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Save Us

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*Cliff hanger* Killjoys fight!

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Chapter 12 : Save Us


In an underground station a chamber holding several Killjoys, many in the final stage of testing. Testing for what, you may ask? Well BLI have decided to turn Killjoys into toxic monsters by adding an unbelievable amount of their secret formula to their blood streams. All the cells were dim and every prisoner was slowly coming to their deaths.
Apart from one Killjoy who had managed to seep into the shadows so no one would notice her living presence, she was not new at this game meaning she was very good at it. She could be completely insane at times, but in these situations she acted mature and cunning. Her name? Panic Pistol. The Dracs mistook her for a newbie, what a terrible mistake. She needed to get out of there and fast, she knew Wowify wouldn't notice she was gone but maybe by a spark of hope? Just maybe they would all be rescued and not left to become toxic fuel for their plan to destroy us all.

Wowifys POV:

“HMMM. There is something missing.” I thought out loud to myself as I rummaged through some ones clothes, but whose?
“Maybe Blue can help out, she has lots of reinforcements! Wow, big word, right?” I grabbed David, “ARE you listening to me David!” he was hopeless, I shodda got the other duck, her name was Heir.
“Na anannanannanannanana....” I sang while running to Blues station/home thing.
“HEY ANYONE HOME.” I screamed at the top of my lungs.
“DUDE IM RIGHT INFRONT OF YOU.” Desert screamed back, wow someone's peeved!
“Dude no need to shout, God!” I was so confused at why she needed to shout I was right next to her.
“I need Blues help, is she here?” Desert responded with a finger point to under the Lamborghini, I think it needs more ducks and more hmm.... more pistols and panic, why do those names ring a bell.
“HAHA ring a bell.” I burst out, “Hey Blue do I have a partner?”
She was still fixing something but replied anyway, “Yeah, Panic Pistol? Remember, she went to investigate a disappearance a week ago.”
“OHNO! Panic has been abducted! What if that's where all the newbies are going?” I seemed to have sparked an idea in her mind because she got up and ran inside, dragging out Jet Star and explaining everything I said.
“Hey, do you have any way of tracking her down of getting to her?” Jet Asked.
“Well, duh! I put a tracker in her weapon. Why do you all look surprised, I have some sane, good ideas to ya' know!” after I told them that I whipped out my tracking screen thing, and showed them.
“We need more people, I think this is where all the Killjoys are going.” Jet raced while dialling numbers into his device.

2 days later.

No ones POV:

Every Killjoy they could gather in a few days was marching into the underground lair guns held high firing lasers everywhere. Desert Shadow went straight for the under twelve section her brown hair flying just as smoothly as the lasers popping from the shiny gun in her red hands. She successfully entered and took all the living killjoys, her mission was complete, now she could help the others or take down more Dracs.
Rabbit was busting her ray gun to full power trying to get to the main power supply, not far from the entrance, just a floor down. She hit the electrics straight on and started to flee, seeing Desert she followed her they were now just on an extra mission, the big mission to take down BLI.
Crimson Revenge was freeing every one and shooting everything, she almost hit Wowify. She was the protection and was doing well helping Wowify free all the teens from their rusty, bloody vaults.
Clearing the top floor was Party and Ghoul all they needed to do was black out all the cameras and get all the information they could carry, only a few dracs surprised them but they were soon dismissed.
Yesterdays Kid was with Blue Flare and Shock wave, almost like the dream team or maybe even the next most wanted killjoys, nothing could stop them as they blew up the walls and sent the Killjoys in the direction to safety.
Out side waiting was everyone else, they were giving Killjoys medical attention and telling them where to go, for safety.
After an hour of releasing the prisoners the only killjoys who weren't gone or outside were Yesterdays Kid, Shockwave and Blue.

Shockwaves POV:

We were looking for the last life form but could not find her it seems she had the ability to hide in the shadows, even my robot vision could not find her, she must be a pro, a small one at that.
“Hey we are here to help you, we are fellow killoys, Panic Pistol, I am a friend of Wowifys!” Blues shout echoed through the room, as a figure came from the shadows.
“Come on! Wowifys waiting for you!” I screeched in her face, but she just smiled an insane smile.
“Bitch, do you want to dance?” I asked but still, she smiled.
“Don't say stuff like that she's just as insane as ME!” Wowify voiced from behind us.
Then she pulled her out the doors and away, for some reason we just stood there thinking that this was right, no idea why though we all had different gangs and separate lives. I wouldn't mind staying with them for a while though!

3weeks later-----
My radio buzzed on.
“Killjoys we have some sad news, today a Killjoy died, her name was.....

Who is dead! I wonder....
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