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Just the beggining!

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Chapter 1: R.U.N (intro chapter)

It all started many years ago when BLInd started developing 'happy' pills, those who rebelled were named killjoys, we all developed names over the years. Korse, the leader of the industry was a robotic monster who made sure every killjoy never spread their word, if you encounter him you are lucky to come away with just a shot but I do not fear him, to me he is a coward whose controllers are too afraid of freedom they must be over the top control freaks to survive the black and white world they have unfortunately created.

Any way, I am Blue-Flare. A killjoy, although I am only 14 the youngest of my group my skills are wide and I'm very mature,even though I may not act like it. I got my name because my hair is blue and everything I like seems to be blue, although my jacket and boots are not blue, they are green and my eyes are a soft hazel colour. My partner, Desert Shadow, found me almost dead after I was lost in the desert for a year, she is 19 meaning we look after each other like sisters we are so close that I know all her secrets and she told me everything about avenging her dead family. She tries not to lose her temper but when she does, she WILL kill, she'll pull the trigger and a dark purple ray will launch from her gun. On the other hand she is shy/quiet when she meets people, she hides her hazel eyes behind her brown shoulder length hair.

One long day in the desert we found our other partner, Rabbit Heart. We found her in zone 5, she was just strolling around with a bleeding 'V' shape in her back, we thought she was only pale because of blood loss but no, she is naturally pale. Back to the story, she told us she was kicked out of battery city 'cause the pill didn't work, they erased her memory, she seemed grateful when she started to remember. She tells us about her dark passed and how she got the 'v' scar. On a zany impulse she cut her hair into a brown pixie cut and dyed her fringe pink. She is the crazy fighter of the group and can annoy some people because she's just a 15 year old girl who just won't shut up. Recently we found out what happens if you touch her scar, you get shot, yeah, that's right a beam from her purple graffiti ray gun straight through your temple, I almost felt sorry for that Drac.

So that brings us to now, the desert in 2019, we are cruising around in a stolen Lamborghini, I know what you're thinking 'How did ya get that' well Desert wont tell!

My thoughts were interrupted by Rabbit Hearts screaming “OMG, there's a car on the horizon! Is it Korses'? What do you think Blue?”
I looked at it for a moment then replied “Well, if Korse has a trans am that has dirt all over it. Oh, and has suddenly grown red hair then yes, of course it is!” I shouted in a sarcastic tone.
“HAHAHAHAHAHHA” that was the response I got form Rabbit Heart, “Why are you laughing?”
I wish I hadn't asked because I got the most insane comment “YOU SAID OF 'KORSE', HA” I sighed at her stupidity.
“Wait! Trans-am, red hair! Its party poison!” Desert screamed, she has a big crush on him and ghoul, I looked at Rabbit and smiled, “AWWW, somebody has a wittle cwush on party!”
She stopped the car and gave us a death glare, we all knew how this would go: party would say something desert would go red and answer the question then run back to the car and drive away as fast as she could because she had embarrassed her self.

Well that was the prediction but he came out of the car with Kobra, Ghoul and Jet got out and sped to us, so naturally we all hopped out.
“You need to come with us!” Kobra almost screamed, I was a little worried because even Kobra looked.... I don't know but it was not good.
Rabbit gave me a devilish smirk, “Hey Party, I think Desert Shadow should ride with you!” for some reason we expected this plan to go smoothly but then... “That sounds good, but who would drive you?” Damn Kobra and his smartness but Rabbit is insane and that beats smart any day!
“Well! Ghoul could, I mean we need a protector too!” we both smiled sweetly with puppy dog eyes.
“That sounds good to me, we'd get there faster and I could tell them why they need to come with us” Ghoul replied.

So we all rushed back to our cars and got the show on the road, as it seems.
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