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Who Died!

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Who Died? well lets find out then shall we...........

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Chapter 13 : Who Died!

Shockwaves POV:

I just could not believe it, it must be a mistake. She can't be dead, she was fixing up the killjoys with me not so long ago. Rabbit Heart gone? NO! It can't be who will be the replacement! Too many questions..
“Hey Shock? You in here?” it was Blue, why would she be here of all places to be at this time!
“WHAT the HELL are you doing here!?” I asked her, she just looked slightly sad with a tinge of happiness.
“I...we want you to be part of the trio, we think that Rabbit wouldda wanted it, y'know. She requested it was someone with skill and not some crazy idiot like Wowify. So we voted on you.” she answered, my mouth just hung open and a hopeful smile spread across her face.
“How.. how did she die?” When I uttered those words her face went blank and she looked like she was thinking hard.
“Korse. He was at the skyline with his dracs and they shot right at her, she had no chance, even with the amount of doctors in there! She told me to stay safe and keep runnin', so I gave her a proper killjoy burial with fireworks and everyone partied til their feet went swollen!” She said smiling a sad smile at the thoughts.
“Fine but I want..” before I could finish my sentence Blue finished, “Skittles?” waving the bag high above her head.

“What are you gonna do about the whole situation?” I asked while sitting in the Lamborghini munching my skittles.
“I am gonna do what I do every time, go on with my life and remember her death day then celebrate it. Just like every partner I've lost.” She replied smoothly not taking her eyes off the road.
“So what do I do at the station, you know I'm not that kind of Killjoy!” At this quiz she smiled a menacing one.
“Well I am positive you can find someone you like.” she said emphasising the 'someone' as she mentioned it.
“WHATS THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN” I bellowed in my loudest possible, she just smirked.
“Hmm, you could find a new partner, maybe from skyline, if you catch my drift!”
The rest of the journey was spent in a silence, I can't believe she knew about him but then again she knows everything about anything.

Deserts POV:

Depressed, that's how I feel. Blue was used to this people being there and then one day gone. Rabbit was with me for so long it felt like it should have been me she was only 15 and hadn't even got to have full freedom, were you can run on a beach or stand on the tallest building. Just simple things like that. Party seems to be comforting me something I'm not used to, especially from someone who loves me because they choose to not because they have to.

It has been a few days but still I can not adjust to not waking up to a scream or even a practical joke that those two planned, whipped cream or water balloons. But life goes on we still have to fight for the right way of life and we need to save more killjoys! Stop BLI and Korse, I hate him for everything he is and has been.
Shockwave needs to be shown that she is not a loner inside and that she needs to be protected just like everyone else in the damn desert, I just hope that nothing bad happens, who ever I touch horrible things happen to them so far Blue has surpassed the curse that I hold, she says its in my mind but I'm convinced this is me!

1 week later

Things have improved by a far standard and now things are getting better fast Shock helped us save a lot of Killjoys, she is becoming part of the gang and smiles a lot more and curses a lot to! We still miss Rabbit but Blue had this dream almost like she was actually with Rabbit.

Blues Dream:

I could see a figure that looked oddly familiar, like it was Rabbit or something. IT WAS!
“Hey Rabbit I know that you don't know much about my dreams but I can only see spirits and stuff, so is it really you or is it just my imagination?” I asked fearing the answer.
“It is me, I don't think you could imagine so much awesomeness!” she replied, she looked happy.
“I am glad you didn't give up like so many others..I like the choice though. Shockwave will go far with you even if I am not there to annoy people with you, you still need to!” she continued.
“Will you appear in my dreams all the time or just when you wan to?” another question.
“Well I want to all the time but I do not need to, so when you need me I will be in your thoughts telling you what you need to know.” this could be useful when I am in need or even all the time.
“We miss you, I wish I could of saved you!” before I could say any more she hushed me and calmly said “ I think I am happier here with my family and old friends, one day far from now you will join and we will annoy everyone in the afterlife!” after that she melted away and became air. Maybe she will always be with me just not all the time, just when I close my eyes...

Before the dream---------------

Blues POV:

I am not sure how things change so fast and I manage to adapt, everyone's happy, but I seem to be left behind facing a brick wall that says “Only Pairs” if Rabbit was here I would be a pair but you know I will just have to sleep it off!

3 weeks later

Partys POV:

Me and Desert are better than ever but I can't help the feeling that she might be feeling lonely like she needs to have more than just me and with Blue gone with Shock all the time, mainly on mini missions like stop dracs from entering the zones.

“Hey Desert!” I called over to her, she looked up from her book.
“Yes Party?” she replied in her curios tone.
“I know you don't feel great but is there anything I can do to help you or make you feel better?” I asked hoping for a simple reply.
“Well as everyone knows blue gets visits from Rabbit in her dream and I never do! So why doesn't she visit me when I need her?” I thought for a moment then an oddly familiar voice echoed in my head 'She has you she doesn't need me any more' I think it was Rabbit.
“Well, you have me and Blue has no one who knows her really well or cares over the top about her, so maybe that's why.” she smiled then came over hugged me and snuggled into me.
We fell asleep in that position on the rusty old mattress.
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