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Bad Can Be Good

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Blue seems to joke about everything but why?

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Chapter 9 : Bad Can Be Good

Fun Ghouls POV:

Blue just laid there, moving slightly. Wowify fainted, apparently she had a fear of blood.
I was just tending to Blue when Wowify woke up and started screaming things like; “Shes gonna die!” “David has BLOOD on him!” “ICE CREAM” “COOKIES”. I had no idea what to do I couldn't concentrate, so I grabbed Blues tazer and shot her, she fell with a thud.

We were in the Jeep back to the station and Wowify was only just keeping Blue alive by telling her stories about her stick and slapping her to keep her conscious, although I think it was because she thought she was going to sleep. I radioed Dr.D when we were in range, he told me to hurry so I stepped on it, in the background I heard Desert worrying, Rabbit only said “This has never happened before.” I remember her saying that Blue never had a bad reaction from being hurt at all, she had even been stabbed in the abdomen multiple times.
She even lived without food for a while and still survived.

Deserts POV:

When I saw her in the back she looked to pale and there was no smirk painted on her red shiny lips , she was not dead, not yet. Wowify jumped out of the truck and ran in the opposite direction screaming “I AM NOT AFRAID TO, oh damn I forgot the lyrics.....” then she was out of sight, I will never understand her.
We got her into the station and she was coming back to life, I heard her say “As you can tell my day was fantastic...” we all smiled at her sarcasm.
“You should be fine soon.” Party smoothly whispered, while pulling me into a hug.
I pulled away and walked over to Rabbit, after seeing her tear covered face how could I not.
Jet told us to go get some sleep and she would be well soon, just before we left she pulled me back and whispered “Damn. I lost the bet on my death date.” her smile grew, I could only smile at her dark humour, even when things seemed at their worst she could joke, that's why we trust each other, she never gives up.
When I went out side everyone was trying to talk to Rabbit but she wouldn't reply. Then we saw blood come out from under the door, I screamed and Kobra ran to do something about it.
We were all shouting and banging when a loud comment silenced us, “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON, I AM TRYING TO DIE PEACFULLY” after that she pushed past us and knocked the door down and picked a Rabbit, who was very drowsy, up from the stained floor on the the sofa/chair.
After wrapping her arm in bandages she joked “I am not cleaning this up! Oh, and next time I am almost dead pay some respects, I want Wowifys stupid comments to be the last thing I hear not a load of muffled shouting. Its no fun that way!” she added her signature smirk to her dark joke.

Rabbit hugged Blue as much as she could with her decreasing strength.
“Desert, Blue we need to talk to you.” Jet stated walking away with Ghoul following him.

Blues POV:

We sat at the table and shuffled until Jet spoke up.
“Do you think its a good idea to go to the jail, I mean if this happens every time then I don't think we can trust her to not harm you.” I know they are worried but I need to see her.
“You don't understand, she needs me otherwise she would just break out and kill everyone and everything in her path.” I hissed becoming angry at their disagreeing faces.
“We do understand its might be better off without her.” I couldn't think of a way to respond to Deserts comment, she never really spoke about things that didn't concern her, even when it was between my life and death, I mean she would help and guide me but never directly tell me what she thought about it.
“Everyone agreed you should not see her.” Ghouls addition made my anger burn.
I flipped over the table and stormed out to the back they don't know anything about our connection, maybe I should tell them. I sat and waited, I decided that when they came I would tell them.
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