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Chapter 3- The Past Ain't Through With You.

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I trudged home, angrily kicking empty cans across the street as the thought of Gerard Way being in my house filled my mind. He'd been there before, sure. When we were kids our Mom's would invite every kid in the class over for birthday parties and such, and all though Gerard and I hated each other even back then, our Mom's were friends and Gerard and his little brother came to all my birthday parties until I was about eight. The last one, I recalled, we'd ended up violently hitting and kicking each other outside in my garden after he made some jerk-like Gerard remark. Now he'd be in my house again, and quite frankly I just hoped I could keep him out of my bedroom. I didn't want him seeing my band t-shirts and skinny jeans thrown all over the floor, and I didn't want him sneering at my posters. Sure, he too wore skinny jeans and band t-shirts, and it was possible he even had the same posters back at his house, but it's an unspoken rule that Gerard and I despise each other, and therefore will take the piss out of everything the other does, owns or wears.
I got home, and saw that my Mom had left a note for me on the table saying she was 'Working late tonight'- Yeah right. She's always 'Working late'. In actual fact, she goes to bars, and 'spends time getting to know' her colleagues. I couldn't help being relieved she wasn't there, she'd probably strike up some stupid conversation with Gerard, and he'd make fun of me in a subtle way, and my Mom would think we're the best of friends, and it'd go along like that. Gerard would probably bring my Dad into it and then... Well, Mom would be crying into a bottle of whiskey after he left, to say the least.
I went upstairs to my room and quickly changed my sheets. They weren't too bad, but they had a few blood-stains underneath the pillows, and although I didn't intend to have Gerard inspect my mattress, he'd probably be on the lookout for rumours to start up, and I didn't need any more of thst.
Then I switched on my laptop, and a little box appeared to tell me I had (1) new message in my email inbox. It was from Lucy.
Lucy was my best friend and neighbour until approximately 8 months, 2 weeks and 3 days ago when she moved to Chicago to live with her Dad. I missed her so fucking much it was unbelievable, and I had sort of figured she'd forgotten me, as she'd kind of stopped emailing and calling.
I eagerly opened the email.

Frankie! I miss you so much. I'm sorry I haven't been in touch. My Dad and his girlfriend decided that staying in touch with you was bad for me, and I needed to move on with my life and make friends here. Like that's going to happen. I fucking hate this place. I plan on moving in with Mom again for next semester, I'm sick of it here. Remind me why I moved in with my Dad again? Oh yeah. Because I was sick of my freaking step-dad. Quite frankly though, I'd trade him for my Dad's girlfriend Jade any day. Hopefully gonna visit soon. I miss you so fucking much Frankie!
Love you, Lucy.

I reread the email around 15 times before I finally typed up a reply. Lucy was 2 years younger than me, but I didn't care. She was my best friend. I think her Dad always thinks I'm gonna take advantage of her. Which would be creepy, because I kind of consider her my sister.
Message sent
I smiled at my computer. It was good to have someone to talk to (other than my Mom) who didn't think I was a complete freak. However my grin soon faded as I heard the doorbell rang.
Gerard was here.
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