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Chapter 1- Kill All Your Friends.

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Hey :P Just so you guys know, there will be self-harm and slash in this, so if you have a problem with that, omg srsly dont read. R&R?(:

I sighed as I dug the blade deep into my skin. Not a sigh of hurt, or anger, or anything; just a sigh of relief as to finally get the pain out of me. As a small bubble of blood began to form around the cut, I weakly dropped the razor onto my bed. As the blood trickled down my wrist, I frowned, I didn't want it to hit the sheets. I don't like making a mess. Unless, you know, it's on my own body.
I could write a fucking book on why I did this to myself, but it would be pointless, because each one of them would eventually point to one person.
Gerard Way.

Gerard and I have hated each other, pretty much all of our lives. It sucked that we'd known each other that long anyway, but the amount of memories I had of the two of us fighting, physically and verbally, just made it worse. I wished he'd just fucking disappear, off the face of the earth. But that's never going to happen. Gerard loves his life. Him and his friends, Ray Toro and Bob Bryar, have it easy. They're not exactly popular guys. They're pretty different to everyone else; Ray with his fro, and guitar, Bob with his lipring and his 'Don't fuck with me' attitude and sandy-coloured hair, and then Gerard. Raven-black hair, white skin, always drawing or reading comic-books. In a parrallel universe, these guys would be my friends, and we'd all be unpopular. That's whats supposed to happen- According to the whole American high-school clique.. Thing. But no. Gerard and Bob and Ray are loved by everyone, because they're funny and different and awesome. And theres me. I don't really have any friends. Okay, I have the occassional library buddy, but they never last. I don't particuarly care; I'm happier listening to music on my ipod and staying inside my own head.
I glanced at the clock. It was, and I was sitting here, bleeding, and thinking about goddamn Gerard Way. I sighed grumpily and crawled beneath my bedcovers. I closed my eyes tightly.

'Frank?' I vaguely heard my Mom calling my name, though my head hurt too bad to think clearly. Great; I'd woken up with a killer headache, and I hadn't even been drinking last night. It just.. Hurt.
'Frank?' Mom called again.
'Coming.' I shouted grumpily. I pulled myself out of bed and sloped downstairs. Mom had made me a coffee- Thank God! I needed one. I drank it slowly while shoving cereal down my throat. Then I went back upstairs and put on a Misfits t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and converse. I didn't bother brushing my hair, but I did add some black eyeliner around my eyes. Just for effect, you know? Mom had already left for work by then, so I grabbed a couple of dollars from her stash behind the toaster, and headed out, inwardly groaning, because I knew first period was Chemistry. And guess who my partner was?
Gerard fucking Way.
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