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While We Sleep

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Frank is 18 and living in a flat with his two best friends. Ray and Bob. But a few weeks ago, he started to dream about a certain boy. The dreams scared him. He started to become paranoid. Depsprat...

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Turn away, if you could get me a drink of water,
Cause my lips are chapped and faded, call my Aunt Marie,
Help her gather all my things and bury me in all my favourite

”its you again?” I whispered, looking at the boy who stood directly in front of me, his head down and hood up.

“Its me again” he whispered, kicking the dirt with the tip of his Vans and playing with his fingers nervously.

“You…you spoke?” I said, shock clear bolting through my voice. “Why did you speak?”

“I-I guess I did. I don’t know. I-I can speak. I’m…I’m talking” he whispered, threads of excitement winding into his voice.

“I know I ask you this every time we meet, but, what’s your name? Why are you here?” I asked, my voice wobbled. I was so scared of his answer. I turned round unable to look at him.

“I don’t know why I’m here, it’s just where I end up. Every time. And my name? My name is—“ He was cut off by a high pitched screeching sound, so high and loud, I thought my ears were going to start bleeding. Then I heard a scream that chilled me to my soul. I spun round just in time to see the mystery boy being dragged in to a blinding light.

“DON’T GO!” I screamed after him, desperately wanting answers “Please, please don’t go” I continued to whisper…

Frank woke up gasping. Desperately trying to fill his burning lungs with the cool air. He choked and spluttered, grasping at his bed sheets, trying to slow his erratic heart, tear pooling in my eyes. Who is he? Why was he haunting my dreams? Why did he always get pulled away in such a violent way? Frank thought, tears rolling down his cheeks. This was the fifth time Frank had dreamt about him.

“You okay man?” Bob asked groggily, wondering into his room. “You were screaming again”

“Yeah. I’m fine” he said, his voice hoarse.

“Dude, you need to go to a doctor about these dreams man” Bob whispered.

“No. No doctor” Frank growled. He hated doctor, dentist, hospitals. Anything that could help his heath.

“Okay, well if your sure dude. Night man.” Bob walked out the room. Leaving frank alone in the dark. This was the first time he’d spoke, maybe in a few more sleep, I’ll finally see his face Frank thought groggily, as his drifted back off to sleep, his tears had gone almost as soon as they came. It was always like that. Always.

Gerard sat in his hospital bed, not ringing the bell for the nurse to come, even though he should, he was in so much pain. The only light was coming from the hall. But that was okay with Gerard. He didn’t care about the light or the pain. He needed to remember his dream. He needed too. He could feel it deep down in his soul. The past five dreams he’s had, he’d forgotten. Well, not fully, he always remembered being pulled out of the place he was in and hearing a voice scream something at his like “Wait!” or “Don’t go!” Or “Come back!” it was always the same voice. Gerard was brought back to reality by a sharp twinging in his stomach. This new pain really was too much for Gerard to handle. He let out a piercing scream. Waking up half the other patience’s in the ward. His nurse, Belle Muerte, came running in carrying a needle full of morphine. Gerard felt a deathly fear strike his heart. He hated needles, but before he could even react, Belle had plunged the needle in to his and pulled it out.

“Are you okay Gerard?” Belle asked, knowing that even the thought of needles chilled him to his core.

“Yeah, I’m okay Belle” He rasped, his voice was weak.

“Okay Gee. Press the buzzer if you need me.” She smiled and kissed his head and walked away, checking on the other patience’s as she passed. Gerard smiled, Belle had been his nurse since he developed leukaemia two years ago. They always got on. Her and Gerard. A six month back, he’d seen her crying in the nurses station, Just after finding out he only had seven months to live. Eight if he was lucky. She’d told him it was because she didn’t want him to die. She loved him like a baby brother. This had hurt Gerard deeply. He’d cried all night. This was a few weeks before he started to have them dreams. Gerard decided he wanted to stay in the hospital, so he wouldn’t be a burden to his only family member, his baby brother Mikey. If he wanted anything before he died, he wanted to find out what happened in those dreams. He wanted to find out who’s voice it was that always begged him to stay.


A/N all dreams are in Franks POV.
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