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Sacrificial Friends

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A Killjoy verse tale

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Enjoy peoples

Things have gone from bad too worse.
Jet-Star and the Kobra Kid have been captured by Korse.
And are being held in the BL/ind building.
Party Poison and Fun Ghoul have devoted their lives to resucing their friends.
They infortrated the building at sun down.
The two killjoys scouted out the building.
They came across a darkened room.
And once they both stepped inside the door slammed shut and automatically locked.
"Shit" Party Poison cursed as a gas leaked into the air.
Both Party Poison and Fun Ghoul breathed in the poisoness gas with out knowing.
"Party...." Fun Ghoul gasped before colapsing to the ground, a painful tightness in his chest.
Party Poison grabbed Fun Ghoul by the arm. The tightness gripping his own chest.
"We'll get out of this" Party Poison said, before everything went black.
When Party Poison came back into concussness, he found that he was tied back to back with Fun Ghoul and Jet-Start and the Kobra Kid were in the same position across the room.
"Hey" He whispered, his chest burning.
"Your awake!!" The Kobra Kid breathed in relief.
He was covered in cuts and bruises but had no serious injurys.
"Party, I think we were poisoned" Fun Ghoul whinced.
Breathing had become difficult for him.
"That you were" Korse said. Entering the room."Im not happy with any of you, you think you can blow up one of my buildings then try storm this place, using any rebelous teenager you cant convert?"
"What?" The four killjoys asked. Confused.
"Dont try denying it. You's have cause enough havic in the Zones" Korse shouted.
"What the fuck are you talking about, you bastard" Jet-Star yells.
Korse snaps something at the Draculoids.
One Draculoid enters the room with a boy of about 16, in his grip.
The boy looked as bad as Party Poison felt.
"I caught this 'killjoy' hacking the main system, setting the self-destruct" Korse grabs the boy and shoves him to the ground at his feet.
"Now im going to let you's go. Well, four of you's go. Ive poisoned 3 of you with a poison that will slowly kill you . But sadly I ownly have 2 antidotes" He pulls out two syringes that contained a faint blue liquid.
The boy at Korse's feet falls flat on his back, his breathing iregular.
The poison speading further into his blood.
"I'll let you 5 decided, good bye, for now" He said, placing the syringes on the floor by the boy and left.
The Kobra Kid wiggles out of the rope that bound him to Jet-Star and untied Party Poison and Fun Ghoul.
Jet-Star crawled over to the boy and asked him "Are you okey?"
The boy grouned and pressed the syringes into Jet-Stars hands "Save your friends and get out of here"
"What no!" Fun Ghoul yelled, he was getting weaker by the second and was leaning against Kobra Kid. "We're not going to leave you to die"
"You have to. There is only enough antidote for two people and you two are the future of the Zones" The boy whinced and cryed out in pain. "Just fucking GO!!" He yelled and took back the syringes, crawled over to Party Poison and Fun Ghoul and took advantage of their inability to move by injecting them both with the antidote.

A few days after the four killjoys escaped the BL/ind building, Party Poison and Fun Ghoul had healed completely and lay on the roof of the diner, catching some rays before the sun set.
Sudden pounding at the diner door broke the silence.
"What the?" Party Poison questioned.
Fun Ghoul shruggest.
They peeped over the edge of the gutter and saw a young blonde teenage girl covered in dirt and dried blood.
"Help! Please someone help!!" She begged and banged on the door.
Fun Ghoul and Party Poison ran down the rope ladder that they use to get on the roof.
"Whats wrong?" Party Poison asked the girl.
She had tears streaming down her face "Please, my friend hes hurt really badly"
"Who is?" Jet-Star asked as he and the Kobra Kid came out from the back.
"My friend, Please help" She said then started to walk off, indicating us to follow her.
The four killjoys followed the destrught girl out onto the road, where they saw a boy kneeling next to another boy who lay on the dirt, blood seeping through the shirt that the kneeling boy pressed to the other boys stomach.
As the killjoys got closer they saw that the boy lying on the dirt was the kid from BL/ind.
The blonde girl turned to them "Please help him!"
Party Poison knelt next to the kneeling boy and asked "Whats the damage?"
The boy replied "He got stabbed and the wound wont stop bleeding"
"We need to take him to the Diner!" He says.
Jet-Star picked the boy up and carried him to the diner.
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