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Chapter 2- So Get Me Outta My Head

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Frank has to face Chemistry class with Gerard.

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'Iero. How nice of you to join us.' Mr Clarkson spat as I dragged my feet through the doors of the lab. Gerard was sitting in the backrow, giving me the usual death-glare. He leaned across to the next desk and whispered something to Ray Toro, who laughed and nudged Bob Bryar. He sniggered. I felt slightly paranoid, but then, no one else was doing anything, and I wasn't going to trust Ray, Bob and Gerard. They were always laughing at me anyway.
I clenced my fists and glared back at them, stony faced. Then I walked over to the desk and dumped my bag on the table, sliding into the seat beside Gerard.
'Now that Iero has kindly made an appearance,' Mr Clarkson glanced at me with disgust. 'I can tell you that you and your partner will be spending a lot more time together, because I'm setting you a project that will have you practice both your skills in chemistry and teamwork. This will go to your final grade at the end of the year, so you'd better not mess this up.' As he said this, he shot another look in my direction. Great. I should have known Mr Clarkson would be the one to pull something like this. He loves the whole 'team work' shit, and seems to think if we go to this school we're one giant team. He's also a sports coach, and his wife coaches the cheerleaders. Their son and daughter are both popular, sporty types that also preach about Team Work, when they're not making other students' lives living hell. The whole family are a bunch of hypocrites. They always talk about how this school is a team, but then if your different, or they don't like you, they turn against you and sure as hell don't want to be on your team. Figures.
I raised my hand.
'Iero?' Mr Clarkson asked, eyebrows raised.
'Is there any chance we can change our lab partners for this project?' I asked, then, seeing his glare I quickly added 'Uh, coach.'
'No, Iero. I chose these partners at random at the start of the year and I told you then they would not be changed.' He snapped. 'You and Mr Way are a team, so start acting like it, Iero!'
I have a first name, you know I thought inwardly. But I didn't dare say it out loud.
'Now.' Mr Clarkson continued, raising his voice over the talking that was going on in the background. 'I'm going to give you the rest of this period to discuss when you're available to meet. It may be a good idea to find out about each other, as you'll be spending a lot of time together out of school. This project requires a lot of work-'
'Uh, sir- I mean coach..' Some girl at the front of the class- Katie, or something, began. 'You haven't actually told us what the project is going to be..'
Mr Clarkson glared at her.
'I am perfectly aware of that, Katie. This period will be used to discuss when and where you will be meeting. But, if you'd like to know more about what we'll be doing, we are going to be working with experiments, equations and research. It will be entirely your own work.'
Personally, I didn't think Mr Clarkson even knew what he was talking about, and just couldn't be bothered to teach us whatever this shit was actually about. I rolled my eyes as he began talking to us about what we were supposed to be learning about. I didn't even want to pass chemistry. It was a waste of time as I'd be dropping it at the end of this semester. My Dad had wanted me to carry on with it, but now he was out of the picture...
I quickly put my headphones in and The Misfits began to play.
After a few minuets, Gerard tapped me on the shoulder.
'What?' I grumbled.
'Hey, Freak. You don't like me- And I fucking hate you. But I wanna pass this shit, so I guess we have to work.' He paused, then in a cruel, mocking imitation of Mr Clarkson's voice he added 'As a team!'
'Whatever. I'm dropping this.' I glared at him.
'Let's get this straight, Frank.' Gerard spat. 'If I fail chemistry this year, you're fucking dead. Got that?'

Well, um, sorry if this chapters a bit boring, but it kind of had to be that way. Thanks for reading and stuff ;)
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