'll have too much time right now," Seashell said. "What do you mean?" Bob asked. "Has no one noticed Backup?" Wellman asked. "Backup?" AndrAla asked. "Who is Backup?" Bob asked. "He's a young sprite around Little Enzo's age, that we befriended in the time that we were game hopping!"
AndrAla said. Bob blinked, and Hacker said, "Aparently Backup has a thing for Matrix." Matrix sighed, and said, "Let's go talk to him, AndrAla!" Turbo's team and the Codemasters then left to go to their home.
After it had been explained that Wise One had been deleted because of a building falling on him, Bob left to go to the war-room, where the final scan was scanning for any more threats. "BOB!" young Enzo yelled, when he came in. Bob turned, put his hands up, and was flattened by Young Enzo. Dixon was talking to Phong, and trying to ignore Frisket, who was growling at her and Wellman.
After a nano second, Dot said, to young Enzo, who was talking 300 words a nanosecond, "Let, Bob up!" Young Enzo did as he was told, and after getting up, Bob walked over to Dot, and said, "So, will you?" Dot stopped what she was doing, and looked at Bob, and said, "Yes, of course, and this time nobody can stop it!" Hacker was standing there, as everyone left, and Dixon said, "Come on!" Dixon grabbed Hacker's collar, and practically dragged him out of the room.
After the second cycle, it was revealed when and where Bob's and Dot's wedding ceremony would take place. Hacker didn't really want to do anything, and said to Dixon flatly, "No, no, and no!" Three nanoseconds later he was helping out. After the third cycle, after the wedding, Wellman told Dot, Bob, Mouse, and Ray that everyone expected Dixon and Hacker to eventually get together, and then marry, but nobody really knew when. The four said their goodbyes to everyone, and Cecil asked, "Will we ever see you again?" Dixon replied, "I guarantee it." As the four
went through the time portal, using Dixon's loaned out Glitch, Mouse asked, "Well, suger, are you leaving, too?" "Nah! I like it, right here," Ray said. "Alright, if you're asking for it, honey," Mouse said. Mouse suddenly pulled Ray into a kiss, and SoloAlice and Andy were seen in the background, leaving through a portal, to check on damages to other systems, but would be returning sometime.

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