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While We sleep part 2

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your just a sad song
With nothing to say
About a life long wait
For a hospital stay

"you never told me your name." I stated as soon as I saw him.

"no I guess I didn't" I could hear the playful smirk in his voice "but then again, you never told me yours" he giggled lightly making the most amazing sound.

"if I tell you my name, will you tell me yours?" he nodded, keeping his head down all the while "Frank, my name is Frank Anthony Iero" I said to him, grinning.

"I'm Gerard Way" then as if he had said the magic words he lifted his head, I still couldn't see his face properly, it was blurred, I could only see outlines, but even then, his beauty caught me out. "Can you see me?" Gerard asked, his voice shaking.

"Not really, your face, it's blurred" I reach out the touch the blurred skin of his cheeks, but then the noises started, the screeching noise that always pulled Gerard away from me. I watched in horror as Gerard was pulled up into the air and dragged into a blinding white light.

"I'll see you again Frank!" he called out to me. I couldn't take it.

"Gerard! Don't leave me!" I screamed. He looked up at me and my eyes met with the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen. For reasons unknown they'd become unblurred. They flash dangerously as Gerard finally disappeared...

"Frank! Frank! Wake up!" Ray shook Frank violently.

"COME BACK! GERARD!" Frank was screaming loudly. Ray pulled Frank up and shook him harder, waking him instantly. Frank laid his eyes on ray who looked worried and scared and burst out into tears.

"Frank? Frank, man are you okay?" Ray whispered.

"I don't know" Frank sniffed "I'm scared Ray, what's happening to me"

"Frank, If I knew, I'd tell you" Ray put his arm around Frank who was shaking like a leaf. "Want me to stay?" Ray asked. Frank nodded, tears running silently down his cheeks.

"FRANK!!" Gerard exploded as he woke up. Sitting straight up, looking around the room. Frank, the screaming person in my dream is a boy and he's called Frank Gerard thought, dazed.

"Gerard?" Mikey said groggily from the chair at the side of Gerards bed.

"Sorry Mikey, another bad dream. Just go back to sleep" Gerard whispered to him, angry that he'd stayed over. He had university in the morning.

"Gerard" Mikey said sternly "Talk about it. It'll help. You know you should" Mikey caught Gerard out. He did
want to talk about it. Mikey was the only one who knew about Gerards dreams.

"Fine!" Gerard snipped "but if your late for uni again, don't blame me"

"I never do" Mikey said, almost fondly, a smile spreading across his lips. Gerard smiled at Mikey and coughed loudly. After he stopped coughing, he started to tell Mikey what he remembered of his dream.
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