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Moon Time

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Everything gets fixed! But what will a new day hold?

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Chapter 5 : Moon time

Deserts POV:
I knew why Party seemed distant he was thinking about Rabbit and Blue, I missed them too but I was only having fun which is hard to find for a killjoy. Rabbit feels like she is no longer part of my life even though most of the time she is too hype to notice anyone around her. Blue seemed excited about something this morning but I don't know what it was she just said ' It's a pleasant surprise every ones going to love! Trust me!', though her idea of a surprise is a prank. My day was good though, it was short and Shockwave seemed to know what the surprise was, she just laughed and shouted 'PSYCHO', I still don't know.

We were all sitting waiting to begin the meeting, everyone was silent, I kept looking out the window to see if there was an oncoming bike or running person....nothing!
It was 2hours before she showed up with someone behind her, all I could see was a familiar rubber duck.
“Would you like to explain where you have been?” Jet asked.
“WE have been waiting for over two hours!” Kobra continued.
Everyone looked at Blue, waiting for an answer.
“Well... I went on a rescue mission and saved someone who was suppose to be on the exterminated list but she was just being held at a station, not very well though!” She laughed, but we responded with cold stares, “Any how. While we have our important mission she will be in our room,” our stares changed from coldness to surprise when a VERY excited Wowify stepped out from behind Blue, “For those that don't know this is Wowify! An old friend who escaped battery city on a skateboard, well thats what she is famous for...anyway!”
“Why have you got a duck on your head?” Ghoul asked, not the best thing to question.
“His name is David and he likes being up high! OKAY!” everyone nodded at Wows stern reply.

Party POV:
After our new resident Wowify went to get settled down with 'David' we started the meeting.
“So the first thing we need to talk about is the situation with you three girls, I think you all need a day off, maybe we can allow you to go to skyline?” I asked, unsure of the answers.
“I'm not sure, maybe they are under aged.” Desert answered, an unsure look matching mine.
“I want to go I haven't been in such a long time!” Rabbit gushed in her sudden high tone.
“Why make it a question? We need to go.” Blue chimed in.
“So that's settled! Next, Ghoul?” I moved the stares to Ghoul.
“Well, I think Blue Flare should be banned from using sharp objects while around me. She has stabbed me three times this week alone!” after he screeched that point we heard an evil chuckle from the corner.
“Its not my fault you don't sleep enough! You always fall on me, not my fault!” She calmly stated with a grin on her face.
“Fine! Kobra your next.” Ghoul nudged Kobra.
“I think we need to go to help Shockwave with her 'car' problem!” everyone nodded in agreement, her car was a rust bucket and needed more than just a touch up.
“Jet.” Kobra breathed.
“I dont really have anything, so desert you being over 16 qualify as being able to add points to this meeting.” Desert smiled, but Rabbit rolled her eyes and Blue.... did nothing really, strange.
“I think we need to have a party for valentines day, its my favourite holiday!” Desert said clapping her hands enthusiastically.
I wonder what Wowifys doing in that room.
“Hey blue wanna check on your friend?” As I said this she smiled and replied “ Shes probably gone, she'll be back in a month when dracs are after her though.”
Well I hope that next week goes down well with the whole skyline thing.

1 Week later.
The skyline
Blues POV
I was shopping with all my old CD's things like; Greatist hits and records for life, stuff like that.
So far I had a new iPod, a sleeveless hoodie, two pairs of shoes and a new weapon (a double edged knife.) and presents for everyone, they already had them, they got:
Party- A new handmade mask, his black one was boring!
Ghoul- Some guitar stuff.
Kobra- This glove weapon thing (IDK)
Jet- another gun.
Rabbit- An old CD she wanted
Desert- a chocker necklace, with 'Desert' sewn into it.
Myself- a rockstar and anything I could find worth buying.
Everyone else just went to a reconstructed Starbucks, Im not a big fan of coffee so I shopped instead, their loss! By five we were heading home and counting the stars.
I loved the night sky.
That night me, Rabbit and Desert climbed onto the roof and stayed up watching the moon reach its peak before going to sleep.
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