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Chapter 4- I'm Shocked At What You're Capable Of.

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Frank has to deal with Gerard being in his house

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Thanks so much for the reviews, it means a lot :')
Not quite sure if this plot is actually gonna work out, but for now I'll try my best to keep it going, I have quite a few ideas, I just dunno if they're right for this story, so please excuse any bad storylines or boring updates ;)

I took a deep breath and forced myself to stand up. Before I went down the stairs I quickly checked my appearance in the full-length mirror in the hall- and then wondered the fuck why, this was Gerard, we were talking about. Then again, if I looked like shit he'd probably spread some rumour about me. Or maybe he'd invited a bunch of his friends, or a few strippers or-
The doorbell rung again, Gerard was clearly getting impatient, so I quickly opened the door.
'You took your time.' He said, glaring at me.
I shrugged.
'Are you coming in or not?'
'I guess I have to, don't I?' Gerard sulked.
'No.' I replied shortly. 'You don't wanna be here anyway. And I sure as hell don't want you in my house.'
'Like I said,' Gerard said venomously. 'If I fail this, you're dead.'
I rolled my eyes.
'Whatever. I don't give a fuck about you and your threats. Just come in already.'
He unwillingly stepped into my house.
'I've been here before, right?' He said, looking around.
'If you count my elementary-school birthday parties then sure.'
'Where are we gonna study then?' Gerard asked, glaring at me again. What the hell was his problem, for god's sake.
'Wherever.' I muttered. 'The kitchen. The living room. My bedroom. I don't care.'
'You got a computer?'
'I have my laptop in my room-'
'Fine. We'll study in there.' He said shortly.
'Fine. Do you want a drink?' I figured I might as well be half polite.
Gerard considered for a few moments.
'Coffee.' He said simply.
'Go upstairs, and my bedrooms the second door on the right.' I told him. He nodded, and I headed to the kitchen.

I carried both our coffees upstairs to my room, and handed Gerard one. He was looking around at my posters, in particular The Misfits. He then picked up a crumpled Green Day t-shirt from the floor and stared at it.
'Uh, Gerard?' I said, coughing slightly. He dropped my t-shirt and turned to face me. He snatched his mug from me half-violently.
'So.' He said, whilst sipping slowly. 'You like these bands, huh?'
'Uh. Yeah. That's why they're on my walls.' I said.
Gerard rolled his heavily-outlined eyes. 'No shit, sherlock.'
'You did just ask me-'
'Yeah. Whatever.'
'Well to answer your question, yeah, I love them all.' I said quietly.
'Awesome.' He responded, taking a few more sips from his coffee. After a few awkward minuets of silence, he spoke again. 'I fucking love coffee.'
'Me too.'
The room fell silent again.
'How are we gonna start this thing, then?' I mumbled.
Gerard put his mug down, and sat on my bed. He pulled my laptop onto his lap and turned the screen on, smirking slightly when he saw my inbox. I cringed slightly; it was still on my email account and I knew all my messages were from Lucy.
'Lucy. She's that kid who used to live here, right?' He asked, still smirking.
'Yeah.' I said, tightly. 'She lived next door.'
'I think my brother was friends with her. She your girlfriend, Frank? Bit young though. Wasn't she like, thirteen?'
'She wasn't- isn't, my girlfriend. And she's fourteen.' I muttered.
'Awesome.' Gerard said sarcastically.
I went over to his side of the bed and snatched the mouse from him. I quickly closed the page.
'What crawled up your ass?' He asked, laughing slightly, but not with me, he was laughing at me. With that cute little smirk on his face again.
Wait. I didn't just refer to that as his 'cute' smirk, did I? What the fuck, Frank?
I looked over at Gerard again. He was searching something on my laptop, and actually seemed really focused, although I knew he must have been bored to death. For some reason, his facial features seemed more defined, and I began to register how good looking he was. I could've fucking punched myself.
I may be bi, but there is no freaking chance I'd ever, ever fall for Gerard.
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