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Yellow Doesn't Always Mean Happy

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Th gang find out the need for there presents and a little reminder for someone

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Chapter 2: Yellow Doesn't Always Mean Happy

We got in our car and Ghoul explained why we needed to go.
"Well, umm, we need you because the dracs ar being programmed better and we need more people, Party thought that you guys,ER, I mean GIRLS! Would wanna join us on our fght against the world of BLInd. Plus, you all have different qualities, like you Blue are smart and can us just about any weapon thats available, Rabbit you're zany.. completly insane." Ghoul was about to carry on when Rabbit loudly annonced "AWWWW THANKS" scaring me into jumping in the air, onto the window and back down to the seat.
Ghoul continued, ignorng te episode in the back, "Plus, I think Party has a crush or something on Desert, he makes us go into this zone just for her."
Rabbit was overjoyed by this comment and a white smile, like that cat from 'Alice in wonderland', faded onto her face before spilling out "OMGoooooddddd! She totally likes him to the wuld be perfect. Dontcha think theyd be purrrrfect?" she looked from Ghoul to me for an answer.
Ghoul laughed and smiled, meaning I had to answer, "Yes they would make a fantastic couple" it seems my tne made everyone frown and a confused expression painted on Rabbits face.
Then she realised why I was using a monotone voice, ever since my brother, Yellow Flare, left me because he found a new life were people loved him more, I hated the idea of love, ironic really. I knew one day I would walk alone because of this but I cannot love love.

The rest of the trip was spent with Ghoul telling us how fantastic our gang was, until Rabbit said something that changed Ghouls attitude "You are lying! You need us but not because w are fantastic or whatever for some other reason!" Rabbit hates liers, this cant go well.
"Well. UM. If I tell you please dont freak out or something." by this time we had both grabbed our weapons ready to torture him, if it was a trick to get us into the BLInds' hands!
"Dr D wants to see you he says you stole something, only you two because he says what you stole was important and needs to go back to its owner."

We both looked at eachother horror on our faces, this means Desert will find out we stole the guns from our old frenimes, we hated them, they thought they were more talented and popular because they were prettier, we stole all we could, including their only defence and their masks. "Are they there?" Was all that I could say still stareing at Rabbits pink fringe.
"Yes, they want everything back we know you have it hidden in this car somewhere,Party prommissed he would break it to Desert easy. Hopfully she wont go mental, last time you two did something wrong you ran to Dr.D with singed clothes." He looked and saw our shocked faces.
Rabbit gave me a hand signal that ment bail but I shook my head, we had to face this sometime.

As is by magic, wicked magic that is, the gas station was right infrontof us, fantastic! Stood cursing at us and being heldback by Party was Desert, she only did this when we did something really horrific. Everyone looked disapointed. Great! We did it again.
Ghoul took us to the door of Dr.Ds room and mouthed 'good luck' he knew why we hated those two monsters, everyday when we were about to do something heroic, like save Kobra or Jet they burst in and steal the lime light saying "You two are too weak, young and stupid to do anything! Why dont you just join BLI, Suckers!" they were always dressed in pink and one of them was even Kobras girlfriend, so we knew this wouldnt go down well.

When we entered we saw Dr.D with the pink b*tches smirking away, he seemed emotionless, weird!
"Everyone is searching th car for the things you stole." We looked at eachother with frustrated faces, again we knew what was going to happen. "They don't want to press charges this time, but be aware they will not be so kind next time! Okay you two can leave" He said softer to the pink blurs who then left whispering something about telling everyone out there.
"Every week you are in here different story, its the last day of April, I thought you might have the last day of the month to rest and..." he stopped when he saw our faces, the last day of April meant it was the anniversary of the day we lost our forth member. Lost Tracks, she was what kept us from doing stupid things,like this.
"I'm sorry I forgot what this day ment to you. I'm letting you go this time but..." we finished his sentence "next time will be different, we know!"

We left out the back and found an unempty bottle of vodka, Rabbit smiled at me.
After a while Party walked round the corner and saw how drunk we were, I was pretending to be pac man and Rabbit was a Ghost, it was fun, untill Party shouted "I cannot believe you two everyone is worried and you're both out here drunk. Being idiots. Honestly, you worthless idiots!"
We stopped. Everything became clear and we saw everyones angry faces, they soon soothed as Dr.D revealed something to them, even pink puff balls looked sorry, scincerely sorry.
Then we both blacked out, tommorow should be fantastic!
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