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Blue Finally tells

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Chapter 10 : Secret

Ghouls POV:

We were a little worried about Blue because she doesn't really lash out or storm off unless its something really bad.
I walked around the corner and sat down next to Blue, who was staring into the horizon.
“Do you want to know?” I was surprised at her willingness, but answered “Yes, if you're sure”
“Well,” she began, “ Me and...her were old friends before BLI and we were insuperable, then BLI came along and killed our families she went insane and....I don't remember what she did but I know it was bad. Next thing I knew she was killing killjoys and all because of my stupid mistake!”
“What mistake?” I pressed her, confused.
“I am the reason that Korse has those instructions to make robotic people, I never meant it for him, it was going to save people who were dying, but then she was his test run for the plans. It went out of my control and into his.”
“You are the reason for the stupid robots?!” I think I said it a little to harsh because she got up.
“I'm going to visit a friend not far from here, come get me when everyone s calmed down. Oh her names Cyanide Sunlight, CYA.” Then she ran off in the other direction.

Blues POV:
“Hey Cyanide?” I called while picking up the tent.
“Yo Blue!” She replied.
Cyanide Sunlight, she was only a year younger than me but had already had her girlfriend killed and had to stay here on her own, though that's how she preferred it.
Her blonde hair was greasy and her blue streak was brighter than ever, it went well with her orange and pink killjoy colour scheme.
“ So you're life been okay past time?” she hasn't been able to make proper sentences since her girlfriend died but I have faith she will recover fully.
“It has been eventful, I can tell your speech is getting better!” I was so happy that she could speak with confidence now, she blushed at my remark.
“I can say small sentences!” she happily shouted, “its just when I am shocked or confused, you do the same!”
“Okay fair enough! Right well I need to ask something,” she nodded, “Were you with me when Korse took the plans?”
“Yes.” I could tell it was going to be yes and no Q's from now on.
“Did he steal the plans?”
“Did I try to stop him?”
“Yes, you have that scar, member?”
“Thats how I got it!”
“OMG you don't remember! Meaning you only now what I have told you which is not very much detail.” she hit her head, im not sure if it was because she did not tell me or if it was because she messed up her words a little bit.
“I know all I need though, I told everyone.” after I said that she hugged me tight.
“You know all your friends back there won't be mad, they are your friends not monsters or worse...BLI!” I laughed at her comment, she was like sunshine, which is where she got the sunlight but from, in her name, the Cyanide was at the request of her girlfriend, they have each others killjoy names tattooed on their arms, I think I did a good job.

“Do you regret the tattoo? I mean I suck at it!” I asked.
“Well, I think its my best tattoo and you do not suck at it even though you were only twelve when you did it but hey, your better at it now!” we both smiled.

After an hour the radio went off and it was time for me to go.
“I miss you Blue!” Cyanide shouted, I turned and replied “Then come visit!”
I walked closer to the station, not knowing what to expect and fearing that I may be forced into joining my old friend in jail, but at least I will have protection against the dracs and my new found haters!
I stood for a while a mile away from the station thinking about the reactions and every ones disappointment, just like back in battery city, I was the freak that people laughed at.
All the pressure made me faint and black out. But my mind was still awake. They were gonna be so mad.
WAIT, how am I gonna get there I am out cold a mile from there! I guess the waiting game begins again.........
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