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Wait what?

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What did blue just say, and what just happend?

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Chapter Six : Wait what?

Rabbits Dream:
Zap, that's the first thing I heard as I entered the land of mystery that is my dream and it was familiar, like something important was going to happen. It was important. I court a glimpse of myself in a mirror, I was dressed in 'normal' clothing like how I used to, I looked about 10 and scared if anything. Suddenly a loud scream sounded and the wall was covered in red liquid, then when I turned around I many......too many.....bodies. All of them dead. Draining. Stood across from me was what looked like me almost identical but with long brown twisted locks. An evil smile perched on her lips, matching the gun in her hand. Then she spoke “You won't tell will you? You never tell not even to....” this was the first time anyone had ever spoken to me but the ending of it was zoning out and everything blurred.Then everything came together to reveal just her. “I am watching you!” she bellowed before screaming herself away.

Deserts POV
I woke up to a scream and immediately grabbed Blue, she almost feel off the roof. I think the scream woke everyone because lights were turned on and talking could be heard.
“Would you like to tell us your dream?” Blue questioned, like every morning.
“YES” Rabbit shouted sounding really freaked out, more than ever.
After she explained the whole thing I didn't know what to say, it seemed horrible.
“So you have a twin?” Blue seemed to be full of questions lately, “I mean that's pretty cool, even if they are a psycho!”
After that all she received was a confused look from Rabbit, “Well I'm going to Ghoul. He promised to let me visit family in the killjoy 'jail' or whatever its called.”
I just looked at Rabbit, returning the confused look, she had never told us she had family in jail, it took a lot to go to jail in the killjoy world!
Simultaneously we ran after her asking her so many questions she stopped and explained the whole thing.
“Well. I have a member of my family who is in jail because...... she shot everyone in her teamandtriedtokillanyonewhogotinherway.” the last part she sped past so we could just understand it and we stood there with shocked faces.
“So that's what you meant by family problems!” I commented not really thinking about it, she just nodded in response.

Blue Flares POV:
It was ten minutes before I was suppose to leave and the others were fussing about me going alone but I told them I was meeting Wowify at the gates and Ghoul would be there if there was any trouble.
It took an hour to get there and when I did finally get there Wowify was asleep hugging her new 'pet' stick. I kicked her and she woke up, “Ice cream!” I laughed at her war scream.
“Come on open hours only last until seven!” I called to her while entering the door behind Ghoul.
We only had to wait five minutes before someone came to get us, they lead us to room 34.
I slowly pushed the door open, standing in front of me was crazy carry, she just starred at me, I just couldn't wait for the snide remarks.
“Oh, have you finally got friends?” she said in a monotone voice not moving her gaze or even a single muscle, I walked and sat in one of the three chairs.
“Its been a long time. Whats been keeping you. Not like anyone actually wants you, is it?” she asked, which means I have got to answer this time.
“Well, I have many friends who..” before I could finish she shouted getting closer and closer, “Do you really believe after all this time someone actually cares about you, these people aren't here for your protection they are here to watch you get beat up! I mean who cares about a person like you.”
This sparked questions for later, no doubt Ghoul would tell everyone, should of bout Jet.
“I mean seriously, after everything you've seen I am very surprised you are not joining me.” She laughed edging closer.
I saw her grab a gun and shoot, then nothing. Just...Black.
I felt a piercing in my shoulder, then nothing, numb.

Hey, ifyou could help me find Killjoys that would be really helpfull, thanks :D
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