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Enter Psyco

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A new member is added to the team and a meeting is needed, but why?

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Chapter 5 Enter Phsyco:

Rabbit Hearts Dream:
Red. Thats all that could be seen, it was blood, my blood. I was staring at my blood drip from my scar. Behind me stood Korse and a horrified girl about my age, I think she was begging him to stop. Then he struck her, it was weird she was taking the pills but gaining no effect. This moment is someting I will never forget I got my scar this day, I dont tell may people, I should because they freak out when I get angry over them touching it. Wait, I've never gotten further than the girl taking the pills, he pulled out a device and.....Turned the girl off? Thats impossible even for BLI. Then he shot someone, don't know who but she looked alot like me but older, a sister or family member maybe.

I woke up, without a scream. So I didn't wake anyone up this time, I smiled, a genuine smile not a fake one.
"Okay.Now I really do want to hear what happend in your dream!" I jumped at the suprise comment, looking to find a wide awake Blue, same a every morning I told her.
After I had finished the look of amazement flashed onto her pale shiny face.
"What?" I asked expecting a stupid reply, "You met Korse robot adopted daughter. Shockwave Current!" she swiftly gripped my arm dragged me out in to the open station to reveal a half robot girl, about 14 sitting on a table.

Her blue hair sparkled in the sun light, almost matching Blue but alot brighter. Her yellow eyes (like Korse) moved up and down as she studied me. She almost hd better style than me weaing black skinny jeans, yellow Doc Martens, a black jacket with yellow lightening bolts down the sleeves (thats gonna be mine soon), and a black and yellow shirt. However te most obvios feature was her arm, it was robotic and had all the wiring twisted around what apearedto be muscle.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by a loud shout "Blue, do you want me to dance with this bitch?" she snapped as if I was an enemy.
"No Shock, shes not a bitch in that sense! Shock meet Rabbit Heart." Blue protectively corrected her, I shook her 'normal hand' and Blue continued "Shock wants us to join her on the raid shes performing, Dr.D said it wound be fine as long as we dont do anything stupid... and we have to take Party." The last part came out as if she didnt want me to here it, I normally like everyone but ever since he took Desert away he's not my favourite person.
"Well we better get ready then, whose car are we taking?" As soon as I asked Shock and Blue smiled, "We are taking stolen drac bikes and dressing up like dracs."Shock replied in a cool tone.

It was 5pm and eveyone was dressed as dracs and on their bike riding towards Battery City.
When we got there Shock and Blue went one way, Desert, Party and me went towards the main station, Yesterday was waiting there for us, she was already half way through killing all the dracs, she just needed help shifting the bodies.

Partys POV:
I think I may have upset Rabbit and Blue, they were there own leaders but Desert was like family to them and we had been going to the skyline more than often. I know we wont stop dating but I think-know they miss her, even Ghoul says its clear! We will settle this tonight.
Back to the mission, as I approch the scene I notice yesterday, arm still in a sling, loading bodies into a hole she...dug maybe? Looks like all we need to do is get her home and go bac to the station. Easy!

Wowifys POV:
Today has been good so far, Blue resqued me from all the dracs at station 5, thank god I would have died!
Flash Back
"Is she dead or jus' sleepin'? Cause this is just fucking pointless!" It was a familia voice...
"Nah! Shes moving look!" I think that was... BLUE!!
"I am awake now okay! I missed you Blue, how are the others?" I asked with every bit of my natural crazy fiery voice.
"The others are good but they don't know that I'm here they think me and Shock," so thats why I know her,"have gone to kick butt in the city, but we came to get our partners. Well, raid the psyco ward!"
"UH! You have deeply hurt me....Theres no apples here this can't be my home, DUH!" I relied with all seriousness, I mean seriously my home is whiter than this.
"Yo bitch! What the fuck is up with you're outfit?" Shock asked me with a confused face, I gave the same face as she pointed at me.
I looked at my ripped jeans, black t-shirt, purple hoodie, pikachu hat and the duck strapped over the to of it, the ducks named David after my imaginary friend.
"The fucking hat its.." Shock was inturupted by Blue hitting the back of her head and laughing out "You bought it for her ditzy!HHAHAHAHA!" I missed Blue we used to play pranks on people with.."Hey wheres Rabbit Heart?"
"With Party Poison." she said calmly, how could she be calm Party was one of the most famous killjoys.
"OMG YOU KNOW PARTY POISON. HOW COULD YOU NOTTELLMETHATSHOULDHAVEBEEN.THEFIRSTWORDSOUTOFYOURMOUTH." before I could continue my crazy outburst both Shock and Blue punched me clean out, in te face.

So now we are not far from the station and shock has already left with the person she wanted, Crimson Revenge, about 10 minutes ago we got radio waves telling us that the group needed to talk. They dont know im coming yet. I. Will. Drive. Them. Insane!
"Remember WOWIFY! you cannot be crazy when we are having the seious meeting." A wide grin spreed across my face at this point and Blue sighed and finished with "I'm going to have to strap you to a chair ina different room again aren't I?"

If there is anyone who knows more killjoys or wants to be in the story as something/someone else please comment and I will add you in because I want there to be lots of different characters in my story :) thank you from BlueFlare12
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