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Whats going on here ?

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Chapter 11 : Found

Poisons POV

“Where the hell is she. We called her an hour ago!” Kobra panicked, standing up and looking out of the window he suggested, “Maybe we should go look for her.”
Everyone nodded and grabbed their guns and jackets, maybe she's just having fun at her old friends.
“I think that if we can't find her then we should just leave her because she did seem pretty spooked when she ran away, after telling us.” I regretted saying that instantly because everyone looked at me with anger flamed faces.
“Are you serious! She would look for us so why don't we just look for her it might only take a few minutes. I'll go with Kobra and Rabbit, you go with Jet and Ghoul.” Desert hissed with anger and sadness, maybe even a hint of disappointment.

Rabbits POV:
“Where should we look first?” I asked as I shifted around in the back seat.
“We are gonna look around the zone, not to far from the station, then if we don't find her there we look at the Skyline.” Kobra answered calmly.
We were searching for around 30 minutes when we saw a bright blue light in the distance, I immediately jumped out of the car and ran towards her.
“She looks okay. Her pulse is okay and she's breathing, I think she's just sleeping?” Desert commented as she check Blue over.
“We should alert the others and take her back.” Kobra coolly stated.

When we got back Blue woke up and looked spooked.
“Whoa what happened and you guys aren't mad, are you?” she questioned straight away, I just smiled and explained, “We found you sleeping in the desert and then we got you back here, we do not hate you!”
Everything else just went as normal we did our little routine. It was kindda boring...

3 weeks later_____

Jets POV:

The killjoys world has been quite and BLI haven't done anything so far so...... we think that they are planning something big but we're not sure. It might be the new defence system they are building or the drac 'pro', but that doesn't answer why they have not been doing much. Not even Dr.D can work it out!

We got a visit from Wowify she gave us some information, “ David and me, Davids my duck! Well anyway we saw Dracs picking up toxic waste and then they were taking killjoys that no one knew yet and tying them up putting them in the back of the van thing, then one said that this would be easy and theres no way we could be beaten. Something bad is gonna happen!”
If Wowify's worried then it must be really bad!

Hey I need more killjoys, help me find some PLZZ
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