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Chapter 2

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Sorry about the wait, iv'e been extremely busy and such

Across from them sat the blond girl and boy.
While there injured friend had been layed on one of the thin camping mattresses.

"So. Answer this. How did your friend get out of BL/ind?" Party Poison asked.
"We saved him" The boy, Tristin stated.
"What. How?" Kobra Kid asks, astonished.
"We where in the building when Elliott was caught, and we saw you guys leave the room that they had taken him to. After it was clear, we got in and got out. It was easy since they were fixiated on you guys" Amber explained, picking at the ripped seam on her shirt.

"We thought he was dead, I mean he was poisoned and everything" Party Poison said "We didn't want to leave him but he demanded that we did"
"Sounds like something he would do" Tristin muttered then said to the killjoys "We had found another antidote in the Med Lab"

The Killjoys sighed with releft that the boy was not still poisoned.
Kobra Kid spoke up "I guess good things happen to good people"
"Cheezy much" Jet Star laughed, mock punching him on the sholder.
Party Poison rolled his eyes then turned to the teenagers "You three can stay with us for a bit if you would like. I mean BL/ind is sure to be after you"

"Oh we don't want to inrude" Amber says.
"No its no problem, after all Elliott saved our lives, its the least we could do" Fun Ghoul replied."And it will be nice to have others around for a change" He added.
"Agreed" The other three killjoys nodded.
Later That Night

Party Poison lay, once again on the roof of the diner.
Just relaxing and smoking his last cigarette.
"You know, you really should stop that" Fun Ghouls voice broke the silence.
"Stop what?" Party Poison asked.
"Smoking" Was all Fun Ghoul replied with, before pulling out a cigarette of his own.
"Your one to talk" He huffed.
"I'l stop when you stop" He sat next to where Party lay.

"What do you think of the teens?" Party asked, after a bit.
"They seem strong willed. I mean, they infiltrated BL/ind main building, trying to set the self destruct" Fun Ghoul says, lying himself down.
"That is true, but it was kinda insane, I mean there only 17ish and they went up against BL/ind by themselves"

"We do that pretty much every day" Ghoul pointed out.
"We are old...ish and are careless idiots"
"Party Poison I don't appreciate you calling me old one bit. So take it back!" Ghoul demanded.
Party Poison grinned "No"
"Yes! Apologize!" Ghoul sat back up and looked down at his friend.
"Make me!!" Party challenged.

Fun Ghoul pounced on his friend, pinning him to the ground.
Party Poison however was prepared and since he knew that he was he slightest bit stronger then Ghoul he used that to his advantage. After a bit of awkward struggling, Party Poison had swapped places with Fun Ghoul.

"I win" He grinned down at the man who was not pinned beneath him.
And that was the moment that someone had decided to intrude.

"Jet Star says he wants yous........ah..." Amber stood looking at them. "If this is a bad time I could lie and say you to are fixing the car of something.." She said casually.
"Ah no, were not um... doing anything..." Party blushed and got off Fun Ghoul.
"Ah okey then, well Jet Star wants to go over some stuff so... yea" She smiled then left.

"That was kinda awkward" Party says, trying to get rid of the blush.
"I don't see the awkwardnes" Fun Ghoul laughed. "Come on Gerard time to go"
"Hey, you shouldn't use that name... Thats not me anymore" Party Poison warned.
Fun Ghoul rolled his eyes. "Your still Gerard to me.. if that counts for anything"
Party Poison looked at the man who sat in front of him and sighed.
"Lets just go see what they want" he muttered and walked away.
Fun Ghoul stared absently out the window as Jet Star suggested that they go to a fill up joint and get supplies, as they have to lay low for a while.
But Fun Ghoul wasn't listening entirely.
He was over with this life. Over with having to hide.
Over having to go by an allies.
But it couldn't be helped, they had to keep there real names secret, in case there is a spy about.
Once they know who you are, they can figure out your weaknesses and use it against you.

"Fun Ghoul are you listening?" Jet Star asked.
"More or less" He answered, turning to look at him.
"Alright then. We should go tomorrow, kay?" He half asked Part Poison, who nodded in agreement.

Party Poison was basically the leader of the killjoys.
Someone need to fill that roll and he fitted it perfectly.
He didn't chose it but what could he do?

"So. You and Party Poison?" Amber asked Fun Ghoul once everyone had cleared the room to do their individual things.
"What about us?" He asked.
"Are you two like, together?" She asked, sipping at some water.
Fun Ghoul's eyes widened "No" he answered a little too fast.
"Oh, okey. Do you want something to be happening between you two?" She asked kindly.
Fun Ghoul looked at her.
Amazed at how casual she was.

From the background they had gotten from the teenagers, they are originally from Battery City but bolted once BL/ind started targeting children between 13-17.
And ever since the schools had been over taken and rules had been changed, the students are pretty much being brainwashed to think that a lot of things are bad.
Homosexuality being one of them.

"I think for myself and believe what I want to believe, not what I'm made to believe." She cleared up the question Fun Ghoul was thinking.
"I uh... don't um..."He trailed off.
Making his thoughts obvious.
"Thats what I thought." She smiled and walked over to her uncontentious friend.

There you go people of the world. Another chapter. Like I always say 'I always appreciate review good and bad. let me know about what you think so far!!! xx
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