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Is This It

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A week has passed and things have changed

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Hey readers if you wanna be in my story (as a killjoy) post ur killjoy I think I will use a different one every chapter :)

Chapter 4: Is This It?

Rabbit Hearts dream:
I was running. From a roaring noise, for some reason this scared me. Then I saw him, smirking with evil drpping out of every feature. His hazel eyes twitched robotically, well he IS a robot!
He lifted the knife and a wall of dracs arived, then everything went black..OH great another memory! Blue was there this time, wait! I've only known blue since my memories were erased, that im sure of! Hang on we're in the den and she... is..Using a gun? she hates guns! Then I turned around a drac was standing in front of me. I gasped and a white ray hit my chest, the last thing I saw was Desert running towards me.

I woke up with a scream. I looked to m side to see a yawning BlueFlare, looking unsuprised.
"Dreams again, would you like to explain this one?" I smiled at her comment, it made me feel...Loved! I spilled all the details of my dream.
"I wont tell a soul!" Its almost like she reads my mind, or its because my emotions and thoughts are easy to read.
"Dont worry you're not an open book, I just know you well" again, she read my mind this moment woul have been perfect if Desert was here...

Even though it has been a week and everyone knows why we were being idiots we still have to stay in the Station for a whole month, its pretty boring because desert goes on missions with Party and Kobra and Jet are out helping Crimson at skyline.
Although, our friend, Yeasterdays Kid is allowed to spend some time with us because she recently got shot in the arm, she got so close to killing all the dracs in station 15 (and thats alotta dracs). She is the same age as Blue and completely insane and has some serious style. Shes got a red leather jacket, DMs', Black hair with blue streaks and an awesome name!

BlueFlares POV:

I have gotten over my hatred of love recently and have a new hate, well without hating somthing I just wouldn't be me, that hate is getting caught and not having any soda! DAMN THE SODA GOD!
So to sum up the week we had:
I got shot by Party-Desert kissed Party-I woke up to a smiling Desert she told me everthing and how she is gonna be his temp partner- Me and Rabbit were told we were just banned from missions ans leaving the station for a month (a whole month, I will die!)-Yesterdays Kid got shot and is now spending the month with us- Ghoul has been forced to look after us 3 while the others are out from 8am to 5pm.

Bringing us to now, Fun Ghoul is sitting in the corner listening to the ipod I gave him as a sorry present because I accidently stabbed him, dont ask!
"So whats now we've cuaght up with everything in eachothers lives up til this moment,what shall we do?" I blinked at Yesterdays question, then we all went into deep thought.
My thoughts bring me to one conclusion, Yesterday and I were 14 and Rabbit was 15 so we are still young, "Lets make a tent in our room to sleep in!" I regreted shouting it as Ghoul jumped ou of his skin and on to the floor, the others laughed and I went bright red.
"Sounds good!" Yesterday screeched at the same level as me, Ghoul just sat backon the chair and relaxed again.
"Wait!" We turned around to look at Yesterday,"What about desert she sleeps in the same room right?"
We shook our heads and Rabbit replied in a monotone voice,"She is supose to but she goes out to Party, they are dating know, like we explained."
I saw Yesterdays face and joyously added "But we are happy for them though! I mean its her life right?" Rabbit imidiately smiled and walked mouthing 'Meet you in there'

Our cave was complete and we had an hour to get everything ready for when the gang came home.
We were waiting patiently when Ghoul came in screaming something about skittles, whatever the hell they are!
When he saw our confused faces he screamed "None of you know what skittles are!!!! Seriously, its like not knowing what Cheesy puffs are!"
"What are chessy puffs?" we chourused, he let out a loud unexplainable noise and ran over to his bag.
"These are skittles," he pointed to a bag of multi coloured sweets,"and these are cheesy puffs!" pointing to the other bag full of orange puffed corn.
"Hey! Thats what the are called" Rabbit shouted, we were all thinking the same thing at that time.
He let out a sigh realising he got worked up over nothing, he opened the bags and started towalk outthe door, "You can wait here till the others come home I have to go to another station to help out some zoners!" after that he whiped out th door before we could disagree.
"Yo, guys why dont we grab some food and stay in the cave untill 10pm when the others are asleep." Yesterday suggested twirling her long hair round her fingers, this ment that she was upto no good.
"What are you planning?" slipped from my lips without thought.
"Well I am planning to stay at the skylne for the rest of my time off, no offence, but I cannot be here it will drive might make me sane!" we gasped at this comment and agreed to help her out, literally!

Yesterdays POV:
The two girls helped me out of the station,now I have to get into the skyline which shouldnt be hard considering I own a stall and they think I'm 16. Then again the real trouble is getting passed the radar of DrD, I only have a mile to go and bam! Zone 6, aka freedom!

Thanks for reading and thanks to Chloeee_xx for the KillJoy, til next time goodbye...
Oh and I need more KillJoys thank you :)
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