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Blue was right things are 'fantastic'

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Chapter 3: Realisation

Rabbits POV:
I woke up to the sound of yelling, I think it was Kobra and.... the other voice was...I couldnt work it out but I had heard it before. I was curious, so I woke up Blue with a kind of gentle shake. "Blue, whose voice is that?" she listen for a while before turning white and replying "I..I think its Crimson Revenge"
We had played a practicle joke on her that went a little bit out of control, well its not my fault I have crazy ideas...well maybe it is but Blue should have said no!
Then a terrible thought popped into my head so I told Blue, "Blue, she will tell everyone where we go on our days off, everyones gonna know that we go to the skyline." if I was a year older this would not be a problem but since we are under 16,the skyline was supose to be off limits, however if you know someone who has 'conections' then you are not going to turn down the chance of getting in there.

Its basically a big store that has everything, we got an ipod in a trade for a mask some killjoy left behind and I got LOTS of red bull, blue told me never to drink it again because it was like having a million of me. I ramble alot as most come to find.
"Hey Rabbit, this means we wont have days off! Plus, we will have to stay here with Dr.D 'cause this is,our.." she trailed off while thinking how many times we have done something stupid, then her face became one of misery.
For a second I wondered what was wrong with her then I remembered last night, Tracks, I miss her we never talk of her anymore. She woulda stopped us! I snapped my fingers in her face then she nodded and did a signal meaning we had to listen, whatever was going on outside the door didnt seem good.

Dessert Shadows POV:
Last night was bad and good,those pink puff balls got Rabbit Heart and Blue Flare in trouble,yeah sure I was pretty mad at them but it is MY car and they coulda told me. Now I know why they are doing this, Tracks. She stopped them from doing stupid things and almost died once cause of a prank that went wrong. Everyone understands that they need guidence, eventhough they could fool you into thiking they were two 30 year old monks.
On a brighter note last night there werent any spare beds so Party insisted I sleep with him until a place comes up, I hope that day never comes.
Back to today, I need to stop day dreaming...
"Whats that motorbike on he horizon?" Party inturrupted my thoughts.
"I think its Crimson Revenge!" Everyone stared at me suprised I knew her, she was pretty awesome though, we used own a stall at the skyline, well she still does.

When we all got inside Crimson started to talk with a tint of anger in her voice, I dont like it when poeple get angry it usually ends in violence. What she said shocked me, everyone actually.
"I just came to tell you two things. One your two partners played a practicle joke on me, they threw eggs on me and I'm allergic to eggs. Two, they have been hanging out at skyline and they even trade there, everyday they are off they sneak in there and I know they are under-aged! Before I forget Kobra I need you down at skyline in 5 days if you can." After she finished that scentence I zoned out, I just could not believe that they got into skylines!

Party was now infront of me,I must of really zoned out this time!
"We are sorry" I looked over and saw the sad face of Rabbit Heart, she must have really been screamed at to look like this "Isn't that right blue?"
I looked over and saw ..... Blue with an angry face, this cannot be good, "What.Ever." her words were sharp almost like daggers, she was wearing her signature sunnies and bandana.
Then Dr.D seemed to read my mind because he calmly said "They have been banned from going anywhere near the skyline and they are not allowed on missions for a month. They are also banned from alcholic drinks. We do not want another episode like last night. Other ne..." He was inturupted by Blues rare shouting.
"What do you mean, the bit where we were drunk or the bit were Party called us both worthless? hmmm? Well i dont care I am a killjoy I need to be free. I want to find the other flares!"
Then I did something stupid, I knew she was sensative about family but I was sick of hearing the same threat, "Whats the point, I mean really? You still believe they actually care about some underage binge drinking, lying, stupid worn out Flare. If anything you are the worstone there is and they are probably dead just like everyone else you touch, lifeless."
Guilt washed over me when I saw her eyes there was no longer ant fire or a rebeleous spark, no Flare.

"I DIDNT MEAN IT" I screamed as she reached for her death dagger, she almost had it out when party shot her arm making everyone scream and run to her. When she awakes she will hopefully be better because last time someone shot her she woke up feeling 10 times better, its the radiation it reacts with her brain.

After her heart beat was steady and she was sleeping steady, everything started to fall into place. Pink and pink-er left because they couldnt stand being "locked in here with you loons loose" then Party kissed me, I freaked and ran back to Blue. She was starting to wake.
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